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57 > Page 57 of Chenoweth massacre, etc. Read before the Kentucky State Historical Society, October 3, 1911.

Petition of Kentucky Pioneers a body together, on such reasonable terms as Congress in their wisdom and prudence shall see just and reasonable, they complying with and performing all reasonable conditions required, to enable them to put their intended plan in purpose and execution, they having principally in view the "Glory of God," the promotion of Civil and religious society, educating and instructing their rising generation in the principals of religion and morality; hoping the Honorable Congress will give all due encouragement to such a laudable undertaking. The premises duly considered. Your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray, &c. Inhabitens. Hendreck Banta John Vorhis, Jun. Benedick Yury Luke Vorhis Henery Yury Samuel Demaree Peter Demaree Peter Demaree, Jun. Cornelius Bogart Henry Shively John Demaree Saml. Demaree, Jr. Cornelius Banta John Vancleave Samuel Durie John Harris Albert Durie Peter Banta Marga-widow Samuel Westervelt -< Durie, widow Mary Westervelt (widow) Daniel Banta Saml. Lock Albert Vorhis David Allen Intended Friends - Armstrong John Voreis Samuel Banta William Seabourn John Vanasdale Simon Vunosdol James Cook Derrick Conine fw