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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 8, August 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

.| li and limbs of the cedar tree. If t`ects of quincc rust. On the other oro present, both of these types can be hand, the trees that had the straight {or. - easily found on cedars during the sult`ur program had an average ol early spring rainy season. 554 quinee rust infected drops; or ~ The usual spray materials such as G'; times as many as the Ferinair V lll? . lime sulfur and wettable sulfurs ap- plots. These tests are being carried . plied during the pre-blossom and out on Stayman, Red Delicious, and l_;l_ calyx periods have generally failed Winesap varieties. Additional E * to control these two diseases and counts will be made through the Clllll the amount of injury from them has $L*liSOIl, as well as harvest records in ` LH" been chiefly dependent on the order to get a complete picture of amount of rain during March and the trials. U bl} early April- Th'? n fungicide ma' The reduction of early season in- teri1,k0\V 35 Fl`In8l has Sl\'n fections and drops bv use of tilt . in ~ good C0l1`0l of both 8Dl>l scab and Fermate is very interesting.; and cedar rust in some recent tests 1 represents an important saving of 3_( ` lVliSSOuri and other states. This fruit. The Fermate sprayed trtis spring H small Hm0L1l of the ma- also have much less cedar rust leaf ' terial was obtained for trials at the spotting than the others. App1 lil< Western Kentucky Experiment Sub- scab has also been well controllevi dif station at Princeton. The material to date in the Ferinate plots and thi did not arrive until tinig for the the llrltll l`eSLlltS (lf these tests arr C0 pink spray and was then used in awaited with much interest. be the pink spray, full bloom spray, 3 calyx spray, and in the first and T"? Bt second cover. Applications were be- rt tween April 3 and May 5. The fre- KENTUCKY STATE FMR- Gi quent sprays during that period 1944 ar were needed because of the fre- _ _ V. . _ V __ , ea quent and heavy rains and ideal Alml Sl"llmg ll _lm* lm k< scab and cedar rust infection con- Kgntilclw Slat? Fall }ll bs nj ar ditions that existed. In one test the Slllned m l9`H BOCQUSC l_`m` "l` fo Fermate \/vas used at the rate Of 1]/3 being QHl`l`1eCl Ol] Ht the l`2]1l gl`Ollllft W pounds Of Fermate and lr pounds the fair will be held at Cluircliiil . of lime per 100 gallons of mixture. Dmvns mls YM"` and the dam ljffi T i On the other plots 3 mixture Of 3 it are from Monday, August -. . ` pounds of wettable sulfur and le through Molldayi Sllmbl` 4- if pound of Fermate per l00 gallons Of special interest to fruit men ` f, was uggd_ The sulfur plots that and to a large part of the public. in ff were used for cgmpgiriggn received ,&fCIlO1`1l, will be the exhibit of Kell- 2 gallons of liquid lime sulfur in the lL1ClF$l 2, pink bud stage and 6 pounds or wet- these exhibits of apples, peaches. H table sulfur per 100 gallons during Dn`$, g1`ll>$ l>lUlS Grill) l>lll