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War Memorial records, 1929

Part of War Memorial records

0000ua209Guide to the War Memorial records, 1929-1972 0000ua209Processed by John Tomasicchio under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.; machine-readable finding aid created by Janice ChildersUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center2005Special Collections Research CenterUniversity of Kentucky LibrariesMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky 40506-0039URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2017-12-08 15:22:13 -0500.Description is in English. English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center War Memorial records 0000ua209 23.5 Cubic Feet 61 boxes 1929-1972 The War Memorial records are comprised of information gathered on the Kentucky casualties of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Custodial History note Transferred by the Office of the Registrar Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Conditions Governing Use note The intellectual rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections and Digital Programs. Preferred Citation note 0000ua209: [identification of item], War Memorial records, University of Kentucky Archives. Biographical/Historical note Memorial Coliseum was completed in 1950 as a war memorial for the 9,265 Kentuckians who were killed in World War II. UK Registrar Ezra L. Gillis directed the Kentucky War Memorial Survey project, compiling the names of Kentucky's war dead to be inscribed on the walls of Memorial Coliseum. Gillis was active in the preparation of lists of UK war dead from each war: World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He also gathered biographical data relating to the veterans' war service. The information was used in the preparation of honor rolls placed in Memorial Coliseum, which were lettered, at least for World War I and II, by UK drawing professor John Sherman Horine and for a special edition of the "Kentucky Alumnus" published in 1947. Scope and Contents note The War Memorial records are comprised of information gathered on the Kentucky casualties of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The bulk of the materials are primarily surveys and servicemen cards for the Kentucky soldiers who were to be memorialized for their service. Two subseries, one in World War II and another in the Korean War, contain the surveys and short biographies on casualties from the University of Kentucky. The collection contains newspaper clippings chronicling war casualties, prisoners, honors received, and memorials for Kentucky soldiers. The List Series comprises long, indistinct accounts of war casualties, including both Kentucky dead and World War II dead. An Administrative series contains files on the planning and execution of the War Memorial, including various correspondence and inscription concepts and samples. Arrangement note This collection is arranged by subject in six series: I. Memorial Surveyi. World War IIii. World War II: University of Kentucky Studentsiii. Korean Wariv. CountiesII. Servicemen Cardsi. World War IIii. World War II: University of Kentucky Studentsiii. Korean Wariv. Counties: World War IIv. Counties: Korean WarIII. Newspaper ClippingsIV. War ListsV. Administrative MaterialsVI. Medals Related Archival Materials note 0000ua233: Veterans Club papers, University of Kentucky Archives Existence and Location of Copies Microfilm for 1940-1946 located in M.I. King, room 204, UARP microfilm cabinet.3 reels. Vietnam War, 1961-1975 War casualties -- Kentucky. World War, 1939-1945. World War, 1914-1918. Korean War, 1950-1953 Lexington (Ky.) University of Kentucky Sousley, Franklin Rungon, 1925-1945. Memorial SurveyIScope and Contents noteThe Memorial Survey series consists of the forms completed by friends or family members of deceased servicemen and is organized alphabetically by last name. The surveys document information on service history, personal background, cause of death, and any other details the person may have acquired. This first subseries, the World War II biographies, are the most extensive in this series. It includes the survey and articles on Franklin Rungon Sousley, one of the six men in the famous photograph of troops raising the flag on Iwo Jima. The first series concludes with surveys on servicemen not from Kentucky, civilians, marines, and the Royal Canadian Air Force. The second subseries is World War II Surveys of former University of Kentucky Students, beginning with World War I casualty Robert Kinne whose papers were donated by Professor and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett. The other subseries are the Korean War Survey, which is in the same format as the World War II survey, and the Counties, which is organized by Kentucky county instead of last names. Many surveys also include newspaper articles and photographs of soldiers.World War IIiUniversity of Kentucky: Golden Star List Cards11Aa.12Ad.13Al.14An15Ar.16Atherton, John M.17At.18Ba.19Bal.110Bar.111Be.112Bel.21Ben.22Bi.23Bal.24Blak.25Bo.26Bor.27Bow.28Br.not specified9Bri.210Brown211Browning212Bu.213Bur.31Bus.32Ca.33Car.34Cas.35Ce.36Cl.37Co.38Com.39Coo.310Cor.311Cornett, William Donal41Cos.42Cra.43Cri.44Crooks III., Alfred Newton45Da46Dau.47De.48Di.49Do.410Dr.411Dun.412Ea.51El.52Em.53Er.54Eu.55Fa.56Fe.57Fi.58Fl.59Fo.510Fr.511Fu.512Ga.513Ge.514Gl.515Gra.61Gri.62Gro.63Ha.64Hall.65Ham.66Har.67Harm.68Harris, John Reuben69Hart.610He.611Hem.612Hi.71Ho.72Hoo.73Hu.74Hum.75I76Ja.77Je.78Jo.79Jon.710Jor.711Ka.712Kel.713Ki.81Ko.82La.83Lan.84Lar.85Le.86Les.87Li.88Lo.89Lou.810Lu.811McA.812McCl.813McD.814McG-McL815McM816Ma817Mar.91Mas.92May.93Me.94Mi.95Mil-Mix96Mo.97Moo.98Mor.99Mos.910Mu.911Mur.912Na.913Ni.101Oa.102Ol.103Ot.104Pa.105Pat.106Pea.107Pi.108Po.109Posey, Robert Addison1010Pot.1011Pra.1012Pro.1013Pu.1014Q111Ra.112Rat.113Re.114Rh.115Ri116Per.117Pet.118Ph.119Rid.1110Roa.1111Roc.1112Ros.1113Ru.1114Sa.121Sc.122Se.123Sh.124Si.125Sk.-Smiley126Smith, A127Smith, H128Sn.129Sowder, James W.1210Sp.1211Sta.131Sti132Str.133Su.134Ta.135Te.136Tho.137To.138Thr.139Tr.1310Tu.1311U1312Va.1313Ve.1314Wa.1315Wall.141War.142Wat.143We.144Wel.145Wh.146Whi.147Wi148Wil.149Wim.1410Wo.1411Wr.1412Ya.1413Yo.1414Z1415Not Kentucky, A-D151Not Kentucky E-L152Not Kentucky M-R153Not Kentucky S-Z154Death After Close of War155Civilians156Marines157Merchant Marines158World War I or before World War II159Discharged, cause of death unknown1510Discharged, death not due to service1511Discharged, death may have been due in part to service1512Royal Air Force, Canadian1513Not dead1514World War II: University of Kentucky StudentsiiWorld War One, Kinne, Howard331A332Ba-Ben333Ber-Bl334Bo335Ca336Co337D341E342F343G344Ha345Ho351I-J351K352L353Ma354Mc355Mo356N361O362P363R364Sa365Sp366Spicard, Tom367T-V368Wa371Wi372X-Z373Korean War A-Z374List of UK men in Service375List of UK men in Service376UK Casualties Bios A-D377UK Casualties Bios E-J378UK Casualties Bios K-P381UK Casualties Bios R-Z382Bio photographs383UK Servicemen Obituaries384Korean WariiiNo Information161Blank Surveys162A163Ba.164Bo.165Ca.166Co.167D168E169F171Felhoelter, Herman172G173Ha.174Hi.175I-J176K177L178Ma.179Mc.1710Me1711N181O182P183Q- R184Sa.185Sm.186Sp.187T188U-V189Wa.1810Wi.1811X-Z1812Not Kentucky1813UK Students A-Z385Not in Service or unidentified191Died After close of war192Missing Information193CountiesivAdair- Bell194Boone-Butler195Caldwell-Casey196Christia-Cumberland197Daviess-Estill198Fayette-Fulton199Gallatin-Greenup1910Hancock-Hopkins1911Jackson-Knox201Jefferson202Larve-Lyon203Madison-Mclean204Meade-Muhlenberg205Nelson-Owley206Pendleton-Russell207Scott-Trimble208Union-Woodford209Servicemen CardsIIScope and Contents noteThe Servicemen Cards series consists of index cards created during the survey. The cards contain the same information as the survey and are arranged alphabetically by last name. The cards mirror the Survey Series in that there is information from World War II, the Korean War, and Cards divided by county. The series is divided into five subseries, World War II, World War II University of Kentucky Students, Korean War, Counties World War II, and Counties Korean War.World War IIiA-Ca39Co-F40G-J41K-M42N-Si43Sk-Z44Women in Service-Casualties Missing45World War II: University of Kentucky StudentsiiA-M46N-Z47Korean WariiiA-C47D-S48T-Prisoners Released49Counties: World War IIivAdair-Breathitt50Breckinridge-Clark51Clinton-Fleming52Floyd-Hardin53Harlan-Knott54Laurel-Lyon55McCracken-Monroe56Montgomery-Pike57Powell-Union58Counties: Korean WarvAdair-Lewis59Lincoln-Woodford60Newspaper ClippingsIIIScope and Contents noteThe Newspaper Clippings series consists of the related newspaper articles and war dead lists collected by the War Memorial Committee. The newspaper clippings pertain mostly to University student and alumni casualties, but also include articles on memorials, and medal ceremonies.World War211Prior to World War II212World War Two and the University of Kentucky, 1936-1941213Alumni in Service, 1941-1942214Kentuckians in Service, 1942215Alumni and Former Students in Service, 1942 A216Alumni and Former Students in Service, 1942 B217Alumni and Former Students in Service, 1942 C218Alumni and Former Students in Service, 1942 D219World War Two and the University of Kentucky, 1942-19472110War Activities, 19422111Alumni in Service, 1942 A221Alumni in Service, 1942 B222Alumni in Service, 1942 C223Courier Journal Clippings, April- September 1942224Courier Journal Clippings, October- December 1942225Herald Leader Clippings, April-August 1942 A226Herald Leader Clippings, September-December 1942227Alumni in Service, 1943, A228Alumni in Service, 1943 B229Miscellaneous, February 1943231Miscellaneous, February 1943232Alumni in Service, March 1943233Alumni in Service, April 1943234Miscellaneous, May 1943235Miscellaneous, June 1943236Miscellaneous, July 1943 A237Miscellaneous, July 1943 B238Miscellaneous, August 1943241Miscellaneous, August 1943242Miscellaneous, September 194243Miscellaneous, October 1943244Miscellaneous, October 1943245Miscellaneous, November 1943246Miscellaneous, December 1943247Miscellaneous, December 1943248Alumni in Service, January 1944251Miscellaneous, February 1944252Miscellaneous, March 1944253Alumni in Service, April 1944254Alumni in Service, May 1944255Miscellaneous, June 1944256Miscellaneous, July 1944257Miscellaneous, August 1944261Miscellaneous, September 1944262Miscellaneous, October 1944263Miscellaneous, November 1944264Miscellaneous, December 1944265Alumni in Service, January-February 1945 A266Alumni in Service, January-February 1945 B267Miscellaneous, March-April 1945271Miscellaneous, March-April 1945272Miscellaneous, May-June 1945273Miscellaneous, May-June 1945274Miscellaneous, July-August 1945275Miscellaneous, July-August 1945276Alumni in Service, September-October 1945 A277Alumni in Service, September-October 1945 B281Miscellaneous, November-December 1945282Miscellaneous, November-December 1945283Alumni in Service January-February 1946284Alumni in Service, March-May 1946285Miscellaneous, 1946-1947286Miscellaneous, 1946-1947287Alumni in Service Various other Sources, 1942-1945288Mercer County, World War Two, John G. Donovan, 1946289Mercer County World War Two Memorial2810World War Two- Concentration Camp Statements386Congressional Medal of Honor, 1947-1960291Known University Of Kentucky Men in Korean War, 1950292Korean War, Casualty Lists, August-December 1950293Medals of Honor, 1950-1953294Korean War UK Alumni and Staff387Korean War Wounded 1950-1953295Korean War Casualty Lists, January-April 1951296Korean War Casualty Lists, May-September 1951297Korean War Miscellaneous, 1951298Korean War Casualty Lists, October 1951-February 1954299Korean War Died in Prison Camps, 1951-19532910Korean War, War Dead Returned, 1951-19532911Korean War Prisoners Releases, 19532912Korean War Individual Deeds and Honors, A2913Korean War Individual Deeds and Honors, B2914Korean War Missing2915Vietnam, Miscellaneous, 1963-19702916Vietnam Deaths and Awards, 1963-19702917Vietnam Deaths and Awards, 1963-1969301Vietnam Kentucky Medal of Honor Holders, 1964-1964302Vietnam Honors and Awards, 1966-1969303Vietnam University of Kentucky students killed in Service, 1966-1969304Vietnam Kentuckians Killed in Service, 1967-1969305Vietnam Causalities, 1968-1972306Vietnam, Veteran Deaths, 1969-1972307Vietnam Men in Service 1971-1972308Deaths of Men in Service (not Vietnam) 1969-1972309War ListsIVScope and Contents noteThe War Lists series consists primarily of lists complied by the Department of Defense on war casualties from Kentucky. The series also contains a list of the names of soldiers as they appear in the Memorial Coliseum and a book entitled, Kentuckians Who Lost Their Lives in Some Branch of the Armed Forces.Kentucky List of Dead World War One3010Students that died in Service, World War One3011World War Two, Names as listed in Memorial Coliseum (draft lists)3012Kentuckians Who Lost Their Lives in Some Branch of the Armed Forces: Alphabetical list of Kentuckians whose names have been placed in the Memorial Coliseum, book (total 9265 names)30Volume 1List of Americans in German POW Camps315Korean War Casualty List, June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953311Korean War Dead List, 1950-1953312Department of Defense Release, Casualty Lists February 25-July 16, 1952313Department of Defense Release, Casualty Lists July 18-December 27, 1951314Department of Defense Release, War Dead Returned 1951-1952315Department of Defense Release, Casualty Lists January 2, 1952-February 16, 1953316Department of Defense Release, Men Reported by "Reds" to have died, August 13-September 30, 1953317Department of Defense Release, Casualty Lists February 17, 1953- January 9, 1954318Department of Defense Release, Prisoners Released August 25, 1953-September 7, 1953321Department of Defense Release, Prisoners Released August 5-24, 1953322Kentucky War Dead List A undated323Kentucky War Dead List B undated324List of UK Men in Service388AdministrativeV1930-1954Scope and Contents noteThe Administrative series consists of papers and correspondence relating directly to the planning and creation of the war memorial. The newspaper clippings in this series pertain to the memorial itself and public reaction.Headquarters for State Selective Service325Correspondence, John S. Cooper June 25, 1930-July 27, 1953326Correspondence- Anna F. Odor, September 7, 1948- May 20, 1949389Correspondence, Missing Soldiers 1945327Correspondence, Soldiers who returned home 1954328Correspondence, War Department, Department of Defense, 1953-1954329Correspondence - War Memorial Planning, 1929-19533810Correspondence - War Memorial Planning, 1929-19533210Kentucky War Memorial - Alumnus Gallery Proof3811Kentucky War Memorial: Newspaper Correspondence3211Kentucky War Memorial Public Reactions3212Kentucky War Memorial, Survey Committee3213Kentucky War Memorial Newspaper Clippings3214Kentucky War Casualties Publications3812Samples of forms used3813MedalsVIScope and Contents noteThe Medals series consists of four medals received by the War Memorial Committee as they conducted the survey.Purple Heart, Kenneth T. Kidd331American Campaign332European Campaign333World War Two334 War Memorial records