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90 > Image 90 of Catalogue of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1891-1892)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

so sure corner: or xaxruckr. over-estimated. Practice alone does not suffice. The physician Z who betakes himself to the healing art without a previous knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, and the Surveyor who attempts to compute areas and determine boundaries without a. knowledge of Trigonometry, are on a par with the merely practical book-keeper. A rational art of book-keeping must be based upon a knowledge of the principles which make book- keeping possible. To provide the pupil with an adequate knowledge of scientific principles as well as their application i to the keeping of accounts, the Department, whose announce- _ ment is now made, desires to address itself. Phonography and Type-writing are included in this Depart- 1 ment. The constantly increasing demand for short hand in I reporting speeches, sermons and the proceedings of public de- liberative bodies, in recording evidence given in court, and in the correspondence of business firms, is one of the most marked characteristics ofthe day, The eifectiveness of Phonography has been largely increased by the type writer, which greatly lessens the labor of transcribing the short-hand notes of the re- porter. For these indispensable auxilaries aof good commercial education, this Department is prepared to provide every facility . required. The numerous demands for Telegraph Operators has ren- dered it necessary that Telegraphy should be added to this de- partment, and accordingly it has been well equipped with all modern telegraph instruments of the best make. The students are drilled in handling telegraph business, both railroad and commercial. We have all the standard forms in use on all the best railroads, and the students daily practice is such as to familiarize them with all the duties of a telegraph operator or agent. A . This Department is also provided with a main line ofnearly two miles in length, over which considerable practical work is I done. This Department has every facility necessary for giving , a thorough and practical training. { LECTURES ON COMMERCIAL LAW. 1 A special course on commercial law has been arranged for and will be delivered on Saturdays, This course of lectures . ; .,.. ,@j