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5 > Image 5 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 82. Meade County (Brandenburg)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

P1j>?jE;;CE The Flatorical Hccoyds Suyvcy was lcgvm in J&HW@TT 1956, uwdcr thc ` national dircctorshlp of Dr. Luthcr L. Evaus, as a garb of tlc fodcrul hritcrs Project of thc Lorks Progrcss gdmlnistrution. Om Qurch 1, 1940, LT. Surgcnt B. Child succccici Dr. Cvags as National Director. Pr. T. D. Clark was mppolmtcd supcrvlsor of thc cmtucIy projcct, under the a&minis~ trativc direction of Dr. U. R. Doll, State Dlrcctor of thc Fnicral hritors? Prcjcct. ln July 1956 Dr. Clark was succc;dod by Q. 3. Mild F, and in Loccubcr 1Q?, ualtcr 4. iocf o`, lwau wcs ;od4 Shut, uirwctcr. Lv. Iocfplman directed thc proj ct until July $1, lQ39,2p hc Hun svccccucd by Furl D. lolc, who f1OH August 1, 1559, uxtil Jxuuury 26, 13lC, U1; in c; zgc of tho Qroj;cE. Gu thc lattxr d;tc, Ir, Lol; uu: succwclcd by tLe pr cont diruotoy. ln Doc NLT? 195%, EL; Iotiowul Lurvcy wx; cop&rst-d frog tlc Ecd,r&1 Nritcrs Project, agi occunc an ind:ycd;;t unit of E; irpl Byojrct Imnbor 1. As of Scpt moor 1, 19CQ, the Hintcric;1 kv; ros S"yvcY xls clingcd from ono I&tion* ic .. HP1-sgcwsor;6 A-dcril brojuct, to 1 ccrics cf Sixte- wldc projocts sp0u$0rc1 by lvgrlly ccggtltutci a blic rggwciog, lyt pycgcnt, thc IcntucLy Historical izccrds Srrv y Tyoj ct, zpoiscy;1 by the Stxtc Llbrariav ari ;rcF1Ji$t, Eng; Loy Crcgmwll, ic unJ;r tl; udminictrotlvc control of tho Proiossionul uid Sgrvico D vision of hb; lork Projocts ,d~ mimistvmtiou, The Toads Couity lmvutoyy is divi?cl igto tic y c. 2Zs. Tho Qlrst pxyt, A, dvuls xltl the gcncral iifcrultiop og ll; Lis oyj eil jovcrmncmt of thc county, thc hcuclri and cure og the ;~ccr c, url cbsycri tions cud cxplana tory not;c. Part B, is icvot Q to thc 1nv.Wto?y frcj r. Th? Cvruupowcrt of ojrc1~s in Part 3 gf t= lux; [cry cllsoificc tlnm uccoriim; to govrrumzgtxl function; &A_1I1STJlOW; rcgistrutiou of pyopgrty tltlqsy aqylnictsntion of justjcqg low >DJorc>m;xt; ilncnvo; ulwctious; cducabicn, hx lth; und giscs1l1;`ous. TQc ;trnctwr.1 cyiu1i# zuticn of thc ggcicy, tKc pcw=rs uni duiius {or jutlrflcilch nf courts), lll- thc 1t>cc1<;lc 1*cQu.;i,1;;.;<~iwi?;:; 11*:; ci__;;c11ss<2l 111 4. r ct? 71 'Dl`..CJ<`1Z'1_; 111- V'>?117?Jly of tim z;;<;2min of :;>.<;Q ;..5;>1;c;*. QL-r:<,;`?s; ;;,> cl gl in ;;1>2;-2*:;1, 1GCTGiUQ to C12 cjcucier nFic} pull 71;;,, u4l`S~ ;`f.;b ~;21fiu of bF' l".JOi)lClS is <{lJ<:c[i;;Q 5;* 1;.J, j_;;l<3;* :;iu;:{_i;i, Vc 1*.:1 1; vv lm: <;21C1${f_fl1c1, ~1S f1 `.. so TT]S$1D1Ty ;.cc;;.}1;y* tc th rvi,`icT: 151/ hiicY~ 5C; in J;2;u;Yi_z;Q Yo ;bv$ l*11K!fmu1tI1cJ1 czizlc xy 1;1@ ;E,c *j;t]_c oj 1v;;:;~1, ,Yx?1,s lv y ._;1c]. yr ;i lgjgl c, , quaiblty, lubnlinj ni v lvm c _o, or cuQ;i"crr, vuxl ;i ;it1 s, 1 rcrlwtiowf ti xaccqd co ~;t:, moon r gf uryngqlneit, itlyxipq,; 1`rwcJtPin, slcc of volwunn or coptxirurn, N11 lcv Ll;,. ;jllC) C11`i_ffj.Q.. 1_ :1*;=r:*j* .; S lc ;`;;;; C ;`; Q ,. . ">/M *11_, }_ .Ti;,1/1 YQEtLY? Yqjf ,121 *f. Q3 . T1;wri4 ..1. #1 exec, C}.,1lr.; Q_, Sax j,ry p, :" ;. .1 r~ = 1 ,1 ,1__1 ta - .F :w; Ji. J.,tm, f;3{;j3Q;_ ji, f] `,(i; 13,"_;"*_i_g;_ IQ; J =1_7_; ",* `#`,;;~ _;_; L _Q`~, *L,}_1, _;_]_~_L"\_l liztiuj Tis rcvQ2clc ui[ey tQ fir cji 1 ,1 Je}; C, Qiw; Tr, jznictiit . Prijcct Tqcfilclwt, ics ctc} of J,riyb jv . .iu$ MJ: f;o4 E. h}TJ.Y, @it;T: in {Pe Sb Qc cj lc;. {cg ith ,1*YL*m .* r.TT# B. YCijS Til 11* 1~Si~"1cX; HT; F11 1, XV lifny1 li; ~? v;y i 1,Z"." 1 -;:. ;fi: -`.: ` * y . ;l< 1 J `` 0310