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5 > Image 5 of Inventory of federal archives in the states. Series XVI. The Farm Credit Administration; no. 16, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

l FARM CREDIT ADMINISTFATION ELIZABETHTOWN LAND BANK DIVISION NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION - Union National Bank Bldg. This office was established in 1917 and has jurisdiction over Har- din County. On March 27, 1955 the Federal Land Banks were transferred to the Farm Credit Administration. No records have been lost or de- stroyed. Monthly mortgages, quarterly and annual reports are sent to Washington. All except the current files of this agency are stored in fire and burglar proof, steel and concrete vaults. 1. INDIVIDUAL LOAN CASES, 1917 to date. Correspondence, applica- tion sheets, mortgages, releases, tax receipts, and copies of leasose Filed alphabetically. (Daily, official.) 1O x 14 folders, 4 ft., in wooden boxes. lst floor. (1791) 2. MISCELLANEOUS FILE, 1917 - 1926. Cancelled checks, check stubs, maturity sheets, stock records, correspondence and record books. (In- frequently, official.) Varionsly sized vols., 2 ft., on table in vault. lst floor. (1788) FRANKFOBT LAND BANK DIVISION NATIONAL FAHH LOAN ASSOCIATION Peoples State Bank Bldg., Nain and St. Clair Sts. 3. GENERAL FILES, Mar. 15, 1919 to date. Correspondence and re- ports. (Frequently, official.) 9 x 15 folders, 4 ft., in 2 filing CU.SGS R {FA-FCA4 g .