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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1910-03-jun1.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

LINUTES OF TEE BOARD OF TUSTEES Bachelor of Mining Engineering Robert Ryland Atkins Page Blanton Blakemore Robert Alexander Lowry Charles McCarroll Bachelor of Laws. William Wathen Prewitt Edwin Rugar Sweetland Samuell P. Reed Wallace Atlee Gastineau Charles Emery Baldwin -Alexander Frank Baker Morgan Frederick Jones Carroll Cholson aaylor IHenry Clarence Faulkner South Strong Lindsay Otto Thompson Robert Lytton Maddox Grover Cleveland Thompson William George Clugston Robert Lee Sinus Edgar Hedges Webb Tarlton Combs Carroll Job Darbin Turner Ethelbert Reed Wilson Louis Ichize Ogata Clement Francis 'Kelly aines Thomas Clay Harry Staples Squire Webber Salyers George Riley Pope Marvin Clyde Spradling Ballard, R. B. Fears, T. C. Upon motion of nr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Edelen, and unanimously carried, the faculty are directed to confer the following degrees upon the following named persons: See names above. President Patterson presented a communication from a representative of the U. D. C. of Kentucky, and President White presented a request from the local Chapter of the U. D. C., with reference to the granting of scholarships in the University, and after considerable informal discussion, President Patterson offered the fbllowing resolution: Resolved that the Board of Trustees of the State University concede two scholarships in the State University to the State organization of the U. D. C., tenable until the completion of the course of study upon which the holders of the scholarships enter. Said resolution was duly seconded and carried unanimously. Tune 1, 1910