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32 > Image 32 of The Kentuckian Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 4, 1975-1976

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

. I N FIRST CLASS . `A- PERMIT NO. 18 LEXINGTON, KY. . s ,; = t . ". j We have decals, jerseys, T-shirts, hats, mugs, glasses, __ I onery, notebooks, notebook dividers, filler paper, clip boards, W ._; _ cards, V j thumb tacks, paper clips, staplers, lamps, greeting ca , !>> . ` rapping ii.` sl PHPEI`, hosiery, bows, mini-plaques, scotch tape, nives, balsa . wood, |'TI&g&ZlHS, I'COI`dS, 3I`tlStS pI'lI'ItS, yarn ja U e/VQ needs, C&I`IdlS, poster board, spray paint, wood stains, magic gah , construction i paper, compasses, picture hangers, drawin 6*, ncil sharpeners, artist canvis, sun glasses, talc powder, m q*{ 0, hair conditioner, V deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brushes, [yi solutions, facial tissue, cigarettes, cigars, plants, pots, soil, v *l({ l , plant foods, film, . flashbulbs, photographic paper, ri *9 ing paper, typewriter ribbon, L correction fluid, correction tap _ Q" key chains, umbrellas, suntan oil, light bulbs, vitamins, cologne V nets, soap dishes, razors, razor blades, mouthwash, electri I der, bandaids, cotton balls, cough syrups, rubbing alcohol, _7\l~ ars, cook books, maps, extensioncords, I A alarm clocks, jig saw I q<*? s, lapboards, cash drawers, moistener . bottles, rubber ce_ oi?. writer erasers, book, covers, cash journals, " record journals, p _ rs, napkins, rugs, calculators, graph paper, school penant / / , brushes, shoe polish, nail polish, ribbon, file folder Ia oards, professional exam books, and teaching aids, ` i We have pencils, tool s K ENNED Y 'S for all your college needs