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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 8, August 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Vol. 2 August, 1944 N0. 8 _] W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturist, Editor THE IREHARVEST pound of soybean flour to 100 gal- HORMONE SPRAY lonrshof ipray 1S rsuggtpstgd. t e pray s ou e pu on By A. J. OLNEY thoroughly and heavily with good The value of a hormone spray for *f`S$Yi dppdt fen days to nm prevention of pre-harvest drop of weeks befmii ??1.\Cdf1m{ Og dd apples seems to be well established iimn as imin lm gems O mp for varieties subject to fruit drop S O CC asm ten ays .t threc . _ weeks. Usually one spray is recom- Just befoie the apples are mature mended but wher bmw t 1bO enough to harvest. These include is Scarc th ik.n \s a by Red Delicious, Paducah, Rome, JOM- extended {Sr Pac eiksealsori Ymag e than, and Stayman. In tests in 1943 Scond S ra .uSt beforg th; Eamy Of; on these varieties in commercial or- the nomgal iirvest Of com Q Sul dppdpi dip pplpppd dpdp drdpppd that has S on the tree too his mal 3 to 5 bushels per tree fewer apples become ion and Overri Q ang IOS; than the unsprayed trees. The fruit market value p on the sprayed trees developed good The hOrmO'n material mav be ddpp ddd ddd Wpdp much pf dip combined with 3 im Maaate Oi dropped fruit was poorly colored fixed nicotine S ra_ for comma and under-sized and had a low mar- moth if 3 Seriozs yemm, ence O? kct Valua Tpppd Sprays made a third-brood develo s in si tember handsome profit for the material and and 3 late Spray lis necessgry It ldppp Cxpcndcd . has also been found that these ma- It was also found that thc {rmt terials can be applied effectivel in on the sprayed trees could be picked the {Crm Of dust and Commcgcial Y a5_ over a longer period. On some trees, dust mixtures arg available. 00*00 the smaller and greener apples at mil_ haiiyegt tinge wererlleft to mature adnd . pic e a er. ese app es e- , , iii); veloped good color and size. Thus, PEACH AND PLUM FRUIT` J,._ Snrall grpenNcu1fs wefe made to de- ING TESTS-1944 ve op in o o. app es. big: Some varieties rarely drop their W' and Indi_ fruit prematurely. These include I ;Ou,.i_ Golden Delicious, Gano, Winesap, Kentucky is greatly in need of and Bhd Black Twig. On these varieties peach varieties that are hardy hmmonc Sprays USUBUY RTO h0t Di`0 enough to resist both winter bud- fitable and they may be undesirable. killing and cold and frost injury Gp d In 0 trial Oh Golden Delicious during the blossom period. \Veather .y in the fruit could not be picked with- during the winter of 1943-1944 was gt put bfeakihg the Spurs until the such that practically no peach fruit s re- fruit was over-ripe. buds were killed by cold in Ken- _ is zi The hormone may be obtained tucky. This condition along with dis- from dealers in spray materials and the heaviest fruit bud formation in Osely if is sold under various trade names, recent years combined to p10dl1C _ itute, Such as Fruitone, Stop Drop, App- the heaviest and showiest bloom S di- L-Set, Niagara Stik, and others. It within the memory of many COIN- iungjl 5h0Ll]d be used at the strength mercial growers. Due to \\`H1`H"1 intiyg i`C0mmCnCld by the manufacturer, weather in midwi1l'tl tht} bloom- . Rect- The use of a spreader sticker helps ing period was earlier than usual. OUP the effectiveness of the spray, One In late March and early April, how- ] as Quart of summer oil or one-hall ever, the weather was unsettled, cach _ BULLETIN OF TIIE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXIE1{Il\IENT STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY