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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1918

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f HE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Optfl STRAND frm 1l:H Prleo A. M. YOUNG MEN :M P. M. Htme of Paramount Artcraft Goldwyn Picture. that'g why they cost more. Hig aa ENGLISH CLUB HOLDS ATTEMPT AT ENTERING INTERESTING MEETING ATTENDANCE OF .MENATK.E.A. ft MARX For Style and Valc. HART, SCHAFFNER The regular monthly meeting of the MINING BUILDING FAILS English Club was held Monday evening at the home of Miss Virginia Gra- Profeaaora Well Represent- - , ham, in Aylesford Place. The program Student Frightens Intruder Off Before He Gains ed On Educational consisted of three papers by members Program Entrance j0f the club on "An Appreciation of Kentucky." Miss Ruth Mathews spoke BANQUET IS TONIGHT upon the use that James Lane Allen NOT THE FIRST TIME .'made of Kentucky In his books; B. . Another entrance to the Mining president Mcvey, a large numDer 01 Moosnlck told of the mountains of our the faculty and many students of the State as seen by John Fox, Jr., while Building, which was set on Are during University left yesterday to attend the the winter supposedly by German Miss Virginia Graham showed how annual session of tke agents, was effected late Saturday Lucy Furnam looks at the same part Kentucky Association Educational night or Sunday morning. of the State. A chorus of the memwhich Is being held In Louisville for About 1 o'clock Sunday morning, bers sang old Kentucky folk songs, John J. Leman, a student of the Uni- three days this week. after which refreshments were served A number of the faculty are on the versity, was returning home from and Professor Farquhar, chairman of program. Mechanical Hall when he noticed a the "cut up" committee, took charge. man standing in the shadow of the Professor Melcher, Dean of Men, A nlnnln. fa hftlnv nlanntMl hv thfl responded to the address of welcome,1 building. When Leman approached .English Club for the middle of May given by Major General Harry C. Hale, the man started running at top speed. and all English majors are invited to last nisht at Camp Zachary Taylor, This excited Leman's suspicion and come and make merry at the last gathand President McVey is listed to give an examination revealed that a winering of the year. Professor Farquhar an address this evening. The Presidow in the side of the building was will have charge of this event. dent Is one of the principal speakers wide open. This window, earlier in at the alumni banquet to be given to-- ( the evening, was closed and locked. ENTERTAINMENT night. A large number of graduates One night during the winter the rum Page One.) . and former students of the University Mining Building caught fire about .11 Association of New York City, the flnd the flremen dl8COVered are expected to attend. uni.;reel 18 composed of authentic scenes A number of those will be In separate flreg 8tarted w,fh coa, the Battle of Verdun- taken by the 0il. One was in the basement and form, as the University is well repre-'o- f government of France The second sented among the soldiers at Camp the other two on the rafters in the shows how the wounded soldiers are4 Zachary Taylor. attic. they are Headquarters for the meeting are cared for from the time Many valuable records of the Ken-tn they are convale8cent' tucky mlnes and other information at the Selbach. and the general ses-- , wounded hospital. The third shows the wWch cou,d mapg and the sions, excepting one, are being held In ln the 8uch . . , rehabilitation or tne wounaea soiaier .nanny ,ue the auditorium of the Boys' high replaced, are biuicu m iuo uy wmKU 110 l i"WD fn. fiitnm 10 Supervisor of school. Mining Building. State Yesterday afternoon, the visitors usefulness in civic life and the fourth m Q 3 Norwood' haa hl8 oCflce8 ot 8UrgIwere guests at Camp Zachary Taylor. ives ln deta11 the mMn there. The story is an ab- Major General Harry C. Hale appoint- - cal dressings. followIng the flrlng of tne one from beginning to end. ed a squad of soldiers who conducted 8orbInS buUdng another attempt wa8 made was made ln New. the teachers over the camp grounds,1 When the P,cture to set it afire, which was evidenced by York CIty American officers ereBeTeral Durned matches lying on the showing them Its most interesting to act In the 8Urglcal features. The soldiers' band gave a "alled uPn floor in the basement. This was foldressings reel. They did so and their concert to the visitors upon their ar- lowed several nights later by another In the Plcture wa8 done dm,r' rival. A special patriotic program. entrance and this time the intruder quIet,y but tho offlcers rangedby the Entertainment broke the telephone. .n rfv at th T.iwtv Thft. away from the studio and the producDeputy Fire Marshal Edward Hlte ins company never learned their conducted an- investigation Into the tre, was given last night. names or their identity, hence the fire and came to the conclusion that Another special feature of the meetmystery of these outstanding charaing this year is the community singing the building was set on fire by German cters remains unsolved. They may be agents who hoped to destroy the recin which the assembly will particiKentucky men. Pef haps they are from pate. ords and maps of the Kentucky mines 'Lexington and may have been Uni-with the end in view of hampering Superintendent J. W. Ireland, of versity of Kentucky students. the coal production. Bellevue, has been appointed Musical This time the intruder Inflicted no ago. Director, and the songs of long McLAIN IN SERVICE damage and little Importance has been 'songs of patriotism, and religious watchsongs will be sung by the members. Lee McLain, junior in the College attached to the event. Night men, appointed since the earlier en- The programs of the meeting devote of Arts and Science, left Tuesday for intru- several pagee to the printing of pa- - Camp Zachary Taylor to enter the tries guard against any further I lit Matter Ma; Uay'ra mada right aa4 priMi riffct; Tm eaa't apart ka m aTaraaaaa, atjrltt ara tfc lata liaaa la ragvlar mcIm er fall skirted overcoat aaytalac 70a waat wa aaa MMt pen cat It Mi 11 10 Cents. Aftcrnacn ami Cvanlnf. LARGE Cfothta U Ctnti and tolt-MW- " forty-sevent- h MTTIR MAKE IT TODAY. Kaufman Clothing Co. The College Boys" Store CO. GRADDY-RYA- N 1NCORPORATBO. ! - CLOTHING, TAILORING, SHOES & FURNISHINGS j "WEAR FOR YOUNG MEN AND MEN WHO STAY YOUNO" 1 FOR SMOKERS AND BANQUETS GET YOUR SUPPLIES AT PHCENIX FRUIT STORE 1 rt Com-abl- - IJniversity 'Book Store 233 Wert Short Street. 1 service. McLain was stage manager sions. trlotlc and community songs. President McVey, Dean Melcher, 'of the Strollers this year, Junior ora Miss Sweeny, Dean Boyd, Dean Rob tor and active in other student organ- CATS TO MEET MIAMI iations. He is a member of Kappa erts, Professor Rhoads and Professor! NINE ON THEIR FIELD Cover will make addresses. Professor Alpha fraternity and Alpha Delta The Wildcats will leave Friday Grehan, Dr. Tigert and Professor Noe, Sigma, honorary Journalistic fraternI Dean Anderson, Doctor Pryor, Doctor Terrlll will also attend. , EVERYBODY EATS AT r ono wing Uncle Charlie's Don't Delay Come Now For your Photos for the KENTUCKIAN HUMPHREY STUDIO 341 W. Main St. Phone 1635-- X . . and ity. , 'versity of Kentucky, Lexington. la u iiai ui bujuo ui mo I principal speakers and their subjects; Education and the Way Hon. Herbert Quick, Federal Farm Loan Board, Washington, D. C. The Public School the True Melting! Pot of the Nation Superintendent M. A. Cassidy, Lexington. Woman's Work Under Present War Conditions Mrs. Henrietta Calvin, Washington, D. C. The Duty of the Commonwealth President H. H. Cherry. Western State Normal School, Bowling Green, Ky. The Place of the State University In the Development of the Common-- , wealth President Frank McVey, Uni- - morning for Oxford, where they will play Miami University ln the afternoon. Coach Park expects a hard game there as there are ten men on the Miami squad who played last year. Ho hopes to present a team that will at least leave the Impression that they played some game. It Is probable that Lasley will start the game. He has pitched ln only one game, that with Doubling School Efficiency by Home Mrs. Frederick Schoff, Mothers' Congress, PhilaPresident delphia, Pa. of the Pa- A Practical Program Owen, W. Dr. trIotIc InstructIon Chicago Normal School, president Chicago, 111. Education For Democracy Presi- Wesleyan, which he won. dent W. A. Ganfleld, Centre College, The game scheduled with GeorgeDanvillo. town to bo played last Monday was The French Schools as Seen by an postponed because of the condition of American Dr. John H. Finley, Corn- - the field at Georgetown. The game mlssionor of Education New York. will bo played next Tuesday at George- The French Children at School in'towni War Times Mile. M. Clement, Nor man School, Nancy, France. SAVE YOUR TINFOIL r