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8 > Image 8 of Inventory of federal archives in the states. Series XVI. The Farm Credit Administration; no. 16, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

` Farm Credit Administration, Louisville Federal Intermediate CreditLBank and Produgtion Credit Corporaigiifwb - "`~ 10. BORROWERS FILES, AGRICULTURAL CREDIT CORPORATION, 1925 to date. 4 Form C5, application for loan, showing purpose of loan, the status of . applicant (owner or tenant), crops growing and the manner in which debtor proposes to repay the loan: Form C14, inspector's examination ,_ report relative to chattels offered as security by applicant; Form C6, t ~ office review or brief sum ary of the above forms. (Inactive files, .< j- _f never; active files, daily, official.) Variously sized folders, 102 ft., in 52 pasteboard transfer cases and 19 steel filing case drawers. Base- ? _, ment Vault and Main Vbrk Room. (1255, 1256, 1259) `. ,:- l ll. INCORPORATION PAPERS AND REPORTS FOR BANKS IN DISTRICT, 1925 - . . { 1924. Statistical reports of financial condition, incorporation papers and other data received from banks thathave loans rediscounted by the FICE. Arranged chronologically. (Never.) Variously sized folders, 4 ft., in 2 pastoboard transfer cases. Basement Vault. (1255) 12. VOUCHERS, 1925 to date. Duplicate copies for all money dis- bursed, by the FICB, with exception of that paid gut for salaries of employees. (Daily, official.) Variously sized folders. 26 ft., in 15 steel filing case drawers. Main Work Room. (1251) 15. CORRESPONDENCE, Mar. 4, 1925 to date. Copies of statistical reports and general correspondence to and from officials of FCA at Washington, and district No. 4, Arranged chronologically. (Inactive ` V files, never; active files, daily, official.) Variously sized folders, -V 68 ft., in 19 pastebeard transfer cases and 15 steel filing case draw- V ers. Basement Vault and Main Work Room. (1246, 1249) _ -, 14. BORROWERS' FILES, PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION, June 16, 1925 . -, to date. Cancelled, withdrawn and rejected applications; leans paid -,, off; loans rediscounted. Form.PCA 4-D-201, application for loan, shew _- ing purpose of loan, status of applicant (owner or tenant), the crops _ growing and the manner in.rhich the debtor proposes to repay loan. Form PCA 4D505, inspection report made by the field inspector show ` ing acreage planted, type of crops, itemized sales for last 12 months, V inventory and appraisal of farm chattel, and a confidential report as to the character of the applicant. Bbrm PCA 500-4D, analysis sheet, . analyzing the financial statement made upon application for loan. See addenda. (Inactive files, never; active files, daily, official.) _ 4 Varieusly sized folders, 548 ft., in 46 pasteboard transfer cases and _ p 228 filing ease drawers. Basement Vault and Main Work Room. (1261, _,. 1260, 1262, 1264, 1257, 1265, 1258) 15. ASSOCIATION FILES, 1955 to date. Incorporation papers of the various PCC and ACC in district. (Daily, official.) Variously sized V folders, 19 ft., in 9 steel filing case drawers. Hain York Room. (12so) FA- FCA-'7