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[13] > Image [13] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2006-01-jan24.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-6- Those eight positions are targeted toward the African American student recruitment. There has been an additional $500,000 implemented in diversity scholarships this year. These scholarships have enhanced some of the scholarships that UK offers to make it more competitive and to offer some additional scholarships. Objective 2. Manage costs to ensure UK performs to the budget. That is an ongoing process, with special oversight of the hospital. Those who attended the University Hospital Committee meeting on Monday could see that the hospital is in good shape. Objective 3. Provide oversight to the Athletics Department. It does not say anything about wins and losses or victories. It just says avoid major NCAA violations, and that has been done. That one is always ongoing. Objective 4. Fill the provost position. The Board should have read all the positive comments that show the faculty and staff feel extremely good about the appointment of Dr. Kumble Subbaswamy as provost. Dr. Subbaswamy could not attend the Board meeting because of pressures with his current job. He will be coming to campus about one day a week starting fairly soon. His appointment will begin on July 1 officially. Objective 5. Improve communications with the Board, faculty, staff, and students. President Todd indicated that he was not sure he had all the details on this objective, but major initiatives have been made with this objective this year. There have been small groups and individual Board of Trustees members receiving briefings on the Top 20 Business Plan and on the hospital expansion plans. President Todd reported that he has met with the faculty and staff of ten colleges. He meets with the entire faculty, mainly to talk about the Top 20 Business Plan and anything else they want to talk about. In addition to these meetings, he and his wife, Patsy, have hosted four breakfast sessions at Maxwell Place. Thirty faculty and staff have been invited to attend each session. The faculty and staff are nominated by the deans. These sessions include 30 minutes of social time and an hour talking about the university. President Todd said that he had attended ninety-five faculty meetings and forty-seven student-related meetings and activities, as well as a lot of others. His time involved with faculty and staff activities is being tracked better than last year, and he is doing a lot more. Objective 6. Lead the various groups in resolving the Hilary J. Boone Center restoration questions. President Todd said that he will be getting more active on that issue. He has put it on his list of needs that was sent to Frankfort, but somehow it got dropped off of the list that was proposed by the Governor. He believes that was a