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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Ben Ali Theatre WEDDINGS CORNER PATT HALL PERSONAL Missea Lelah Oault, Cella Cregor, and Laura Lee Jameson spent last week-end- ,' the guests of Miss Mary Walker. Miss Luclle Harbold, Woodland, was the guest of Misses Nell Crain and Esther Johnson, Sunday. Miss Isabelle Bennett, Richmond, was the guest of Miss Eugenia Hume week-end- .d . i I. Catherine Snyder was the ,Mlss' Lavtala McDowell at Warsaw, Sunday and Monday to at wedding. tend the McDowell-PeaMiss guest of k Miss Mayme Storms Dunn was the guest of Miss Ada Hardesty at her home In Fort Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mayer were the guests of their daughter, Miss Louise Mayer, Sunday. Miss Adele Slade spent last weekend at her home in Cincinnati. Miss Louise Turner and Mrs. Tur ner were guests at the Hall Friday. Mr. J. R. Downing visited his Miss Margaret Downing, last Miss Birdie Peak spent Monday In Warsaw, attending the McDowell-Peawedding. k Miss Mary K. Hamilton, Cynthiana, was the guest of Misses Ruth Card' well and Mary Beall last week-end- . Misses Henrietta and Blanche IIhardt, Nlcholasvllle, were guests of Misses Anna Katherine Told and Frances Hart, Saturday. McDannell-Peak- . Miss Lavlnla McDanell and Bart N Peak Lagrange, both former students of the University, were married Mon day at the bride's home In Warsaw, Ky. Misses Birdie Peak and Catherine Snyder attended the wedding. Miss McDanell was a student here In 1915 and 19116. She was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity and Is remembered as an exceptionally good student. Mr. Peak was graduated from the University last year. He was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and Lamp and Cross, honorary senior organiation. Peak entered the service last fall and was stationed at Camp Zachary Taylor. He has Just been recommended for a commission from the Third Officers' Training Camp. MISS REYNOLDS GETS VIRGINIA POSITION Miss Ellen A. Reynolds, formerly an instructor in the Home Economics Department, who has been doing postgraduate work at the University of Chicago for the past several months, has been appointed urban supervisor of extension work in the College of Agriculture of the University of Vir ginia. Her work will be performed under the supervision of the federal department of agriculture. She has been studying the work of the department in Washington and Baltimore for several weeks and will go to Richomnd, Va., which will be her headquarters, imediately, to as sume her duties. MRS. TURNER WITH UNIT 40 Fayette Drug Company T MIT Incorporated Main Faculty "Take Off" Gets Prize in The Stunts PRES. McVEY The lawn of Patterson Hall was the festive scene of a party given by the Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. to the facul ty and students of the University, Fri day evening. Every effort had been made to make this last affair of the year a success, and the committee Issued their invitations so cordially that almost the en tire faculty and all the students gath ered to toast marshmallows around the huge flres that had been kindled in the driveway leading to the Hall, and sing the community songs that have become so popular. The lawn was ablaze with lights for the bright flames of the fires vied with the gay Jack o' Lanterns hanging in the trees and the silver moon riding on high, to see wmcn couia tnrow the most light on the subject. The reception committee was not hampered with the old idea of making as many people talk to as many people as they could introduce in the time allotted them, but gave wide choice and every one seemed to know to whom it was he wanted to talk. President McVey spoke to the students informally for a few minutes, saying that he would be glad when he could welcome the students to his own home and give them the opportunity of knowing each other better. The prize for the best stunt was awarded to a faculty "take off." Thosetaking part in this were Misses Freda Lemon, Bertha Miller, Eliza Spurrier, Elizabeth McGowan, Mildred Graham," Mary Beall. Headquarters for Ice Cream and Sodas BOYS Oct a pair ef theca nifty English laet eheea lii mahef any' calf The price la eheea. tjfcOO Misses Margaret and Jean Wobl In Frankfort, the Misses Mildred Wood and Helen spent last week-enBrown, of Hamilton, were guests of guests of Mrs. Mary Brown Day and Miss Lois Brown Saturday. Miss Margaret Russel. d of the principal speakers on "Home Economics Day," at the Kentucky Educational Association in Louisville this week. pair-a-na! The Special Shoe Co. 90S WEST MAIN STREET : LEXINGTON KENTUCKY ' WELSH & MURRAY PRINTING CO. College Stationery, Engraving and Die Stamping Frat and Dance Programs 124-1- OHAS. Lexington, Ky. N. Limestone 28 OOHEN- - --JAX3K HUmSBUL- - &MITH Boot Shop Walk-Ove- r .incorporated) d . the well wcrth It. Let uc anew yau. d d ar black calf and be happy. They arc fenulna iced - Mrs. Nell H. Turner, secretary to Dean F. Paul Anderson, left Wednes day night to report for duty at Camp DANCE FOR RED CROSS Miss Helen Heady spent several BY CHI OMEGA Zachary Taylor as a member of the days last week at her home in Ghent. clerical force of Good Samaritan Base The Red Cross dance given in the Miss Mildred Collins spent last Hospital Unit No. 40. Armory Saturday afternoon by Lamb week-enat her home in North MISS PURNELL GIVES LECTURE. da Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega was a financial success. The Amory was dec- -' Miss Myrtle Bailey spent Sunday at Miss Linda Purnell, of the Home orated In lilacs. The hostesses wore Wilmore, the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Economics department, gave a food white, with Red Cross caps. Smith's Cecil. lecture to the War Garden Club of orchestra furnished the music. The chaperons for the dance were: Miss Ada Hardesty spent last week the Fifth Magisterial district, Monday President and Mrs. McVey, Professor end at her home at Fort Thomas. afternoon. and Mrs. Farquhar, Professor and Miss Thelma Wright spent last MISS R01ERTSON SPEAKS. Mrs. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby T. week-enat her home in Cynthiana. Harbison, Mrs. Tipton Young, Dean Miss Eleanor Robertson, of the UniMiss Louie Powell spent Saturday Anna J. Hamilton, Miss A. E. Crane, guest of Misses Mildred and Marie versity of Louisville, spoke to the Y. Captain and Mrs. Royden, Professor the W. C. A. Sunday evening on the Collins. and Mrs. Zembrod, Mrs. Olivia Tucker, subject of missions and gave a very Miss Florence Johnston spent last interesting discussion of some phases Mrs. Cufry Tunis, Mrs. E. R. Black burn, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin. week-enat her home in Lancaster. expe of the medical missionaries' The hostesses were: Misses Helen Miss Lois Brown spent Tuesday in riences. Miss Robertson is sent out Morris, Elolse Allen, Marie Young, judging the graduation by the Baptist Women's Mission Board Somerset, Nancy Innes, Sarah Harbison, May dresses of the High School students. to organize the girls of that denominaBarnes Browning, Louise Turner, Eliza Miss Margaret Bird spent the week tion into classes for the study of the Piggott, Catherine Tucker, Ethel end the guest of Mrs. J. W. Garrett mission problem. Fletcher, Jane Bell, Mary Heron, Nan at Pisgah. cy Buckner, Betty Davis, Mary Adams Miss Ruth Duckwall took dinner Miss Nettie Pushln spent the week- Sunday with Miss Wallace Utterback. Talllott, iLucy Young, Mary D. Lane, Margaret Downing, Roberta Blackend at Danville, the guest of her aunt, Miss Elizabeth Davidson spent last burn, Helen Skaln, Bess Parry. Mrs. H. Pushln. week-enat Georgetown, the guest of miss Eme Flood, Bagdad, was the Misses Billle Lindley and Evalyn MISS SWEENEY AT K. E. A. guest of Miss Elizabeth McGowan Thomas. Miss Mary E. Sweeney will be one week-end- at Limtstene. SPEAKS Miss Florls Whittlnghill has returned from her home at Glen Dean. last cJSST Music 10 MARSHMALLOW TOAST IS CO-E- D last Bert MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SHOES HIGH-GRAD- E PHOENIX HOTEL BLOCK LEXINGTON, KY. CHAS. COHEN, Manager W. C. HOAjCOX, Jr., Shoe Fitter FIT FIRST MR, AND MRS. M. C. QUINN DANCE STUDIO FAYETTE DRUG COMPANY. Haurc S:S0 ta 12 a. m. Mcntaiuc'a Saxaphcne Quartette. Dances given every Tuesday and Friday Evening. Walts and Fox Trot on Mondaye, Wednesdays Arrangements can be made for private leaeenc OVER One-ste- C. D. Calloway Admleelen 71 Cents. Leasom la BMacra and Thureaaya. Tcrma reaeenaaJe. & Co. FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET