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20 > Image 20 of The State College cadet, vol. 8 no. 4, January 1898

Part of The State College cadet

l yi as THE CADET. . y GALA DAY FOR SCIENCE I I [ _.M.. . I THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY ATTENDS THE DEDICATION.A HEARTY WELCOME AND GENEROUS RECEPTION. C A special train brought the General Assembly and I many of its friends to Lexington to be preseut at and take part in the dedication Ot` our new Natural Science Build- ] mg. I . The battalion under arms met the train and escorted \ I the legislators to the College. where the artillery tired the I Governors salute. The {orenoon was spent reviewing the battalion drill and in making speeches of welcome in I the college chapel. Prof. Shacl;let`Ord acted in place of ` I President Patterson. Many members OI` the Legislature Q it responded to calls and they paid many compliments to our i College and city. Luncheon was served ot one oclock. 4 _ after which they were shownthrough the buildings. ` I Late in the afternoon they went Out to the asylum, where they spent a short time inspecting it and its work- ings. The visitors returned at 6 oclocl; to the Phoenix Q hotel where the city tendered them a time reception. At y 8 oclocl; the following programme was carried out in the _ I the l\Iuseurn Hall of Natural Science. 1>1an1cATO1