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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1887-03-jun2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MIN'IUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1887 - page 71 W. D. Nicholas then moved that the Chair of Chemistry, as thus Consolidated be declared vacant. Adopted. Genfl. Bird then moved that Professor Menke be elected to the Professorship of Chemistry, general, organic and agricultural. Lost. Ayes Nays Kinkead Buell Nicholas Bradford R. A. Spurr J. M. Unthank Bird Dr. Clardy not voting. Dr. Spurr absent. The President of the College was then directed on motion of Capt. Nicholas to enter into correspondence with men of distinction in chemistry, with a view to fill the chair. The Board then adjourned sine die at 7 P. M. June 1, 18387. Jas. K. Patterson Assistant Secretary Informal Meeting Board of Trustees, June 2, 1887. Judge Kinkead's Office. Present W. B. Kinkead L. J. Bradford Philip Bird J. D. Clardy Richard A. Spurr R. J. Spurr W. D. Nicholas On motion the following resolutions were adopted - Resolved that it is the sense of this informal meeting of a majority of the Board of Trustees that the eminent services of Dr. Peter regime that in his retirement from the