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The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 THE KENTUCKY (ERNEL University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, VOL, X FOURTH CAMP IS OPEN TO UNIVERSITY CADETS Seniors and Juniors of Battalion Eligible For Gamp .CAMP BEGINS MAY 15 Captain Hoyden has been informed UNIVERSITY GIRLS TO UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT JOIN LIBERTY PARADE The girls of the University Red Cross Unit are asked to meet in the Red Cross Room on the third floor of the Education Building Friday afternoon at 1:16, dressed in white to march in the Liberty Loan parade, which will start at 2 o'clock at Oratz Park. Red Cross head bands will be given them at the University. This is the first time the University by the War Department that the UniRed Cross has had an opportunity of versity of Kentucky is entitled to send appearing in public as a unit, and it Is candidates to the Fourth Officers' Training Camp which opens May 16. hoped that fifty girls at least will take The three highest cadet officers to be part Those who do not care to wear appointed are Cadet Major D. R. Ellis, white are asked to Join the parade also, with the battalion and University Eminence, Adjutant and Cadet n Cap-stai- Tllford L. Wilson, Lexington, and Cadet Captain John S. Sherwood, These three candidates, after successful graduation, will receive commissions as second lieutenants In the regular army. The camp will probably be held In Louisville at Camp Zachary Taylor. With this order was the following, granting the University the privilege of sending all seniors and Juniors In the military departments who have not had the required drill to a special training camp for three months at the end of which they enter the army for the duration of the war, and also the right to send twentyflve alumni who have had one year's drill to this camp: "The University of Kentucky is entitled to candidates at the Fourth Officers' Training Camps opening May 15, 1918, under ttjree classes. "Members of the present senior class who have taken the entire course in military science as offered by the University. "Members of the senior division of the R. O. T. C, i. e., seniors and Juniors now in college who have taken less than the complete course. "Graduates other than those pre scribed in classes A and B, Who have had at least one year of military Instruction in a number not to exceed twenty-fivthat being the quota allotted to the University of Kentucky. "The following requirements will govern their eligibility. girls. Cyn-ihian- a. e, "They must not less than months, and years of age. "They must United States. KENTUCKY, APRIL 26, 1918 WAR EOUCATION CHAPEL TO BE HELD EVERY DAY FOR RED CROSS SOCIETY War Film and Stroller Vaudeville to Feature Program PICTURE IS UNUSUAL Under the auspices of the War Committee of the University and the Strollers, an entertainment will be given Wednesday, May 1, at the Lexington Opera House for the benefit of the National Surgical Dressings Association and the University Red film, showing the Cross. A four-ree- l care of wounded soldiers, will be the feature, while the Strollers will lend their talent in a vaudeville sketch, "A Stranded American Troupe In a French Hospital." The picture is one of especial inand capacity houses have greeted it in other cities. Numbers of American soldiers are shown in one scene, and at one showing of the picture a woman in the audience was surprised and delighted to see her son among a group of Sammies "over there." Perhaps some of the University boys will appear on the screen. The Strollers announce in their vaudeville bill, the special three star combination, Molloy, Gay and Revill, assisted by Spurrier, in a modern melodrama. Fred Augsburg and a fair damsel both song and dance artists, will give "Ten Minutes of Mirth and Melody." The black face duo, Planck and Jackson, will be on hand, also that Merry Monologist, J. P. Barnes. Numbers of other foot-ligcelebrities will appear as wounded soldiers, red cross nurses, doctors, internes, etc., while "Soulful Sam" Morton has found his right sphere in the role of chaplain. The seats, which will sell at twenty five cents and fifty cents will not be reserved, so it will be necessary for patrons to come early to avoid the rush. Make May 1 another big University night. No. 27 BATTALION TO MARCH IN LIBERTY PARADE By order of Captain H. N. Royden, commandant, in accordance with proclamation Issued Wednesday by the Governor of the State of Kentucky a half holiday, beginning at 12:30 noon Friday, has been declared, to duly celebrate Liberty Day. The battalion, In full dress uniform, will form for parade at the University this afternoon at 1:30 p. m. to partici pate in the Liberty Parade which will be held at 2:00 p. m. From the University the battalion will march in a body to Gratz Park, where the parade will 'be formed. Further details may be found on the bulletin board at the Armory, UNIVERSITY OUOTA TO COME FROM TENNESSEE terest, Royden, Tuthill and Farqu-ha- r to Speak Next Week CADETS WILL ATTEND The University War Committee, the purpose of which is to decide and plan whatever service the University may render the Government, has been organized and has already begun work. This committee has supervision over Red Cross work, sale of Liberty bonds and all other war activities on the campus. At a meeting last week plans were made by the War Education Commit tee, of which Dr. Edward Tuthill is chairman, for holding three extra chapel exercises each week, to be taken up by lectures on the war from military and historic standpoints. These lectures will begin Monday, April 89. At the first chapel period Monday Captain H. N. Royden will speak on the subject, "German Attack." Doctor Tuthill will speak Wednesday on the "Rise of Prussia." "Bismarck," is the be on May 15, 1918, subject of a lecture Thursday morning twenty years and nine by Professor Farquhar. Regular chapel periods will be held not over thirty-twTuesday and Friday as usual. The batbe citizens of the talion will attend these war education assemblies in a body. o One of the chapel periods each week "They must have the physical qualwill be given over to the commandant ifications prescribed by the regulations for an officer of the officers' of the battalion, Capf. H. N. Royden, who will discuss the war from a strictreserve corps. ly military view, explaining the va"Candidates under class A enlist for rious moves of the allied armies on the the duration of the camp only, and Western front. Two talks will be made those passing are commissioned as by Dr. Ed. Tuthill, head of the desecond lieutenants of the Officers' Reserve Corps under the R. O. T. C. partment of history and economics, his"Candidates under B and C enlist who will take up the war from a for the duration of the war and take toric standpoint. Steps will be taken this week to contheir chances of securing a commission at the close of the camp. sider arranging for the social enter"All applications must be in the tainment of the 400 men who will be hands of Captain H. N. Hoyden, sent to the University by the War From Pago Two.) on Third Page.) Recreation Committee Mak ing Plans For Entertainment U. K. IS ONE OF FIVE Captain H. N. Royden has received official notice from the War Department that the four hundred drafte'd men who will be sent here May 7, for special training in the mechanical department of the University, will come from Tennessee. The exact time of tho arrival of the "Four Hundred" has not as yet been learned. Plans for the reception of the men are being made by a committee appointed for that purpose. J. E. Johnson, Secretary of the Y. M. C. A., is making arrangements to secure a "Y" room on the grounds where the camp will be made, to provide reading matter, writing materials and rest rooms, where the men may find recreation. Lectures and musical programs are being arranged for their entertainment. Altho no complete arrangements have been made for the feeding of the men, it is probable they The picture given in four reels, was will be fed in the Mess Hall on the produced by the Surgical Dressing campus, a certain number coming at a (Continued on Page Five.) time. The other Universities which will serve as training camps in the United WOODS SELLS BONDS TO BIG MOVIE STARS States' for technical training and the numbers and the states from which Elmer S. Woods, Lexington, former- they come follow: New Hampshire, ly a student of the College of Arts 100, to Tufts College; New Jersey, 250, and Science, now a member of Com- to Rhode Island State College; New pany E, Camp Dewey, Great Lakes, York, 250, to Rochester Athaneaum 111., has been assisting in the sale of and Mechanic Institute; Virginia, 190 Liberty Bonds in Chicago. o Lehigh University. In a letter to friends at the UniverWord was received yesterday by sity, Woods wrote that he was selling BATTALION GUARD DUTY WILL BEGIN NEXT WEEK Tents To Be Erected on the Campus For Cadets. WILL LAST TEN DAYS Arrangements have been completed by Captain H. N. Royden, command ant, and authorized by President Mc- Vey, whereby the battalion of the Uni versity with its cadet officers will ac tively engage In guard duty next week, so that they will be able to do regula tion duty upon the arrival of the four hundred drafted men who come May 7, for special technical training. Captain Royden has arranged for the establishing of guard tents on the campus for the period from Wednesday night, May 1 to' Saturday night, May 11, making ten days' guard duty. The time will be divided so as to pro vide for two guards from each of the five companies of the battalion, and the members of the battalion will be excused from class room duties on the. day following the night on which they. mount guard. This means that beginning May 1, one company of the five will be appointed to do guard duty for twenty-fou- r continuous hours on the campus and at the Fair Grounds, the site selected for the quartering of the four hundred men. This company will be relieved after its duty by another com pany which in turn wil ldo guard duty for one day. After each company has done duty for its respective days, the schedule will be resumed as started. The guard mounting beginning each day at 3:30 p. m. as designated by Captain Royden follows: May 1, Company A; May 2, Company B; May 3, Company C; May 4, Company D; May 5, Company E; May 6, Company A; May 7, Company B; May 8, Company C; May 9, Company D; May 10, Company E. Captain Royden will also arrange for daily drill or ceremony on each day for the period the company doing duty serves, Sunday excepted. The ceremony on Saturday, May 4, and May 11, will be held at 1:30 p. m., and on other days at 3:30 p. m. This is the program that Major Gar- ber approved in giving the University its rating as one of the universities of the country which complies with all military regulations and which insures it a specified number of candidates for any national training camps for offi cers to be held in the future Major Garber requested that this program be advanced to come before May 1 to May 1G, thereby obviating the necesbonds in the Great Northern and was Captain H. N. Royden, that the adjusity of the University's changing its with the group that sold bonds to tant general hud ordered the comdate from tho original program. John Drew, Lillian Russell and Doug- manding officer ut Cump Sherman, O., President McVey, April 24, heartily Tlio Dally News of las Fairbanks. to send two captuins, two first lieuten- approved Captain Royden's suggestion Chicago, April 18, hus a picture of being carried on the should- ants and two second lieutenants to that the battalion should learn pracers of two of the training boys. Woods tho University May 7 for work with tical guard duty in such a manner, la one of tho "Jacklos." 'iml approves his plan of appointing 'he 400 drafted men. Full-bank-