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Image 4 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 29 (1963-1964)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

F K CALENDAR —._,< 1963 Summer Session 1964 Spring Semester i june 14, 1S—Friday and Saturday-—Orientati0n and ]an. 11—Saturday-—Advising for all new students rcglstmmm ]an, 13-1 $—Monday, Tuesday, \Vednesday—Registrati0n - lime 17——M<>¤d=·i‘——C1¤SS work begins ]an. 16-Tinasday-ciass work begins ]unc 20-—~r1`hursday—Last date one may enter an organ- ]an. 22—\Vednesday—Last day to enter an organized ` ized class for the Summer Session class for the Spring Semester june 27—'1`hursday—Last date one may drop a course 1311- 27"‘MO“daY_L“St day to dwp 3 Course Without 8 A without a grade grade xi f M r _ . I lan. 29, 30-——\Vednesday and T11ursday—Last days for y ]u1y -1-1hursday—lndepenc1cnce Day holiday ming apphcaticn for a May degree in College " ]uly S, 6—Friday and Saturday—Last days for Bling Dean's ofiice application for August degree in College Deans Marv q_MOnd3y_Mid_tm.m gmdcs due in Rcgistmris O CC Ofiice by 12:00 noon Aug. S—'l`hursday—End of 1963 Summer Session Mm. H_22__Satmd3y HOO!] thmugh Slmday__SpYmg _.\ug_ ]U_SHtmdmi__,\H gmdcs due in Rcgistmris OFHCC vacation. Class work begins Monday, March 23rd, ' by 12:00 noon at 8:00 3·m· _ Mar. 2S——Saturday—Correspondence and extension `\ grades for graduating seniors due in Registrars V · Office by 12:00 noon Apr. 1S—Saturday—Last day to drop a class before final examinations \-lay +9-—Monday through Saturday-—Final Examina- 1 963 F all Semester tions Aug. l—'1`hursday—Last day to submit application and May O_Satmday_End Of Spring Scmcstcr transcripts to Admissions Office for Fall Semester May 9—Saturday-—Last day to submit application and 1963.64 transcripts to Admissions Ofiiec for 1964 Summer - s i ‘ 1 p r · r riis Scmm sx tept, -—Snnta;— ormitorics open or a emestcr May H_MOnda}__All grades due in Rcgistmrys Office ‘ Sept. 3, —f—"1`uesday and \Vednesday-—C1assifieation, l)}"1¥0O Pm- registration, and orientation for students not pre- May 16—Saturday——Alumni Day mglstcrccl Xlay 17—Sunday—Baecalaureate Services SCN- i—r1`11“1'$<1¤5`—C1¤1$$ “"”k bcsins May 18-Mont1ay—Ninety-seventh Annual Commence- Sept. 9—\londay—Last day to enter an organized class ment for the l·`all Semester lunc 1-~i—Monday through Tliursday—4-H Club \Veek · Sept. l()~—A1()Il(1Zl}’——·1.iHSf day to drop a course without a grade S • i ’ 1,L7’}”LTTL€1” Session Sept. 17, lS—'1`uesday and \Vcdnesday—-Last days for Imc 5] 6_Frid3y and S3tmd3y__R€giStratiOn filing application for a May degree in College ])um·S Umm ]une 8—Monday—C1ass work begins A Oct. 2(i—Saturday—hiid-term grades due in Registrar’s Imc l1_`TlmrSday_L3St day to cuter an Organizcd Class Ofhce by l2;00 noon lune 18-Thursday—Last day to drop a course without . , , , s . . , a grade \ ·.2S—ll ,l;·——ll.krg· rl ldp _ , i M mm 11 mn qO“mf’ ml 11 ]une 22, 2>—Monday and Tuesday—1..ast days for filing Dec. 2—\londay—Last day to drop a class before final application for an August degree in College Dean’s yl examinations office ‘· · ·- K K i · , { Dec. lo-2l—\londay through Saturday·—Final Examina- 111]} 4—S3tm.d3i 1"d°1’°“d€“°° D3) hohdfu " tions lnly 3l—Friday—End of Summer Session DCC. ;l_S¤ml.dn}._End of pap Scmcstcr .~\ug.I3—g1\g8nday-—All grades due in Registrar’s Office ny ; p.m. 3 I Dee. 2?—\lontl:iy—.-\ll grades due in Registrar's Office J by -1:00 lr