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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 28, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL EIGHT GIRLS ARE MADE MEMBERS OF SURY CLUB Initiates Sell Tags for Thursday Night Rally The dny of cqunl rights nrrlvccl nt tlic University Wodnosdny when eight pirln were iidmlttcd Into the SuKy Circle nt n meeting held In the Y. M. C. A. room. For some time pnst the girls hnvc tnken n lively interest in nil school nctivitics nnd have nhvnys been stnunch nnd loy til supporters of the tennis in nthlctic ventures. Until now no recognition hns been mnde of their effort but by mnking them members of the SuKy Circle it is nhown thnt their work hns been npprc The work of this orgnnizntion cinted. will now be more widesprend nnd pro grcssivc thnn ever before. These girls were chosen becnuse of the nctivc pnrt they hnve tnken in pro moting the wclfnre of the school nnd the encourngment they hnvc given the present members of SuKy. Those scl ectcd were, Mnrgnret Smith, Kntherinc Conroy Mnry Peterson, Irene McNnmnrn, Louise Connell, Mnrgnret Jnmeson, Dor othy Blntz, nnd Mnrgnret Lnvin. The first work of the newly elected members was to sell tngs on the enmpus Thurs diiy for the purpose of mnking the rnlly on Thursdny night n huge success. The rally was the biggest in the history of the school nnd sends the team to Louis ville confident of defeating Scwnnee. f S UUKJUITUK I NEARS COMPLETION JNIiiW MHilN Men Will Have First Choice of Rooms GAME POST PONED UNTIL LATER SOCCER The soccer game between the Freshman nnd Sophomore girls which wns to hnve been plnycd Frldny nftcrnoon, hns The tenms nrc ngnin been postponed. without n bnll nnd it is impossible to secure nnother by Friday. Roth tenms nrc working hnrd nnd ench side is confident of victory. OHvIn Smith wns chosen enptnin of the sophomore tenm nnd other sophomores who nrc doing well in prnctisc nrc, Frnnccs Ripy, Bcrthn Kraft, nnd Mildred Morris. The Freshmen have not selected their enptnin nt yet but those in lino for the plncc nnd who nrc playing well arc: LolHe Hockcrsmlth, Rachcllc Shacklctt, Frances Colcmnn, Helen Wells, Helen McFnrlnnd, Frnnccs Green, Frnnccs Kenny, nnd Mnry tnnwmMOiiiwiHiiwtJwwwHiiwtJiiiiiiHtniLJiiiniiiiintJiiuiMiiiiiniHiiiiiwiicjiiii SIX NEW SPONSORS ARE CHISENjNJATTALION Vacancies in Platoons Are Filled by Vote of Cadets Six young women in the University wore chosen Monday and Tuesday by the endcts in the various platoons in the battalion to net ns sponsors in the plnce of the sponsors elected Inst yenr who did not return into the University this fr.ll. The elections covered merely the plntoons nnd, therefore ench sponsor elected will hnve the rnnk of Heutennnt. The young women chosen in the election nrc: A Company, First Platoon, Elizabeth CInre; Second Plntoon, Mnrgnret Lnvin. Nnn B Company, First Plntoon, Chennult; Second Plntoon, Clny Miller MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Elkin. C Compnny First Plntoon, Lillian OFFICE HOURS CHANGED Rnsch; Second Plntoon, Mnrtha Pate. This list of, new members into the group of sponsors completes the number Dr. Holmes Will Discuss required. Eliznbeth Kimbrough, formerly n lieutenant in A Company was elected Topics by advanced course to the rank of major Kathnrine Conroy holds the rank of While physicinl exnminntions are be- Captain of A Company, Mamie Miller ing held Dr. Ireland will have his office Woods, B Company and Mary Peterson, hours from 8:30 a. m. to 12:30 and from C Company. 2:00 p. m. to 3:30 p. m. except Saturday nfternoon. On Monday Wednesday and TAU HOLDS Friday the whole afternoon will be dePLEDGING IN voted to physical examinations and on Tuesdays and Thursdays the DispenTau Beta Pi, honorary Engineering sary "will take charge of the medical fraternity of the University, held its anneeds of the students from 2:00 p. m. to nual pledging in chapel, Friday at the :30 p. m. fifty hour. John Crenshaw, honor man Every student should go to his mail ot last year, presided and introduced box daily and he will not be excused Dean Freeman, acting dean of the Cofrom examination because he did not llege' of Engineering, who outlined the get his announcement. The card con- ideals and standards of Tau Beta Pi and cerning physical examination is written gave the requirements for eligibility for in red ink, thus calling special attention election to the fraternity. He congratuto it. lated those who were to be pledged and Saturday at the fifth hour Dr. Holmes urged them to maintain the present high will meet the Freshman jnen at Matricustandards of the society. After his adlation Lecture where he will discuss a dress the following men were pledged, health topic with them. Dr. Ireland will John Burk, Cave City, honor man; David not be in the Dispensary Friday or Thornton, Versailles; Raymond Craig, Saturday but will accompany the foot- Lexington; Charles Bourland, Madison-villball team to Louisville. and George Nicholson, Walton. With Health Freshmen Saturday Drug The following men were initiated into the Kentucky Chapter of Triangle Fra ternity, Saturday October 22; C. M. Riefkin, R. A. Stroesser, J. E. True, J. L. Gray, J. A. Wilson, R. L. Boren, Albert Stone, and C. R. Gibbons. Saturday night the members of the active chapter were hosts to their newly initiated brothers at a banquet given at the Lafayette Hotel. S. M. Spears sided as toastmaster, and interesting talks were given by several of the members, followed by a splendid address by I'rofessor Terrel, head of the Civil Engineering Department. Rafinesque Botany Holds Meeting Club W. A. Anderson, Jr. was elected president of Rufinesque Botnny Club at the lust meeting, October 19, with the following other officers: S. S. Shouse, Nell Hank, treasurer, Laura I'arrish, secretary. A film entitled "Life in a Wayside Puddle" will be shown at the next regul ar meeting of the club, Wednesday, November 2, 7:30 P. M. at the home of Professor F. T. McFarland at C55 S. All interested in the sub Limestone. ject arc cordially invited to sec this un I'.sual and entertaining film. What's This Mean? "I wunt a good girl, and I want her 4 Herringbones and Tweeds IN ALL SHADES Single and Double Breasted All the newest styles for College Men Society Brand and Styleplus Clothes Rj. S. Thorpe Sons Incorporated STREET cTWAIN tA'MT ILL &VI BETA PI CHAPEL The new men's dormitory, which is being erected on Rose Street, is rapidly nenring completion and will be ready for occupnncy at the beginning of the second semester. The building is a handsome four story brick, and will nfford accomodation for forty-si- x having one hundred men, double rooms and eight single rooms. At the south end of the first floor there is a large living room, which will be beau tifully furnished in brown leather in the manner of lounging rooms of hotels. LOST A gold watch, on the Campus Will now sing a little ballad entitled, Tuesday. Finder please return to the "Mother hung up the ice to dry." There will be no dining room in con Kernel office or see Sneed Yeager. r.cction with the dormitory. The method of assigning the rooms has not yet been decided upon. The ex service men will be given first choice of rooms. There are already more than two hundred names on the waiting list. Co-operatSince the rooms of White and Neville ive Halls were converted into classrooms, four years ago, the men of the Univer- sMy have been without a dormitory. 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