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15 > Image 15 of Annual report. 1914

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

4 Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the Administration to succeed C. B. Wilson, September, 1914. . P. E. Karraker of the University of Illinois appointed Assistant in Soils, Department of Agronomy, to succeed S. C. Jones, November, 1914. RESIGNATIONS. Within the same period, the following resignations from the Staff of the Experiment Station have been accepted: James E. Mastin, Assistant Food Chemist, Department of Food and Drugs. Resigned January 1, 1914, to take charge of the food laboratory at the Mississippi Experi- ment Station, Agricultural College, Miss. L. W. McElyea, Assistant in Hog Cholera Serum Adminis- tration. Resigned February 1, 1914, to take charge of a commercial serum laboratory at Mason City, Iowa. G. C. Routt, Assistant in the Department of Animal Hus- A bandry (Beef Cattle, Sheep and Swine). Resigned . April 1, 1914, to take up work in tobacco for the British Government at Ottawa, Canada. B. F. Scherffius, Tobacco Expert. Resigned May 1, 1914, to take up work in tobacco for the British Government in Ceylon. C. B. Wilson, Assistant in Hog Cholera Serum Laboratory. Resigned September, 1914, to pursue post-graduate work in the College of Agriculture, University of Iowa, Ames, Iowa. B. D. Wilson, Assistant Chemist, Fertilizer Department. Resigned September. 1914, to pursue `post-graduate work in Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. S. C. Jones, Soil Survey, Department of Agronomy. Resigned November 15, 1914, to accept a position in the Agronomy Department of Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana. E. W. Mumma, Assistant in Charge of Hog Cholera Serum Production. Deceased, December 4, 1914.