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13 > Image 13 of Annual report. 1914

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

2 Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the . work of agricultural extension within the State, and has necessitated the reorganization of the worklof this depart-A ment in a spirit of cooperation with the United States De- partment of Agriculture as provided for in the Smith-Lever Act. In the reorganization of the work`of this Department, Dr. Fred Mutchler, State Leader of the Farmers Coopera- tive Demonstration Work in Kentucky, has been appointed Superintendent of Agricultural Extension and within the period covered by this report, the extension activities of the Experiment Station and the College of Agriculture have greatly increased. Among these various activities may be mentioned the following: Demonstrations in the cultivation of ordinary field crops, experimental orcharding, including demonstrations in prun- r ing, spraying, the reclamation of old orchards, etc., truck gardening and the growing of small fruits, the care of lawns, dairying, demonstrations in the feeding of beef cattle, the , raising of sheep,` hogs and poultry, the care and use of manure, the erection of silos, drainage demonstrations, the removal of stumps, animal diseases, improved agricultural implements, fertilizers, boys corn clubs, cooperative market- ing, roads, agricultural meetings, including agricultural chautauquas, movable schools in agriculture, agricultural trains. Hundreds of persons witnessed the pruning and spraying demonstrations conducted during the year, and a large number of orchards were inspected. Among new lines of work, may be mentioned that of rural or agricultural economics, the purpose of which is threefold to give instruction to students in this subject, to study problems in the production and marketing of various agri- cultural products, and to conduct social surveys of various