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The Kentucky Kernel, October 28, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel I UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY i LEXINGTON, KYi. OCTOBER 28, 1921 VOL. XII SMITH AND CQHRQY ARE MOST POPULAR GIRLS Both arc Active in Student Affairs, Having Taken Part in Stroller Cast Believing with the adage that "what ever is popular deserves attention", the students of the University of Kentucky on Tuesday cast their votes for the two girls whom they adjudged to be the most popular in the University. Woman has gradually risen in the scale of humanity, until she now occupies a position loftier than which her proudest ambition need scarcely aspire, and in that evolution Kentucky womanhood has stood out as a beacon that light shines from afar. Life and the endless chain of years has taught that there is no beauty on earth which exceeds the natural lovliness of woman for they, "Formed by Nature, and finished out with arts Glide unfelt into our secret hearts." The contest of Tuesday last, conclusively proved that the realm of beauty and popularity has at the University of Kentucky been ruthlessly invaded by belles of the Blucgrass. The field is fruitful and it was indeed a task to choose only two from those "too fair to worship, too divine to love." In the four years that she has been nt the university, Margaret "Smith has received glory and honor in more than one form of student activity. Versatility has been her watchword and one pauses to gasp as one glances at the long list includes which of her achievements, such things as membership in Chi Omega, Sheta Sigma Phi, Honorary Journalism Circle, StrollFraternity Sister ers, Woman's Glee Club, Y. M. C. A., Council, Popularity Contest in freshman of freshtnd junior years, man and secretary of the sophomore class and sponsor for the University land. Kitty Conroy, now entering upon her third year at the University and recently chosen to be Editor of the 1923 Kentuck-int- i, has never failed to gain a host of admiring friends. Her tireless interest in all that tends toward the betterment of the University has manifested itself in all phases of student activities, includes licr record of achievements such as secretary of the sophomore class, sponsor for Company A, president of the Romance Launguage club, News Editor of Su-K- y (Continued on page 5.) PLAYS TO BE GIVEN IN LITTLE THEATRE Among the unusual and attractive features of tho theatre season is the planning of the presentation of a three-ne- t French'play to bo given by tho Romance Language Club of tho University. Tho play will bo presented in the Little Theater as a regular evening's performance and tho French students of the University and of the city as well a3 others who are interested, will be invited to attend. Another interesting announcement is the plan to present the novel "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin. This novel has been dramatized by Mrs. Steel mothor of Mr. Percy Mackaye, tho writer. At present Professor W. H. Mikesell, Katherlne Conroy and Margaret Smith are rehearsing tho play "The Slave With Two Faces" which will be given at tho Woman's Club November 12. This will be tho second Item on tho program while the first part will bo tho presentation cf the prize Stroller play. Mac-Kay- e, n I ARMORY FLOOR SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY WILL HOLD MEETING GETS NEEDED ATTENTION Repairs nro being made to the floor hi tho Armory In tho form of a new section which will Include approximate s Owinij ly of the floor-apacito the large doors In the south side of the building the top part of the floor is subjected to a great deal of moisture caused by tracking In pro ducing an uneveness, and because of the way the building Is constructed there Is Insufficient space beneath th-floor for ventilation and that results in dry rot which caused a section to Klve way. Mr. Whipple flias had his carpenters on the job several days and it will require a week longer to complete the work. The present floor has been there for three years and was laid at the time all buildings were equipped with (hardwood floors to replace the .soft woods. With repairs made the Armory will again be in good condition for the first dance. The University of Kentucky Association of Sigma Xi Members will hold its first meeting of the year in the Science Building on Friday evening, October 28. This is a local organization of members of the honorary scientific society. The program will consist of a talk by Prof. Funkhouser on his last summer's investigation in Kentucky caves, election of officers for the present j"jar, nnd refreshments. This year there are 21 members of the Association. Three of last year's members have left: Professor M. C. James, Trof. C. A. Shull and Miss Kathryn Slingerlnnd. New "members gained this year arc: Miss Mary Brown, Professor J. A. Gunton, Dr. J. A. Herring, Prof. F. T. McFarland, Dr. J. S. McIIargue, Professor J. B. Miner. The Association has applied for a charter in the National Sigma Xi Society, and has high hopes that it will be granted at the Christmas meeting in Toronto. j PROFESSOR jjf ' MIKESELL KENTUCKY-SEWAN- EE SPEAKS IN CHAPEL Takes For His Subject "The Value of an Individual" McVey Speaks No. 5 MEHU IS AT LOUISVILLE "OVER" Wildcats Meet Team from James Server, sturdy captain of the Eclipse Field South Wildcat eleven is here shown demonstrating how to boot the pigskin through Saturday At chapel Tuesday 'morning Dr. Mc the uprights. "Big Jim" will lead the n Kentucky plays her first game on Vey conducted the Convocation, made Blue and White on the field of battle at territory Saturday when the strong the announcements regarding chapel at- Eclipse Park, Louisville, Saturday aftendance, and introduced the principal ternoon and can be counted upon to do Sewanee eleven tries conclusions with speaker for the morning, Professor W. his share in downing the mountaineers the Wildcats at Eclipse Park, Louisville. This promises to be one of the Blue and II. Mikesell, of the Department of Eng- from Tennessee. White's hardest games of the year. Both lish. Dr. McVey announced (that all squads have stronger teams than last sophomores will be required to attend season and as the teams played a tie and third Tuesday of STROLLERS WILL STAGE chapel on the first last year,the question as to who will be every month all freshmen on the second returned the victor is one that cannot and fourth Tuesday; and chapel for up- PLAYS AMATEUR NIGHT be answered offhand. perclassmcn on fifth Tuesdays. These The Wildcats apparently rested last plans have to be made on account of the Friday after noon with Georgetown. The increasing size of the Freshman class larger score Cats should have run up Three Best Skits From on the Tigers, but theya were saving! each year. Mikesell took for his sub Professor Number Submitted to themselves for this much harder conject, "The Value of the Individual." At test with the Southerners. Coach Juneau be Presented first he pointed out the contributions is working his men harder than earlier in society as a whole, has made in world According to the old custom followed the season. Four games, each one of progress and then the contributions Hal- which will force Kentucky to her utmost, Attention wa3 for many years in the University, made by lone individuals. loween night will be converted into a come in succession and perfect condition drawn to the value of our literature evening of mirth and happiness i an absolute necessity. it is the history of our records veritable students, catalouged as Amateur Tho injured squad has narrowed to achievements in every field of en- for the and practjcally nobody. Boddy Lavin, whose we would be as one Night. deavor. Without it In reality, Amateur Night is "Stroller wonderful playing in the Vanderbilt without a past, so who can estimate the Night", when the dramatic club of the game was conspicous and who had his value of literature to society? Society University, after having heard prelimin- ankle twisted, said that he would be in has furnished men with inspiration, tryouts for admittance into tho the game. With Bobby there, the local does not have when ary which one man organization present the three best of supporters are more optimistic as to isolated. the many plays submitted for entrance. the outcome of the game. The greatest example of tho value of An unusually largo number of dramaThe Wildcats have been fairly fortuindividual is tho life of Christ, for an sought admittance into nate this season by the lack of fumbles. world has ever known tic aspirants have which nothing tho year and the play3 The backs havo shown time and time In the field of inven- the Strollers this can compensate. presented have been exceptional. again thnt when the ball comes to them tion we find such individual contributors have revealed a great amount of it comes to stick. This phase of as Wyatt, Franklin, Edison and count-lea- s gives the players confidence. Tho use valuable new material among tho Freshothers. Certainly their contribumen in the University many of whom of nearly all of the 35 men in the Georgetractions to society are invaluable. If have shown marked talent and ability. town contest gives Coach Juneau a lino ed back to the sorco we often find that Tho program for Amateur Night on substitutes for the Sewanee clash. great deciding force, Public opinion, that promises to bo tho very finest the StrollFor the convinence of students and an individual, from a lono, comes from ers havo over presented to tho student Lexington ardents, an automobile i&olated voice. Behind the most terrific body. It will consist of three short one calvavcado has been organized to carry warfare there is always a lone office and act plays, selected as the best from the several hundred fans to the Falls City. a solitary individual in that offico who Tho Information as to the trip can be obtainThe number submitted to the committee. whole machine. the commands will begin promptly at 8 p. m. ed from Ryan Ringo, or Cusey Jones at wo have just program great war through which the Lexington Drug. A railroad rate of passed was the result of tho philosophy $1.91 has been offered by all tho railof one man who believed that "Might roads to Louisville and return. Trains ! Night." in trouble and sadness ATTENTION Makes leave Luxington Saturday morning and one docs not go to the crowd for symthe return privilege is good until SunThe staff of the Kernel is asked pathy, help, and comfort, but to the y day night. No identification is So not only do we :o meet In tho Kernel office for a elnglo Invlvidual. to obtain tho tickets. A large num3:30 rcry important meeting at the values and contributions bow before ber of rooters have all ready signified of society but wo also equally realize )'c!ock Monday afternoon, October 31. their intention of going to the game. the value of the Individual. Wo must not Every student whoso name appears Tho University Cadet Band is going on bo merely receivers but givers so wo in tho flagstaff of the Kernel is urged the trip duo to the open hearts of stu:o be present at this meeting. come to the all Important question dents, faculty and friends. ' What will you contribute?" j at fore-eig- 6 Try-ou- ts foot-hn- ncces-bur- ll PUBLISHES RULES Ancient Privileges and Limitations will Be Observed By Students From time immemorial certain traditions have been maintained upon the Campus of the University of Kentucky affecting both students and faculty, which it is the high privilege of tho Student Council, by the generous cooperation of the student body, to promote. To that end it is taking the liberty to ask students of the University generally, to help it to enforce the following: I. PRIVILEGES OF SENIORS: Seniors have the privilege of wearing corduroy trousers, carrying canes, and growing mustaches. 2 Only Seniors appear on the campus without coats and hats. This rule does not affect members of the battalion, while at drill. II. RULES FOR FRESHMEN: 1 Freshmen do not sit at the head of a table in any boarding house, cafeteria, or other eating place in the presence of upper classmen. 2. Freshmen attend all football games and wear the University color?. ?.. Freshmen and upper classmen as well, are expected to learn all yells and song3 of the University." 4. Freshmen assume a deferential at1. Only titude toward seniors at all times. III. GENERAL RULES FOR ALL STUDENTS: 1. No student shall be permitted to wear a sweater bearing exposed, the insignia of any institution other than the University of Kentucky. 2. No student shall paint numerals on or otherwise deface the walls or 3. 1 5. buildings of the University. Freshmen are required, sophomores expected and all others requested to attend all "pep" meetings. All Students shall keep to the walks or driveways at all times. Kentucky expects this of you. It is expected thnt students of the University of Kentucky conduct themselves casions. with decorum on all oc- STUDENT COUNCIL. C. W. Creshaw, Prqs. DEAN PAUL ANDERSON RECIEVES PUBLICITY A sketch of Dean F. Paul Anderson, appears in the September Journal of the American Society of Heating; and Vent Hating Engineers and the declaration that "Success in procuring his services as Director of the Research Laboratory affords the finest assurances of impetus and progress in tiite work." Dean Anderson is on a leave of absence for one year from the There is in the Journal a "Study of tho Infiltration or Air in Buildings" by Dean Anderson. Prominent among the committees of the A. S. H. & V. E. are Perry West 01 Thornton Lewis '0(5 I'. Irvino I.ylo '00 and J. E. Boiling '10. Sundny Evening Teas At Patt Hall Popular Tho latest Innovation at Patterson Hall Is tho serving or tea from 5 to u on Sunday evenings In tho recreation mom, to take tho place of tho Sunday evening supper. Miss Crano is In charge of these teas, tho first of which was given last Sundny.