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4 > Page 4 of Blue-Tail Fly, No. 11

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GacfififlQ-gs But not all journalists are complaining. Some news organizations nave decided that part of their calling is to supply material to police agencies. The Sacramento (CaL) local of the American Newspaper Guild has protested the practice of the local newspapers of sending, unsolicited and routinely, staff photographers' pictures of demonstrations and other activities to the FBI. Russell Pigott, news director of radio station WLBK in De Kalb, covers the news with a camara"so he can provide law enforcement agencies with the pictures that can't be shown on the radio. What is the rationale for such surveillance activities? On a very practical level, as Mitchell Ware (director of the Illinois Bureau of Investigation, IBI) puts it, it can provide hard evidence for prosecution. "The Supreme Court has said that you can use pictures to identify suspects; it's a corroborative technique like marked money or fluorescent powder. In situations like mass demonstrations on campus, it's useful to have pictures of any criminal behavior that takes place because you may not be able otherwise to identify the one kid with long hair and a beard and blue jeans out of hundreds of kids who look like that." Ware was quick to assure that he had nothing against long hair and beards, and to point out that half his agents wore long hair and beards. Abortion warnings NEW YORK (LNS)-There are only four safe abortion methods: 1) D. and C. (dilation and curettage), the gentle scraping of the uterine lining, is used in aborting women who are less than 3 months pregnant. 2) Vacum aspiration, also used in early pregnancies, involves the insertion of a vacum tube into the cervix and the withdrawal of fetal and placental tissue by suctioning. 3) Hysterotomy is a miniature, caesarean section"the fetus is removed from the uterus by incision. The woman is anesthisized during the operation and is usually hospitalized for a week. 4) Salting out is the newest method and is most often used in aborting women between 14 and 22 weeks pregnant. Saline solution is injected into the uterus, replacing the amniotic fluid which protects the fetus. The displacement of the amniotic fluid induces labor and a woman will usually miscarry within 25 hours. NEVER USE THE FOLLOWING METHODS. THEY ARE EXTREMEL Y PAINFUL AND CAN LEAD TO PERMANENT DISABILITY, INFECTION OR DEATH. ORAL MEANS * Ergot compounds. Overdoses can cause fatal kidney damage. * Quinine Sulphate. It can cause deformities in fetus or death to mother. Estrogen is useless. "Castor oil is useless. Nothing that is swallowed can cause abortion without also causing death or severe disability to the mother. SOLIDS INSERTED INTO UTERUS Do not put these solids into your uterus. They may burst your womb and bladder or cause infection or hemmorhaging that might kill you. Knitting needles Coat hangers Slippery Elm Bark Chopsticks Ballpoint pen Catheter tubes Gauze (packing) Artists paintbrushes Curtain rods Telephone wire FL UIDSINSER TED INTO UTER US Do not put the following fluids into your uterus. They can severly burn uterine tissues, cause hemorrhaging, shock or death. Soap suds Potassium Permanganate Lysol Alcohol Lye Pine Oil AIR PUMPED INTO UTERUS The uterus will collapse from the air bubbles created in the blood stream. Death comes suddenly and violently. INJECTIONS INTO JUTEJUNE W4LL Ergot and Pitochf are'- poisons'. Any^ injection is fatal. Sodium Pentothal"any overdose is fatal OTHER MEANS Vacuum cleaner, which is connected to uterus"not to be confused with vacuum aspiration"is fatal almost immediately. It will extract the uterus This Coupon Is Worth 50c Off ^Ocj On Any Album, 8- Track Tape Or Cassette ONLY ONE COUPON C ^\ PER CUSTOMER i Sound 2000, inc. ! I 329 S. LIMESTONE ST."Next To Two Keys Restaurant Qg Across From Good Samaritan Hospital 50c pm tmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm m I Notice: JERRY D. SPRY, TRAINED IN LONDON, ENGLAND, NOW OFFERS THE Shag Cat FOR MEN AND WOMEN PHONE AHEAD FOR APPOINTMENT 255-1124 from the pelvic cavity. Physical exertion such as lifting heavy objects, running, etc., is useless. Falling down stairs severly injures the mother, and rarely brings about an abortion. Notices ' Lexington Women's Liberation is offering free pregnancy tests, birth control information and abortion counseling. Call 252-9358 T-W-Th 2-5 & 6-9, F 2-5 and Sat. 9 a.m.-2 p.m. In Louisville call 425-9640, 895-8806 or 635-6244. For more information about the Louisville Problem Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling Project, call, or write (PPACP). P.O. Box 94, Louisville 40201. Volunteers are needed for the cooperative Day Care Center. Line up, sign up and join up (or just get more information) at 252-9358. TRACES is a new coffeehouse in Lexington. No charge to get in nor out nor to listen and rap. Friday and Saturday nights, 9 to 1, third floor of the Canterbury House. The Medical Committee on Human Rights at UK has several things going now with more to come soon. It's still offering thorough exams for men with upcoming draft physicals every Thursday after 7 p.m. in the Third-Floor Clinic of the Med Center. Street Medicine Classes streesing first-aid skills are conducted Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Room 319 of the Classroom Building. The class is a late addition to the Free U. MCHR also advises that people suffering drug freakouts should call 233-5000 and ask for Student Health then make an appointment with a psychiatrist.. Especially^,useful during, the day hut also at night on'an emergency basis. The point of this procedure is that you can obtain help without fear of having the police notified, as will happen if you just go to the Emergency Room. See if you can remember that should the occasion demand. The Grovesner Street Zoo is a clearing center for the student radical community. If you riee'd to know something or have information you want others to know, call the Zoo at 255-9425 or 255-9426. - A special subscription is now available to students to FTA, a GI newspaper at Fort Knox. If interested in the paper, or you just want to find out what we are all about, write to us at P.O. Box 336, Louisville 40201. If you would like to help the fly stay out of trouble with Uncles Sam, Louie and E, Lawson and are willing and able to straighten out our backlog of tax forms for $50, call 255-3596. Do it now. A place called "Things" has opened up right near the corner of High and Limestone (105 High) and will be selling art and craft work on consignment. If you have something you make that you might want to market friendly-like, stop in and talk to James Cooper, the fellow who runs the place. The Peoples' Food Collective in Lexington should begin operating soon. Annual fees are only $3.30 per member-unit (any group of people turning in their orders together), and application forms are available in the Student Government office. The more people who sign and pay up right away, the sooner we eat. Thqse thinking of starting a high school newspaper or other alternative media may be interested in an illustrated "Tool Kit*' recently published by the Southern News Media Project. The "Tool Kit" includes information on technical matters, Movement resources in this area and other helpful hints. You can get a copy by sending a quarter to: Southern Media Project, Box 3125 University Station, Charlottesville, Va. 22903. Late flash While in the final stages putting this issue together, we received word that the People1 s Party , mentioned earlier in these columns, has setitsfounding convention for April 2 to 4 in Louisville at the Sacred Heart School, 1621 W. Broadway. Registration begins at3^ p.m. on . Friday. Housing will be available. Everyone is invited. CHANGES THINGS FOR HE AND SHE 151 S. LIME 4/number eleven