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PREFACE. The following pages contain laws in effect at present with relation to the organization of banks and trust companies, and the business of such institutions, except as noted below. The book is not intended as a digest. Since this compilation was commenced the act permit- ting all State banks to do a fiduciary business has become effective. A resume of the laws applicable to such business would embrace the subjects of "Husband and Wife." "Descent and Distribution," "Heirs and Devisees," Curators and Comm!ittees," "Personal Rep- resentatives," "Settlements of Estates," "Administrators and Executors," "Gtiardian and W-ard," ' AXVills," and other kindred subjects; therefore it was considered impracticable to include all these subjects in this vol- time; impossible to do so without materially increasing the size and price of the book. 'ro those who use this book we make the suggestion that in case of doubt as to the enforcement of rights, or redress of wrongs, advice of counsel should be sought and relied upon. It is hoped that this volume will meet with approval of those engaged in the banking and trust business.