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6 > Image 6 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 14. Breckinridge County (Hardinsburg)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

PREFACE The Historical Records Survey, as a part of the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration, was begun in January 1956 under the national directorship of Dr. Luther H. Evans, who served until March 1, 1940, when he was succeeded by Kr. Sargent B. Child. Dr. T. D. Clark was appointed supervisor of the Kentucky project, under the administrative direction of Dr. U. R. Bell, State Director of the Federal Writers' Project. In July 1956 Dr. Clark returned to the University of Kentucky and was succeeded by Ir. O. B. Wilder. Upon Mr. Wilder's resignation in December l9E6, Kr. Walter E. Hoefol man was made State Director. Er. Hoefelman directed the project fron December 1956 until July 51, 1959, at which time he was succeeded by lr. Earl D. Hale. Hr. Hale, under whom the major portion of the work of this inventory was pre- pared, supervised the project until January 26, 1940, when the present director assumed charge of the Kentucky Historical Records Survey. In December 1956, the National Survey was separated from the Federal I Writers' Project, being designated as Federal Project Number 1, and the Ken- tucky Historical Records Survey became a State-wide unit. As of September 1, 1959, the Historical Records Survey changed its method of operations from one Nation-wide, WPAsponsored Federal Project to a series of Statewide projects sponsored by legally constituted public agencies. At the present time, the Kentucky Historical Records Survey Project, sponsored by the State Librarian and Archivist, Hrs. Emma Guy Cromwell, is under the administrative control of the Professional and Service Division of the Work Projects Administration. The Breckinridge County Inventory is divided into two parts. The first part, A, deals with the general information on the history and government of the county, the housing and care of the records, and abbreviations and ex- planatory notes. Part B is devoted to the inventory proper. The arrangement of agencies in Part B of the inventory classifies them according to governmental function; administration; registration of property titles; administration of justice; law enforcement; finance; elections; education; health; and miscellaneous. The structural organization of the agency, the powers and duties (or jurisdictions of courts), and the records requirements are discussed in a section preceding the inventory of the rec- ords of each agency. Records are classified, in general, according to the agencies which make them, unless other deposition of the records is directed by law, Under agencies, records have been classified, as far as possible, according to the subjects with which they deal. Records are described in entries whose style is formalized to give the following information: title of record, dates for which available, quantity, labeling of volumes or containers, variant titles, description of record contents, manner of arrangement, indexing, nature of recording, size of containers or volumes, and location. The original survey of Breckinridge County was made early in 1957 by Miss Golda Gillian, under supervision of Ur. Jesse H. Raymer, Assistant