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Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 8, August 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

0tn€1` crop in the state this year should af ‘ ‘ _. _ _ - public, in ¤en ·l. Wh · FEW; ford some striking peach exhibits. cannot be Bpreiediit, theiiririigwviili ;_ gr The grape vm-icty Collcction has be placed for exhibit if it is sent in .,%,8,0 been reduced to five varieties be- tv the tam Fruits that !`tD0¤ COH- lwied cause of the increased difficulty in $lu€¥`ablY fihcad of the fair that need , Y and gllingl the old ten variety} 'classi g;$i;§§i‘€;g;<é¤Shshgu(lldb be careifully ( so, iccause none was ex unite ' ID G y prepai ex- $1],;;; during the past few years, the plate Dress te The Kentucky Statt? Fail`, Us in class? for} Agav;*am arid Brighton 1(€/Itgugatlllg DEJWYTS, $11 gaqg gf The ._ - varie ics iave >een ciscontinued. Hu S ce_ an o torage IL UI Prizes will still be offered for the Companyr LeulSVi_ue· K€ntU€kY. in in V best} plulcs of Niugway Cam, Ca_ Strchgshipmentst will be stored under _‘ tawna, Delaware, Concord, Moore's lic H me um a ml expense tO tnc [ ,;:,2, Qmlyv wmdony and any other \,m__ growerland be delivered to the fair V] r‘ lt; ~ tety. Also. the awards for the best §‘_wPnd* bcfmic the Opcmng Of the 3-quart and l2-quart climax baskets. Sigmd gpiotiguit I S¤¤§¤‘¤¤t€¤d¤¤t > . _ ’ Q t]u,g _ The apple exhibits will again All Old exhibit? suc .Sh1HmQm' Apple likely furnish the bulk of the fruit return to thef -.0 ethalgi im/1 ee .tO rolled display. Plate and tray classes for .md new {ru-tau.wl eu. exhlblts < and the main Kentucky varieties will be 20,.5 are mviteglO;;%rS\\i?gO;;S1b€‘ s are continued, as will the collection of » - _ Y O bcst plates of ten varieties and best JO]? the Othels tO· compete for a , 3 summer and best 3 fall varieties. ?;iCidO§nti2;i$5g0'00.t1n p§€m1umS.°?f` Bushel prizes will be offered this ,.Ggq,.dm tl; {ep? mgpbi {l¤¤¤1¤€S IR year for best bushel of Delicious. sen; d·.gt {Q1 ex 1 ltsi Ou1d.b€ · Golden Delicious Grimes Jonathan ` · ucc to 8 State Fame OfflC€* ; and my Othm \_ju_iCw ·buc {O U · Louisville, Kentucky or to W. D. ¢ .' ~ ¤ _ · IC . . _· . th carliness of the fair the bushel bas· g;§.E,;g?,g’KC,5§E;§1m€nt Stenom * __“ ket classes of Winesap. Stavman, ` ' e“_(;I$§ ; andulgtvonie have bleen discontinued "_‘ _ _ _ or is year: as ave the trays of w p Wmcsap and Home HIl\TS AND OBSERVATIONS Us {Oy ` The feature apple exhibit will BY W' W' MAGILL ~t gg_ again be the 20 tray and 20 plate Field Agent in Horticulture i , class made up of at least three var- 45 Cents yveu Spent , mw i ietics this year instead of five. This _ _, _ · . [lip in fact will make it easier for the I EL?} Foincmalael m Kcmgcky IS .K‘m_ · growers to get together their rc- OfO1CI§C?C1€;n3ndDi)C hss Dag, qiurcments for this class. There has Lnmj you hagcy ac pgéch ciipsii _ " aways been keen competition in , V . @{9%- this aaa tm-Ca. from the ¤1¤#¤m’ N0 doubt She thougm the l>l>¤>· LOL, .·1l, _ _ _ . , spring freezes killed your peach a—a1?Q£S tm‘i§S’i1¥£tCi;°§2‘2?m{Zl2°` Cm SCG Met ¤·¢wS¤¤¤e· {EWS; Of M Mayen- Y $§l“€iQC“%.%l§i-Sid.%?y—~*%l§2J‘I·?pEE§S `xnunt Gmat i¥}t01i¤$t is BEND €0¤t€1‘Cd peaches at our grchard in July and Q limit- about the individual growers‘ booths August. Prices reasonable. Watch l rusli where all kinds of fruit and products for our later advertisement. John ; fruit produced on the fruit farm or vine- Doe. Orchard near (give town and yard are displayed. Since this fea- road.)" C {nip ure was started in 1939, it has been It M- ht Hav Bee you rs and \'€1`Y €0l01`fU1 mid D0Dut31`· Two welgks of Jiiry service costs lu"¥'ll_‘ Professor C. S. Waltman of the apple growers $4,000l It was be- ilussci Un"'t`l`$tt>’ of Kentucky will vain tween green tip and pre pink bud iblltjglk V Judge the fruit entries. Mr. W. W. stage of growth on Red Delicious. Maglll, Extension Horticulturist., will The spray motor went bad to the { _ be on hand much of the time to as- extent that the farm laborers could ufl H12 S1_St growers with their exhibits and not make the necessary repairs and u {ll 4 discuss fruit proglems. W. D. Arm- adjustments. They failed to get Uflllfq strong, Superintendent of the fruit the lime sulphur solution applied in EY";_‘¥·_ V u0D€11‘iment will be on hand before time to control apple scab. Con- »· lf lla and during the fair to be of all pos- servatively speaking, it cost the pcm _ sible service to exhibitors and the owner 2,000 bushels of Delicious. i 7 ·~ .152:- rr _