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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 1, Spring 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

.. = A 4z; , .A ;* A L S A A. T 2 AA if- : I? A~ V AA A - ` 2 i *` A A ~ VV ? . ` A 2.. A .; ~ A A, #- V A A A. Y ` iwi A- L I A Pisa - A `* e A A ~ .,. =*A . l l st ir * ' . A- "A .lA ;LAc. ,v~ ~> 1;.. A ?;e ;r. A - i A- . s e? . \ V A - nA A - ._.; A, A > ets . mz ~V V a A >. l s V l V V,,, . _ VV-? T ` . A Yff ~ t ` A l j A~ .A-. Vi A _A_AA _ 4 AA AAAA A +-~ A, " e? th __A__ __ __A__ , _____ AA.ZA:.%.f ~` , __ _ _ ~ 21;;* A _____ l UK Opens First ;e{_ T`fi;iV,.;,A. _i\ A`, Two Ranked Top 20 p Surplus - l >;ifA _V " LV The University of Kentuckys ii sl l ~ V V, l 'A Q . Clinical psychology pI`OgI3]]] and A _ iAe . 4/ F N V~ the UK Patterson School of lj UKs first public surplus store ~ AAA.A b_`i_ Diplomacy and Ihterhauehal l hss merchandise of incredible " V A, f y .A r Cemmeree have heth eethed Tee variety that is cleaned, shelved j ig. " * f 20 rankings. l esa prieea to sell at 771-Aw . Vt A he A VA yy A AA The UK ehhiee1i>eyehe1es>* , Main St., at the intersection of ` __,_?*( _ ; Q_ j, , VA program is 15th in the nation { Main Street and Newtown Pike, M \ VV _ 'jf~;Qg`. A V among public institutions and 26th A near the seiverien Army. The ee? A e jg; emehg heth euhhe hud private j stores normal hours are 9 a.m. to V' _ , ' A , Vl, __ universities out of 157 American l 4 p.m. every Friday or by ap- e V `i "" VVVV i Psychological Association (APA) pgintmene approved programs. The ranking Typical items for sale are office and medical equipment, microscopes, bikes, WHS published in RGSHHFC/1 in stoves, and refrigerators.The stores merchandise comes from items the univer- Dv]0pH111H1] DiSHbi]iffS, H A sity no longer needs. When an employee sends an item to UK Surplus, other psychology peer review journal. A employees are given the opportunity to claim the item for their departments use. gf0up of fSHfCl11`S 3UllTOl`Cl the ln the past, items not claimed by others at UK were sold at auction or on e-Bay, study Bud 100ked Hf the publication donated to nonprofit organizations, or discarded.This recently opened surplus fate aud number of Cil31iOHS faculty store adds another option and gives the community easy access to items UK no 31 GHCI1 il1Sliluli0u p10dud. l longer needs. The Patterson School is ranked l . . 18th amon universities in the i E-greetings for UK Patients used series Wn. degree Patients at UKs Chandler Medical Center have another way to connect with Pl`0gI`3mS ih lDlm3ll$m3l l`l8ll0n$ l friends and family during their stay: e-greetings. By logging onto the UK by the fuagazluc H"''8 P]'<`.V _ HealthCare Web site, wellwishers may send an e-mail to patients staying at the whleh IS Publlshffd bY lh? Carnegie University of Kentucky Hospital, Markey Cancer Center or Kentucky Childrens Em-l0Wmm fer ImmaU0?*l HOSpital Peace in Washington. D.C. UK is Messages are printed out and delivered once a day, Monday through Friday, lh_0HlY Pmgfam ih _lh $OUlhm by a UK HealthCare volunteer to the patient. Messages will not be delivered to Y2%*O_l0 be OH the list-_Sllidm$ patients who do not want to be listed in the patient directory or those who have mc lmmcd fm Careers lll lcdcml been discharged. For more information, visit and Slam g0YY]mm$ mlml tional organizations, nongovern- _ _ _ _ _ mental organizations. and private KY Soldiers in Iraq Talk with Families ieeyA Via telecommunications,"Freedom Calls from Rupp Arena" united nearly 50 Ken- tucky soldiers serving in Iraq with more than 250 family members in Heritage Hall during the University of Louisville vs. UK basketball game Dec. 17.The game was projected into the event hall and each family watched the game and had a 20- minute video call with their loved one overseas. I - The idea for the original Freedom Calls ' event, held during last years UK vs. U of L A _ ZT,- game, came from Rob Sprang, director of UK V _ HealthCares Kentucky TeleCare Network. _ _ _ Sprang also is director of the statewide V . -. V V ~" 'A`' ee 0 telehealth initiative, Kentucky TeleHealth ? Y"'f . V A, _ A V Network (KTHN). l A AA L-- The Freedom Calls Foundation raises money .`i`$`ct'..iAYy . As-:**50 ` ek d e ui ment in Ira . i, ,, gi __.\_VrVV ,_.__ to install the netwoi an q p q T S The Pmgmm was $P0S0*`d by the g$Y Compiled from UK web sites, UK reunite ` J _ of KTHN, Kentucky TeleCare, Sl. Cl2llT Relations news reports, and Kentucky A V arg g V,V.A;;A;; TeleCare and many others. /1/ummmagazrhestatf reporting r e ; AAV V = KENTUCKY ALUMNI 7