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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

iHE KENTUCKY KERNEL. APPEAL FOR NURSES IS TENNESSEE REVENGED ENGINEERING EXCHANGES MADE BY MVY OFFICIAL IN BASEBALL FRIDAY Summer Training at Vasar Established For College Jake Gaiser, of the class of 1912, McClellan Unable To 'Hold and his bride were visitors at MeLively Tennessee chanical Hall last Wednesday. Mr. Graduates. Players Gaiser was married in New York COURSE IS SHORTENED April 10, and was spending a part of RAIN CANCELS GAME his honeymoon at the University Tho last Issue of the News Letter Kentucky. Kentucky was defeated by the Uni(of the Woman's Committee of the Coun versity of Tennessee baseball team cil of National Defense published an J. E .Boiling, class '15, who is me Friday, April 19, by a scoro of 8 to 3. appeal from the Secretary of the Navy chanical engineer for the Drying Sys The game was loosely played with for nurses. A description of the train terns, Inc., Chicago, was here Sunday a plentiful supply of errors on both ing offered college graduates in this The Drying Systems is engaged in the sides. The Wildcats found It diffifield at Vassar is also given. The dehydration of food products. This cult to hit Meek, but when a concall and information are published be at present, is Important work as the nection was made there was usually low: Government is using the entire out work for the outfielders. McClellan "Every woman who desires to serve put of these plants for the mainten pitched for Kentucky and felt the walher country is interested, I am sure, ance of the soldiers abroad. D. B lop of the southern lads' hits thirteen in the campaign now under way to en Russell, of the present senior class times. list thousands of nurses in the Army went to Chicago Tuesday to take McClellan tried to win his own game and Navy Reserve Corps. If many of position with this firm. in the beginning of the third period those already trained are to be spared when he took unto himself three bags from the large hospitals and the tasks "The ship on which we sailed on a healthy wallop to the Held. The of private nursing, the civilian public arived safely overseas." This is the rally failed to mature, however, and will be called upon to make sacrifices miormation gatnerea irom cards re the inning ended with the score but in their demand for nursing. At the ceived this week from A. C. Smith and little advanced. same time everything possible must Walter E. Rowe, Jr. These men were An opportunity to avenge the de be done to Increase the number of both Juniors in the College of Civil students in hospital training schools Engineering this year. Last Novem feat the following day was denied the American women must and will gladly ber they enlisted in the 23rd Engl Wildcats by some unfriendly genius aid the nursing profession to recruit neering Regiment to do reconstruc who turned on the rain. Later in the new members, and to maintain healtB tion work in France. After a short season the Wildcats will Journey to and nursing standards in this country. training period at Camp Mead, Mary Knoxville to meet the Volunteers on "The American Red Cross is estab land, they sailed for France about their home grounds and decide two other games. lishing at vassar College a summer three weeks ago. The lineups follows: college, a summer training camp for Kentucky AB. R, H . p. nurses In which distinguished special WAR EDUCATION 4 2 0 Propps 9 will give an lateaslYe preparatory (Continued from Page One.) 8 0 4 Gregg graduates. course for college This 4 0 1 makes an important addition to the partment on May 7 for special tech Zerfoss 0 4 0 Cambron facilities for training the large num- nical training. Composing the War Committee are Rohn 1 0 4 ber of women required for the great 4 2 "4 work which the Red Cross Is perform Doctor J. W. Pryor, chairman; Capt, Mizrach 3 0 10 ing. Trained nurses constitute an im- H. N .Royden, Dean F. Paul Anderson, Thomas 4 0 1 portant part of our national defense; Prof. George Roberts, Miss Mary E McClellan 0 0 1 ut- Sweeny, Prof. Ezra L. Glllis, Welling Hall ......1 they are rendering a service of the 0 0 1 most value and I believe many capable ton Patrick, Dee Ellis, Miss Frieda Dempsey young college women will be glad to Lemon, Tilford Wilson and Miss Lou 6 4 27 35 Totals take advantage of the opportunity of- ise Mayer. have been appoint AB. H. PO. A. Tennessee by the Vassar ocurse this sumfered 2 2 0 6 mer to fit themselves for this Impera- ed as follows: War Education Commit Landes 2 4 2 0 tive work. The spirit of loyal service, tee, Dr. J. E. Tuthill, chairman; Com- Brinkley 3 5 2 0 shown in America by women, has set mittee on War Service Organization, Harbert 7 5 0 2 the pace for the men. We may be sure Prof. E. F. Farquhar, chairman; Miss Calloway 4 0 1 2 their response to this call will be so Ruby M. Buckman and Lee McClain; Dlatzen 0 11 1 5 ready that no one in America can say Committee on Patriotic Exercises, Massingill 0 0 7 5 'There is lack of woman's nursing.' Capt. H .N. Royden, Enoch Grehan Bradford a. and Charles Planck; Committee on Shoaf 4 0 2 "JOSEPHUS DANIELS, 3 War Service Records, Prof. Ezra L. Meek 4 l0 "Secretary of the Navy." Gillis, Captain Royden and Dean C. R "Graduates of approved colleges of 6 6 Committee on Publicity, 8 13 27 41 Totals high standing who are members of the Melcher; class of 1918, or belonging to classes Prof. Enoch Grehan, Miss Marguerite of the laBt 10 years, including 1909, are McLaughlin, Miss Eliza M. Piggott. eligible for the Vassar course. All candidates for admission must be in FRESHMEN ENGINEERS sound health. The student fee for the GIVE course is $95.00. This provides for The Mess Hall was again the scene registration, board, room and laundry. Applications should be addressed to of a general get together, Monday the Training Camp for Nurses, Vassar night. The John Hays Hamond So ciety, freshmen engineers, was the College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . host. A large number of the students "The Woman's Committee, in execu of the department were on hand and tlve geaskm, moved to indorse the plan a truly enjoyable evening was spent. for intensive training of nurses ini The program follows: tiated by Vassar. The Vassar alumnae Music; "Protective Measures, Safeconceived the idea of giving to colty First," Dean Terrell; music; "The lege graduates of the last 1)0 years Senior Trop;" "The Boilermakers such training as would give a nurse's Glee Club;" speech, Dean Anderson. certificate for three years, in two. will have their laboratory work NOE SPEAKS ON WAR SUBJECT. at Vassar during the three sunnier Professor Cotton Noe spoke on a months, for which a faculty of distincwar subject at the regular meeting of tion is promised. The cost will be carthe Y. M. C. A. Sunday night in the ried under the Red Cross fund for that Y. M. C. A. rooms. A large audience purpose, the students paying only a greeted this popular speaker. nominal sum for board and laundry. "GET-TOGETHE- Stu-deat- s "When this training is over the best hospitals of the country will open their doors to the students. They will receive witbeat any expense eighteen months' instructive work. AntUcations , . , Miami having dispensed with the spring, vacation, will close one week earlier than has been the custom. The Miami basketball team closed a 12- game season without defeat. "The Brown and White," Lehigh Uni versity, Bethlehem, Pa. Army men are to be trained at Lehigh. Two hundred and fifty men will be detailed there by the War Department. As an outcome of wartime speeding up of schedule, Lehigh graduated a class of eighty seniors, Saturday, April 13. SAVE YOUR TINFOIL J.D.PURCELLCO. LEXINGTON, KY. NEWEST FALL MODES IN SUITS, DRE8SES, COATS, SKIRTS and WAISTS. Pleasingly Priced. Get them From MICHLER BROS. UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVE H. L. MILWARD ahead of TO get Weevil: Broadcast one hun dred pounds of Nitrate of Soda per acre, just before planting your Cotton, or use the same amount per acre along the rows after chopping to a stand For information writ to WILLIAM S. MYERS, Director 21 MmKms Atom. Naw York W. B. Martin's Barber SHOP The Closest Shop to University HAIR CUT .25 Shave .16 Shampoo .28 Glover's Shampoo. .bv 153 S. Limestone St., Lexington, Ky. r TO YOU Hair Cut 25c Geo. T. Martin Barber Shop 139 EAST MAIN STREET Basement Opp. Fhoeniz Hotel PLAIN. SHOWER AND TURKISH BATHS CHAIRS Best of Serrlce FOUR DENTIST For any kind of dental service call on DR. J. T. SLATON 127 CHEAPSIDE FRATERNITY Office hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Phone CLUB PINS Patronize Our Advertisers MEDALS Dr. J.C.Day We Cater to the University and College CHIROPODIST Office Phoenix Hotel Barber Shop. Hours ment. Patrons. 884-- X Phone by appoint1988-- x UNIVERSITY OF PARIS TO ASSIST AMERICANS The University of Paris is prepar ing a special course for Americans to learn the language, literature, art and history of France, according to information received by the University of Kentucky from the United States Bueau of Education. No diploma will be given as it is merely intended to meet the immediate needs of Amer ican students. The social side of students' life has always been a subject of sympathetic attention on the part of French Uni versities. The Bureau states that an association of professors, called "Ac- cueil Francais" (French Reception) has been formed to look after the of Americans iu the schools, to introduce tliera into French fumilies and French society, where "they may HEINTZ Jeweler Street, the Phoenix, 123 E. Main Opp. Lexington, Ky. n rr dualitypenec I tion of m pencil1 un quailed unifor esaoothness, W formity of grading and durability 17 black degrees from 6B softest to to 9H hardest, sad hard aad BMdhiai (indelible) acquire tho knowledge copy- ing. Look for 0 dtatlnc-ti- e VENUS finish! VFREE! well-bein- g Patronize Our Advertisers I with five, VENUS Holder lad VENUS Braacr aaat ins. Writs fecit of tho 'real should be made to Dean Herbert C. France,' so different from tho impres Mills, Director, Vassar College, Poughsions formed in the streets and cafes." keepsie, N. Y. Only a certain number can be finally received, and details will be furnished at once. SAVE YOUR TINFOIL 1 MM "University News," Cincinnati, Ohio. Seniors In tho University of Cincinnati will present "Mllosstonos," by Arnold Burnett at an early date. Tho play will bo produced thru tho efforts of the senior class without aid of a professional coach. "Minnesota Dally," Minneapolis, Minn. Private Peat, famous war hero, spoko to students at tho University of Minnesota. Which Reminds Us of Something That We Saw. "American mule drivers In Franco have been prohibited by a recent army order from the use of profane language to their mules." Kentucky Kernel $1.03 Per Year 5c Aaserlcaa Lead Peacll Co. Fifth Are., N.Y. Dept. Per Copy Try iht VENUS in 12 Ut. Erar. $2.00 fee. Madt ptr tax. I A"