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Image 8 of The State College cadet, vol. 8 no. 4, January 1898

Part of The State College cadet

‘ . 54 THE GADET. · . V lature, representing the intelligence and pride and patriot- _ ism of Kentucky, we confidently look for the material re- ii sources by which this may be accomplished. Let her gait ` and her pace no longer be the hesitating and uncertain step ot childhood, but the elastic and confident stride of a t , . , . § giant. On the field of battle, in the Senate and in the E Council chamber the sons of Kentucky have made her name illustrious, but there are other laurels to be won. l Science, Literature and Art point the way to a distinction _ L not less real and not less enduring. Let it be yours to i 5 foster and upbuild, with no parsimonious hand, this insti— . = tution, already deeply rooted in popular esteem and open- 1 ing wide its doors alike to men and women, until as a bea- I · _ con licrht, cons icuous from afar its life-ins iirin ` ra rs an P v l 2 5 penetrate every valley and illuniine every hill-top through- i out the lenrrth and breadth of this croodl * land ; make it { e> as } ' the abode ot productive toil and ot reverent devotion to loft r ideals · make it the l\’Iecca to which future venera- 5 = ¤ · tions shall turn for the inspiration which expands the hu- , man soul} Then will posterity call you blessed. In grateful and reverent recognition whereof. "Non K nobis, Domine. non nobis Sed Tibi gratia"-—Not unto us · oh Lord, not unto us, but unto Thee be the glory. PATENT MEDICINE. ‘ Bewitching grace, entrantainp; smiles, Blue eyes that speak of Ci1·<·es’s Wiles, Two laugliing dimples, doubly rare, Enshrined by waving, golden hair; With cliarnis like these young; Cupid stills Connoetions for a thons ind ills. I —Exchange. ` WHAT IS LIFE? T A dainty kiss. a little hug, i To the pa1·sou’s then skedaddle ; I · ) For food and rainient then to tug ; Then o`e1· the Styx to paddle. l —Austin Reveiile. l