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7 > Image 7 of Inventory of federal archives in the states. Series XVI. The Farm Credit Administration; no. 16, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

5 Farm Credit Administration, Louisville 7. APPLICATIONS, 1916 to date. Form FLB 25M, applications for loans on lands in Laurel, Clay, and Jackson counties. Filed alphabetically. (Daily, official.) 1O x 12 folders, 8 ft., in filing case. R. 505. (zezs) S. CORRESPONDENCE, 1916 to date. From Washington and other offi- p cials to the secretary-treasurer. Filed by subject. (Daily, confi- dential.) 8 x 10 folders, 8 ft., in filing case. R. 505. (2956) _ ` 9. CORRESPONDENCE, 1916 to date. Between borrowers and secretary- l- treasurer, pertaining to interest and taxes on loans due. Filed alpha- `* ~ betically. (Daily, official.) 8 x 1O folders, 10 ft., in filing case. _.* R. sos. (2957) - LOUISVILLE FARM CREDIT DISTRICT NO. 4 ` GENERAL AGENT ~ ( Farm Credit Administration Bldg. " 224 E. Broadway This office of the Farm Credit Administration was established at Louisville in 1955, with jurisdiction over District No. 4, comprising ., Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky,and Tennessee. The offices of the older units ` and those of the FCA, formerly in the old Federal Land Bank Building, moved to the present address in February 1955. The farm credit dis- trict office consists of the federal land bank, the federal intermediate credit bank, the production credit corporation, and a bank for coopera- tives. The directors of the federal land bank are also ox-officio di- rectors of these other banks. The general agent, nominated by the governor of the FCA, coordinates and administers the services of the bank. The federal land bank acts as the agent for the federal farm mortgage corporation. The federal intermediate credit bank was estab- lished at Louisville in 1925. It was under the direction of a manager, named by the federal land bank, until 1955 when its erm officials were assigned to it under PCA. The records of the production credit corpo- ration are filed with those of the intermediate credit bank. The fed- eral land bank was established in 1917 and the federal mortgage corpo- ration on Jan. 51, 1954. Records of the PTMC and the FLB are very closely related and many are filed together; othensare distinguished and segregated in the FFMC office. The farm loan registrar's office was established under the jurisdiction of the land bank in 1917. The functions of this office are to record and hold in safe keeping all notes and mortgages posted with the various agencies of the FCA as ( collateral for leans granted by them. FA-FCA-6