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96 > Image 96 of Catalogue of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1891-1892)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I so s1`,xTE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. g COMPENSATED AND UNCOMPENSATED LABOR. A The work necessary for carrying on the Agricultural and Horticul- tural operations of the College is done by the students in those depart- ments, and is paid for at rates varying from six to eight cents per hou1, Its design is two-fold; to put in practice the instruction received in the class-room, and to assist indigent students. The experience of this College is that of Agricultural Colleges generallythat compensated labor is not remunerative to the College. The College holds itself under no obligation to furnish conqiensated labor to any students cxeeot those who enter as county appointees, Students are paid weekly for the services rendered, and apply the money as they see proper. 1 No student, however, should come to this College ezqpecting to maintain him- , seQ" exclusively by compensated labor. At least sevcntyfive dollars per annum, ' exclusive of his earnings while here, should be at the eornnzaml of every student I who wishes to rwail himself cy' the advantages of the compensated labor system, No compensation is given to students in the Department of Practical Mechanics, inasmuch as no pecuniary returns are possible to thc College from this Department as at present organized. CERTIFICATES OF CHARACTER. A All applicants for admission into any class in the College or Academy must bring satisfactory testimonials of good moral character. t I ._ .. -at-; .-