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Page [NA] of Chenoweth massacre, etc. Read before the Kentucky State Historical Society, October 3, 1911.

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Introduction HIS historical account of the "Chenoweth Massacre," near Louisville, in 1789, was read by its author, Mr. Alfred Pirtle of Louisville, Ky., at the meeting of the State Historical Society on the third of October, 1911. It was listened to with profound attention by the large audience. A number of the Chenoweth descendants were present, and were gratified to hear an historical account of the terrible tragedy that to them had been a handed-down tradition. It will add another interesting book to our series. We combine with it the Petitions and Appeals of the Pioneers in Kentucky to the Honorable Continental Congress, 1780-1783. These Petitions were to have been read at the meeting of the State Historical Society on the third of October, also, but were omitted on account of the limited time. These valued memorials were obtained for the Kentucky Historical Society from the Mss. of Continental Congress, State Dept., Washington, D. C, by our valued contributor to the Register, A. C. Quisenberry, and are published for the first time, because of the value to Kentuckians of the list of names of the pioneers, from whom so many families in Kentucky are descended, and some of them are ignorant of the nationality of their ancestors,