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7 > Page 7 of Compilation of the banking laws of Kentucky : State banks and trust companies / compiled by George G. Speer, Charles H. Morris.

BANKING LAWS OF KENTUCKY. 7 all corporations guilty of abuse or misuse of their corpo- rate powers, privileges or franchises, or whenever said cor- porations become detrimental to the interests and welfare of the Commonwealth or its citizens. 207. In all elections for directors or managers of any corporation, each shareholder shall have the right to cast as many votes in the aggregate as he shall be entitled to vote in said company under its charter, multiplied by the num- ber of directors or managers to be elected at such election; and each shareholder may cast the whole number of votes, either in person or by proxy, for one candidate, or dis- tribute such votes among two or more candidates, and such directors or managers shall not be elected in any other manner. 208. The word corporation as used in this Constitu- tion shall embrace joint stock companies and associations.