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92 > Image 92 of Catalogue of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1891-1892)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

GENERAL INEORMTAION. Conditions of Admission. ' Applicants for admission into the Freshman Class in any of the courses _ of study, Agricultural, Scientific, Engineering or Classical, will be required { to pass an examination on the Academic Course. Q New students must present themselves for examination and matricu- lation on the Monday preceeding the beginning of the fall term. No one is admitted to tuition until all iiisfccs are paid. Applicants for admission into the Normal or Commercial Departments must be prepared to stand an examination in English Grammar, Arith- metic and Geography. Normal students who rcccivcfrcc tuition will be required, on entering, to sign an obligation to teach within the limits of Ifentuchy for a period cm long as that during which they rcceivefree tuition. DEGREES. The degrees conferred are Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agr.), Bachelor; of Science (B. S.), Bachelor of Arts (B. A.), Bachelor of Pedagogy (Ped- B.), Civil Enginecr (C. E.), Mechanical Engineer (M. E.), Master of Agri- culture (M. Agr.), Master of Science (M. S.), Master of Arts (M. A.), The Schedules of subjects on pages 27 to 45 embrace the minimum of requirements for a degree in each of the several courses. Aquirements in Language, in Mathematics, in Natural Science or in the philosophical sciences beyond the limits of the schedules will entitle to the ordinary pass degree with the addition "cum laude/ "Magna cum laude," or "summa cum laude" according to the extent and variety of the additional subjects presented for examination. For the degrees of B. Agr., B. S., B. A., Ped. B., M, E., and C. E. an _ actual membership of at least one year in this College is required, and a satisfactory examination on the wtirc course of study. _ For the degrees of M. Agr., M. S., and M. A., a satisfactory examination is i 1equired on a course of post-graduate studies prescribed by the Faculty, Q and covering a period of two years. I To those who do not complete the entire Agricultural, Scientific, Clas sical or Engineering Courses, but only certain parts thereof, certificates of proficiency may be given for those departments of study completed- _ . .- ..... ,& ,, -