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6 > Image 6 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 82. Meade County (Brandenburg)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

... Vi . Preface Robert P. Arnold compiled the legal research work for the office essays, ` under the supervision of Elizabeth Johnston, Assistant Project Technician, Messrs. Gurganus and Nurray edited the entries under the supervision of Hr. Simmons, who arranged the entries in final form. r -- ~ - - w vw ' 1* ' July Jyklo and rrunk A. Kenny, ucoort P, lcndams, coerce N, Duck, Arthur C; Best, and Richard D. Spriggs, under the supervision of hrs, Johnston, were responsible for the cssiys uni the final editorial work necessary for the publication of this invcntory. M The Kentucky Iistorical Records Survey wishes to express its deep appreciation to Label S. Brodie, nssistant Archivist in charge of public records inventories, of the Husnington, D. C. office, for her helpful J editorial criticism of this inventory in manuscript form, and to Dan Lucy, Assistant Director, Historical Records Survey Projects, for his valuable suggestions. Grateful acknowledgement is node to the Pilsen Z vs . ,_ T ` . .-. 1 _,_,_ . . _ ` ,_ _`_;__._ M _' * Club and toe Louisville Free Puolic Lioialg, Louisville, Doi tncii generous coepcrationb _ This volume could not have been written without the cooperation und interest of the officials of Qexdc County. Especially do we appreciate the assistsanee given our workers by County Judge M. E. Brown; the Circuit Court Clerk, jk. Roy Niefus; and the Deputy Court Clerk, Nellie Lusk Elorgun. The Inventory of the County Archives of Kentucky ill, v.~e when completed, consist of l2O volumes, each numbered te irdicotc its Alphabetical position umong thc eountics of the State. y Forthcoming volumes of the Inventory of the County grchives of Ken- tucky will be issued in mincograploi form for free distribution to govern- ment offices, libruries, and historical societies in Kentucky, as well as to selected libraries and depositorics in other st tos. For a list of publicutions of the Historical RccorJs Suriuy in Icrtueky, soc p. 376. Requests for information concerning particulnr vtlungs should be addressed to the State Supervisor, 55C South Fifth Strnet, Louisville, Kentuchv. ~ C. . /3 97 j /7 Q j x" 1, 4 (_/i,x,7i4(nM7TfLt\ X [ipZJ_;;w/VA T "*"1 """*;v:r*:=3] ` , Cliilor; u. Auger [A St to Supervisor Kentucky Iistrricul itccrds Survey Project A l LL [ L Louisville, I;;1tut:Y:y . Q January EC, lull . __ ` <