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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 1, Spring 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

H T T rrrr I rm . " - ~, * # 1 L:. { r ' ` `';* ; E * I T v~ ii r r i I - g A .; 5 ; .., W A- _ E1 V . Q A g . _ . - *~ -`. Q} T ~ Y ;:T* t z " S > . . ` `A` ` .$.?_ ,_ - ~- ii ~. f_.s; 2 fix: I ,__,_ . .. i' . * i I * < Q V I '`- f " ` r *&4 `` T l ' I teiv * P R. l _ Q = _ ` * . e EQ, . `At~ in i I i ` " `.' QQ. M {jg A,_ V_ _ ' " ll rf I . - Road Map to Destiny l jg rf i ' _ _ y I had a hunch that the University of Kentucky was onto something big when we sat down 1 ,.. , V { to develop our Top 20 Business Plan. Seeing the buzz our plan has created, that hunch has gi been confirmed. W t, A lot of universities talk about becoming a premier academic institution, but very few " have attempted to build a long-term, financial framework for achieving excellence. UKs Top 20 Business Plan has done that- and higher education is starting to take notice. National media outlets have shown interest in what we are doing here in Lexington. was among the first outside Kentucky to write about the plan when it was approved by the UK Board of Trustees last December. Now its editors are working on a followup. r In March a reporter from The Chronicle of Higher Education spent a couple of days on ; campus to do a story about the Top 20 Business Plan. I have been interviewed by The Wall li Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York 'Hmes, among others. 3 The business plan also has been received well in Frankfort. ,j ' Backed by 96 co-sponsors, the Kentucky House of Representatives overwhelmingly fl l adopted a resolution in February supporting UKs Top 20 Business Plan. State representa- tives from both parties voiced their strong support for the plan, with many noting they ap- I preciated its detail and thoughtfulness. 1 Throughout the legislative process, the business plan has allowed us to create a conver- sation with legislators, as we work to fulfill the promise of 1997s House Bill 1. Most importantly, our Top 20 Business Plan has created energy on campus. Our stu- i dents, faculty, and staff are united in the mission to transform this university into one of the nations premier public research universities. l hope you are energized by our Top 20 dreams as well because we will need your help. lf we are to build the type of university this state so desperately needs, we will need the support of our alumni and friends. People are starting to pay attention; your university is on the move. I encourage you to find out what all of this buzz is about at You can also request a copy of the business plan by emailing Thank you for helping us build a stronger University of Kentucky. President Lee T. Todd Jr. I 4 KraNrLckrAi.t;xmr