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[15] > Image [15] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1910-03-jun1.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MIUTES OF TBE BOARD OF TRUSTEES - June 1, 1910 Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried the report of this special Com- mittee was received, and approved, and the whole proceeding ordered spread at large upon the minutes, as appears above. Upon motion of Mr. Stoll, seconded by Mr. Walker, and carried unanimously, Judge Barker's Acceptance of the office of President of this University is accepted, his term to begin on January 1st, 1911. Upon motion of Mr. Walker, duly seconded and carried, the Chairman was directed to appoint a committee to confer with the authorities of the city of Lexington and County of Fayette, in regard to the moral conditions in Lexington, in connection with the student body. Thereupon the chairman appointed as such committee, President White, Mr. Stoll and Mr. Walker. Mr. Stoll reported for the Committee on Military Instruction and College Dis- cipline orally that a year ago this Committee had made a full report commending the establishment of a course for military instruction; that this report had been re- ferred to the Faculty, with direction that the faculty report back on same to the December meeting of the Board; that this not been done; and the Committee now recommends that this report referred to as made a year ago be now referred to the Faculty with direction to report on same to the Executive Committee on the establish- ment of a military course, and give the Executive Committee power to act. Without objection the report of the Committee was adopted. Upon motion of Mr. Stoll duly seconded and carried, it was declared to be the duty of the Secretary of this Board to transfer to the President of the University for delivery to the faculty a copy of every resolution of the Board, which iP directed