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Image 4 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 82. Meade County (Brandenburg)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

WORENORD l Tho Invcvtory of %hc County Arcgivcs of Kentucky is cnc of a number of guidos to kistcricol moEcri£lsM3rc;H};d ihrofiloué tHc Uhibcd Stotcs by wor?crs on thc Historicol Bcooris Surtcy Proyr·mlof The horl Projccts . Administrmiion. Tho publiciiiou horcwith prcscytod, an invcnbory of the crclivcs of Lcadc County, is mumbcr 32 of thc Icciucky scrics. Tho iistcTic&l Rccoyds Survcy Program wss unicrtckcm in tlc winicr of l€55-36 for thc yurjosc of provioiny vscful cnjloymcnt ko cocoy u1~ ' cmployco Fisicricns, lcwfcrs, tcuclcrc, cud rccccrch and clcrical worksrs. lm carvjliy out ihis obj>cbiao, thc orojoct *1; .o—. oyfciizqc to conjila in- votLorLcs of bistozicxl ucbcrlllz, jRy?icvl&rly thc urouUlirlo* gowormmont docu? of; and rocoyds which arc Lucie in the gd;in1styuclon of local govcrn- ment, lil Thick providc ivvlluablo Qlkc for ctwQ;@£s of jcliiical, oconom c, and socixl hisiory, Tlc LTCilVfl guilc Hor*miEh groroc¥od is ini rdod to ucoi LF; roqvircmocts of @&y~To~Jzj ciminisbyoticn of thu officixls of the commtyj aiici also thc mccis; of lC.YFT*JI`E$, ?nus:i1. c;,;;;;;i, crvcl <=*i;l·.1" ci";iz:c1s who Foquiro fccts from thc public records for E.? prog ..o· T cc;Fuc3 of cioir affairs, Tho volumc ic so dcnlQ1;H that it can bw uxed by thc historian in his 1·cs·:i.1*oh in =~:c.p1‘j;c};·;v·;i sowrccs in thc ;n;·.·1~; 1.a-y iii: rz:/3:; tlc lib1·c.1‘y card cct;log for print~d courccc. Tho imv>;tori2s oyoduccm by tQo Lisboriccl L ces c Syyvcy Program Mitlgob to do morc chxn ;ivo mrr ly A list of rncorcc ~ +h;y cito2@t Ivrbbcr to skctob in tbo hisbcsicol backgyov d oi Tho covntj or oihor unit of gcvcrnmsnt, ani to desc ibc wrccisrly cgd in d;§cjl the oyjinj- action cmd fuxctionc of tQc qovlrngwuh oc»;cl;s m“oc; yscoric chow lick. The county, coun, And oihcy locol ioneiiorizn for bLv pctiro counlry Jill, ` ·'·’ h£*¥ ¤¤¤u>l>i id, C**l$tilT7i@ sci ¤`~fjclcie.¤>f l`#;;l 4w·vc0ux»·>yt cs wmzll as L blbliogr wh? of local crchlvos. M Tcv cucczcsful conclvsion of QF »,`· worE of BI; ;*sE vic l Eccoris Scr- `f~Er ;%`OL¥°#¥¥, '¢l'?~= ill @ Fi-1T?»~ G F1TLQf’, 1’@M‘lClT“