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Part of Blue-Tail Fly

"Ad v ertisement- As you probably noticed, we went down for the count after our last issue, some three months ago. We're back now but our financial legs are rubbery and we still have a struggle with the taxman to look forward to. We need to come up with some money and we will probably fold if we don't--which would be a shame because we have some interesting things planned for future issues. Please send what you can--cash, checks, money orders, vitamin c tablets, crunchy granola, anything--to P.O. Box 7304, Lexington, Kentucky 40502. We'd be much obliged. 0 50% off on aII cIotNes JEANS, DRESSES PIPES, PAPERS MICHAEL LANE CANDLES INCENSE, ETCETERA Call A-Head 252-0724 101 W. High