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6 > Page 6 of Compilation of the banking laws of Kentucky : State banks and trust companies / compiled by George G. Speer, Charles H. Morris.

BANKING LAWS OF KENTUCKY. at a greater value than the market price at the time said labor was done or property delivered, and all fictitious increase of stock or indebtedness shall be void. 194. All corporations formed under the laws of this State for carrying on business in this State, shall at all times have one or more known places of business in this State, and an authorized agent, or agents, there, upon whom process may be executed, and the General Assembly shall enact laws to carry into effect the provisions of the section. 195. The Commonwealth, in the exercise of the right of eminent domain, shall have and retain the same powers to take the property and franchises of incorporated com- panies for public use Which it has and retains to take the property of individuals, and the exercise of the police power of this Commonwealth shall never be abridged, nor so con- strued as to permit corporations to conduct their business in such manner as to infringe upon the equal rights of individuals. 203. No corporation shall lease or alienate any fran- chise so as to relieve the franchise or property held there- under from the liabilities of the lessor or grantor, lessee or grantee, contracted or incurred in the operation, use or enjoyment of such franchise, or any of its privileges. 204. Any president. director, manager, cashier or other officer of any banking institution or association for the deposit or loan of money, or any individual banker, who shall receive or assent to the receiving of deposits after he shall have knowledge of the fact that such banking institu- tion or association or individual banker is insolvent, shall be individually responsible for such deposits so received, and shall be guilty of felony and subject to such punish- ment as shall be prescribed by law. 205. The General Assembly shall, by general laws, provide for the revocation or forfeiture of the charters of 6