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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 8, August 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

to much damage was done to all varie- the standard late variety in western il ties of strawberries and in the Pa- Kentucky. l> ducah section some growers esti- Maytime, Tennessee Supreme, ` mate the yield on late blooming Tennessee 230, Fairmore, and New ly varieties was reduced at least one- York 7821 are showing promise as n- third. This freeze coming just one varieties for home and local mar- ict week before Blakemore harvest kets. hc started, froze completely many half- Massey and Morgan, late sorts, eh grown berries and froze the cheeks gave very low yields in comparison 1,, of many others causing these berries with all others. e,, to be lopsided. _ Late in the picking ey season a majority of berries picked as showed varyiggf degrees of frost- A PROMISING CONTROL ,_ ` catfacing and e ormity. The above 3, . is a partial explanation as to why FOR CEDAR AND e ts. some oflhe latcgggarieges lgave such QUINCE RUST ; I ow yic s in 1 4 an w y nearly all varieties gave much smaller W D ARMSTRONG qi] e Y1ldS than 01'1'8l Because of the many red cedar he The game bC1O\\r g,\es the ,944 trees scattered over Kentucky, the ide yields in crates per acre, for the i>r<>b1m Pi Cd3I` 6PDl Fust is Qit as varieties harvested from first year Gl factor m many home rhr6s and s,._ plots at p,,,,eete,,_ in some commercial apple orchards. t This was especially true during wet _ ;;t;;.,;i.;;j-;-;; springs such as those of 1943 and Y 19-14. There is also another similar 3 , LL disease that is closely related to v-,,,,,.,,. Q si Q: cedar apple rust, known as quince , 7; {T ii rust. Cedar rust occurs as small, f PQ bright, yellow spots on leaves and on. ___..__/A;.;;;'_;, has yellowish. small, raised. vvarty ide s i:i;iiaini-e 4 17: i:in-ly areas on apple fruits which are et- .xiiii;i i uci iam- fairly easily recognized as rust spots, the Tiiiitsst. izerniiy 4 sic: l,:iti very often near the calyx end. On not _ 'l`-iiiiessi-i- siiip,.i. 4 ac xieaiiiiii the other hand, quince rust causes a lry T __ __(__ _ li:rl> heavily wrinkled and badly dis- H13 ` \,'_"1'lji""` lll "f"`l*` torted area on the fruit, near the est K , ({ wl`; stem or calyx, giving a water soaked na, _ klwignllx 1 W; ,_j_;fI_ appearance to the area, causing ity, , a_"Il New _ __ _ I 1,;) Ijj_l_ many young fruits to become badly t93, _ T_n"`_;__'_ __[""""" 6; gj"_," deformed and to fall. These areas ere . ,_,#`,;;;);_;; "' 1 lu; do not have the typical symptoms ich ,,.;_Hm,___\_ ,__l I l_Qj M} of rust spots. Infected fruits con- U. Y___ {wk js,] I ,j_f, ,_jj,_,;_ tinue to fall throughout the growing 321, - Q I) \" ' "` season with usually a number re- igli T i;i.,4,.,.,,',,i,., , .,.., ,_.,,,.,\. maining on the tree until harvest. ` A. ` ` "__ " ` These are usually worthless because the brownish disease growth ex- of Here it will be seen that the tends to the core of the apple. nn- ` Blakemore gave the highest yields Both cedar apple rust and quince on Of all varieties. These are two of rust overwinter mostly on the red the the yellows resistant strains of this cedar and related trees, and during iite \H1iety. It should be pointed out the early spring rains spores are de- eze that in commercial fields some yel- veloped and carried to nearby apple up- lows is gradually appearing in these trees, generally about the time of _ wall i Strains and growers are urged to the apple blossoming period. Cedar lier keep their planting stock free of rust. spores develop in the socalled iof { yellows by removing all yellow cedar apples on the cedar trees. iing t Dlants as they appear, Tennessee During the early spring rains these ige. ? Beauty, Tennessee Shipper and Ten- absorb moisture and devolep into 28 nessee 393, promising new coinmer- large orange-like balls with masses ern cial varieties, did not come up to of spores extending from them. On avy . the Blakemore variety this season the other hand, quince rust appears ine, f but greatly out-produced Aroma, as yellow cankers on the small twigs 5 mu:.