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Interview with Neil S. Hackworth, February 26, 2003

Part of Remembering City Hall: Kentucky League of Cities Oral History Project

Interview with Neil S. Hackworth, February 26, 2003
Neil S. Hackworth; interviewee. Terry L. Birdwhistell; interviewer.
oral histories
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In this second of two-part interview, Neil Hackworth (Kentucky League of Cities President [1991], Deputy Executive Director [1995-2010], and former Shelbyville, Kentucky mayor), details defining events that transpired during his tenure as mayor, the activities he was involved in, the initiatives he made, the inevitable challenges that arose, and how the Kentucky League of Cities helped him to effectually confront these challenges. He lays out the socio-economic context of the early eighties that he worked within, the multifarious complexities of promoting industrial development in Shelbyville, and ultimately, Shelbyville's transition from a more independent, city-based economy to one increasingly dependent upon outside investment. In addition, Hackworth expresses the importance of maintaining a strong sense of place and thwarting the cultural and economic homogenization increasingly characteristic of other small Kentucky cities. He addresses the implementation of an occupational tax in Shelbyville, outlines the thought process that led to this implementation, and also, the anti-tax opposition that he met with. Hackworth also speaks of the continued process of desegregation in Shelbyville and the integration of African American Shelbyvillians into the city's workforce.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
University of Kentucky
Hackworth, Neil S.--Interviews., Mayors--Kentucky--Interviews., Shelbyville (Ky.), Kentucky League of Cities., Segregation--Kentucky--Shelbyville., Shelbyville (Ky.)--Race relations.
Remembering City Hall: Kentucky League of Cities Oral History Project
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