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Edith Lyle : a novel / by Mrs. Mary J. Holmes.

POPULAR NOVELS. BY Mrs. M3'ary J. ifolnes. 1.-TEMPEST AND St'NSHINE. 2.-ENG4LltH ORPHANS. 3.-nOmFSTEAD ON TIIE HILLSIDB. 4.-' ILENA RIV'ERES 5.-MFAI)OW BROOK. 6.-DOR A DlEANE. 7.-cousiN MAUDE. 8.-MARItAN GhAY. 9.-DARRNLSS AND DAYLIGHT. 10.-Itl Gl WORTIIINGTOX. 1l.-CAMERlONT 1'I1lDE. 12.--Rosm IATIIER. 13.-ETHElYIF vN'S MISTAKE. 14.-MILLANK. 15.-EDNA BROWNING. l1.-WEST LAWN 17.-EDITII LYI.E. (New.) "'Mr.. Holmee in a pecnliarly pleaaant and fageinsting writer. Her book. are away. entcrtainin!, nnd ahe ha. the rare faculty of eiliai mg the yyinpathy and affection. of h-r reader,. and of holding their attention to h-r r tes wjih deep and absorbing intere-t." All published iniformr with tllst volume. Price 150 each and sentfree by mail, on jeceipt of price, by G. W. CARLE:TON CO., Publiahers, New York. - - - -