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15 > Image 15 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 82. Meade County (Brandenburg)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

L15) - h _ Q " Historical Sketch (First entry, p. 115) were appointed commissioners of the town. (ll) Claysville, which was known as "New Philadelphia" by the settlers who had lived there for more than a quarter of a century before Ieade was created, was renamed "Browns- ville by order of the court, since there was already a town by the name Ct of Claysville in Kentucky. (12) th 1 Great rivalry existed between this site and Solomon Brandenburg's Landing and Kerry on the Ohio River. At that time New Philadelphia, or ss, "Brownsville," was not a healthful location. Consequently, on January gd 8, l825, an act of the Kentucky General Assembly authorized the removal of the seat of justice to Solomon Brandenburg's Landing and Berry. (13) On February 28, 1825, the county court vetoed the change and ordered that j "william L. hcGehce, Gerrard Alexander, Joseph F. Woolfolk, Dr. David A. Haseall, and Joseph Atwill be and they are hereby appointed trustees in and for the town to be laid off and established upon the lands of Solomon Brandenburg as the seat of justice of the county." Captain Jrandcnburg and his wife, Elizabeth, deeded Gl acres of land to the trustees for the Ergd new county seat. (14) Before Captain Brandenburg purchased this land in l804, it had been grk , involved in a bitter legal dispute over the title and the deed, as in- dicated in the following statement; "The undersigned decline taking upon themselves the responsibility of deciding absolutely on the validity of ` the title of the said Solomon Brandenburg to the land above described, but as they are enabled to determine . . . they discover no cause to Bn y question his possession in fee simple of the soil." _ Public Buildings . Keetings of the various courts were held at the home and in the yard of John Rush before the erection of a courthouse for the county. (15) 0n April 4, 1825, the court "ordered that William L. MoGehee, Smnuel Simmons, Thomas U. Enlows, James B. Woolfolk, and William Fairleigh be and they are hereby appointed commissioners - the five or any part of them - to form a plan of a courthouse and a jail to be erected upon the public square as lan designated in the plan of the town of Brandenburg, and to let out the building thereof upon the lowest terms they can, by private contract, or lg at public outcry to the lowest bi der." The order also provided that the l )lk Courthouse should not exceed $6,000 and the jail not more than $3,000 pay- ;&ll able "in gold and silver currency at its value." (lo) In June of the same II. Onoams Coumrv COURT, vot. A, . 24, sas awrav 220. y 12. Osoans Couwrv Coeur, vet. A, P. 71, sas tmrsv_220, A 13. Apjgb n82425, pp. 102-105. , , 14. Oaosss Coemwv Couaw, vot. A, PP. 104, 105, IIB, 119, sts amrav 220. 15. Rrosmoea, gg. gi;. P. 61s ` 16. Oaoaas Coomrv Coear, vot. A, p. 113, sat ENTRY 220.