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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1920-01-jan21-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3. Franh'-'ort, Kent cky .-aliary 15, 1920 Ronormlhe Ri ch ,rd C. Stoll. Cbalrman of 07e3*ative Coox,5Atee Itn5.versIt y of Kentucky Leexing,'.o.1, zeriTaoky My dear Sir! This office is in receipt of your letter of Januavy 14th in Whict you ask if Seetion 13 of Chapter'.12 of -the Aots of 1918; which Chapter is the Avt -;reat-ng the Sud- get Appioprla+.ion Cbmmiission, repeals the arnnal appropri- ation of $62,000 a year t-o the 'University of ;Ceztucky for Agrioutltra' Extensionu Work, maZe unaer the provisions of Chapter 12'7 of the AcT.i of 391-!. Chapter 12 of tue Acts of 1918 creatizg the Budget Appropriation Goramissnon adrl defir.a1g 5.-Ls -l';es aed powe."s, was approved ljr tlhe oover:rc' on Jaxloi i6, 1918, and C!hapter 127 o^ the AoLa nr 1918 :r.t th, aiynual approroiation ico :he Uariveirsi';y of Tent-;aky for A.g1,loul- tural. Exitensicn Work was %pprovcd o02 llarci 29. t9.,8 The Buaget Approprlacjon Cornmissiom Xaw- a not ocarry an Emergenvy Clause. Ohapter 1277, above referred to, did carry aii Emergeno- Seotior. 13 of the Budget Apyrorriation Coza'nissio-. Act provides as follows: OA11 appropriatiors heretofore made and oontiauaiag from year to yca. wider previous laws are heretb retpealed upon the taking effect of appropriations made pursuant to the provis- ionc of thi.s ae-. " Seotion 19 of the same act provides; wAll aots and parts of acts in oonfl-io, herewith are hereby repe^.1ed to the exceut of such oon- f liet." It is the opinion of this offioc that section 13; and seotion 18 :eoessarily referred to laws in ef.fe-t at the date of the passage of the Budget Alpropriatwii Co;6. mission act, whioh necessariiy was before Mavesh 16,. :lc .T) At the time section 13 was enacted4 Chapter 12.7 of t11." ?ots of 1918 was not a law, and it would seemn to this Oi!53- thai it Would necesnoarily follow that sections 13 anid IS Would.. 'b no applicatlon to ohftpter ;27 of the Ac:i-s ot -.9318.