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The Kentucky Kernel, March 30, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA University of Kentucky VOL. VIII. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, MAR. 30 1916, 'HUSTLERS" MUST GET BUSY FOR CONTEST BASE BALL TEAM IS GOING FULL SPEED SHOWING OLD-TIM- E PEP Tho psychological moment has arrived and all who aro after tho val uable prize offered in tho Kcntuck-Probabl1" "Hustlers' Contjht" should get out after those subscriptions. Alumni and others interested in the University and the Annual have al- ready asked that copies" bo reserved for them. The sale of this year's book should bo easier than any other, and It is expected that the total number will exceed by far those of any other year. A hitherto unequalled cover and style of binding, and many other new features will cause this book to be in demand. The contest is. moving along quite lively. Those who have not started canvassing should begin today. A later start means a handicap. Get your subscription blanks from R. E. Cullen and then get busy among the students, faculty and townsmen. DR. No. 26 JAMES K. PATTERSON PASSES TY-THI- MILESTONE OF LIFE y Great Numbers of Students McClellan Will Hearing Eloquent Start First Game Addresses With Michigan Raymond Robins, famous social worker from Chicago, who has been making a tour of North American coles during this school year, opened his campaign at the University under the direction of the Y. M. C. A. Tuesday morning, when he spoke In chapel before an audience which packed the room to Its capacity. The subject of his address was "The Challenge or the Changing Social Order. A large representation of the faculty was present at this meeting also. Mr. Robins' address was one of unusual power, as .1 have been all of his addresses during this year. IS ON APRIL EIGHTH Full of Years and Honors, "Grand Old Man of versity of Kentucky" Retains His Youthful Uni- Vigor A period of a few warm days has RECEIVES LETTERS FROM CLARK AND ALLEN put the old "pop" Into the baseball squad and they have at last settled Dr. James K. Patterson, President ing reached such a good old age in down to real work on the new diaEmeritus of the State University of such mental and physical strength. mond on Stoll Field. Kentucky, celebrated his eighty-thir"I hope that you will live many Coach Tuttle Is In charge and has birthday last Sunday. With a mind years and that all of them will be been putting the boys through all the as keen as that of a young man and n prosperous and happy. maneuvers that real ball teams must "I have never forgotten the good body possessing the strength of one undergo in order to become winners. far more youthful this .Grand 01d you did me when I was one of your Tuttle's hobby Is hitting practice. He Man of the University of Kentucky" Is pupils, for which I am truly grateful. believes that no team can win games "Your friend, a remarkable example of the result of without jarring the fences frequently. a life of clean living and high think"CHAMP CLARK." There is a large number of contend ing. His whole life has been crowded The letter from Mr. Allen follows: ers for berths on the- team ,a good .,th honop am, achlevement and each "My dear President Patterson: schedule has been arranged and everyOn Tuesday afternoon at 3:45, Mr. "I should like to express to you, as pasglng year hag adde(J ,tg quQta of thing will be In prime condition for Pnhlno onnln tn tVio fonult.r In Via ou look out upon your eighty-thirfriends and admirers. , 0, Du664D sxaTIOJN COWS. faculty room. All of the faculty men1 years Dr. Patterson birthday and perhaps look backward For thirty-fou- r Kentucky meets the mighty MichiMAKE GOOD RECORD has lived In his home adjoining the some little of the reverence, the expressed themselves as being very ganders. "Beat Michigan" Is the slomuch impressed by Mr. Robins' campus; years in which he has watch- gratitude, and the affectionate esteem gan now among the State fans. Few mature cows have equalled On Tuesday night he spoke Among the candidates who are show- the records made by two Jersey helT-er- s ed the growth of the institution from which I have constantly cherished for again in chapel to men only. More ja college of one building to a great you since I was one of your students ing real baseball ability are the men at the Kentucky Experiment Sta- '"r than 50 per cent of the men students from whose buildings in my youth. year's squad, consisting of tjon By selling the Inferior Indivld- - State institution last were present at this meeting. The come freshly campus. Dr. Pat "The odes of Horace captain; Park, "Curt" "Senator" lUals and keeping the best heifers of crowd a subject of his address was "College Schrader, Crum, "Dutch" "Red" the herd a strenuous effort is being terson has been a great force in the to my mind as I thus call back those Men and Civic Leadership." It was Spalding, Waters, Haydon, McClellan, ma(Je to ralae the herd average to a upbuilding of the University and a days; and there are many lines I the story of Mr. Robins' fight against Server, Kelly and Grubbs. The large part of its development is direct- would fain quote to you on our human newy.,Igh leveL This culling is beginning a political boss and his ring in the men fighting for places are: McEl- ly due to his efforts. life, its Wars, Its games, Its winter to 8now great result8 seventeenth ward of the city of ChiMany men of distinction were stu- and its wine. But you know them vain, Gasser, "Scotty," of the 'i2 cago, In which 75,000 people live In dents during the presidency of Dr. all; they are the low music of your team; Roark, Misrack, Williams, tenements in an area less than one Patterson, among whom may be men- fireside, of your memories, your philCooper, Bartie, Davidson ("Red"), square mile. The address was full of tioned Champ Clark, James Lane Al- osophy and your dreams. Rodes, Jolinson, CJsco, Abell, Rice, action and life throughout and a num"To these I leave you undisturbed len and Dr. William Benjamin Smith, Frazier and others. ber of applications to the students of Tulane University. and from a distance send you this "Dutch" Schrader, who played shortwere made at the close. After the stop Dr. Patterson received flowers, tel- brief but heartfelt salutation. last year so ably, has gone to regular address twenty minutes were egrams and letters of congratulations "JAMES LANE ALLEN." third and Waters has been shifted given over to questions and' answers,' "I have no longevity secrets," Dr. from the second sack to fill his place. Second Place Awarded C. P. from far and near. We publish one the students asking questions and Mr. Captain Park, who was one of from Champ Clark and one from Patterson said recently, "but this I Nicholson By the Robins answering them fully. would like to say to every young man James Lane Allen: Judges the famous "Park and Park" battery The address on Wednesday morning for two year8i may go to nrst ba8e( as 'President J. K. Patterson, jon my birthday: Clean living means long living just as it does honored liv-- j "Lexington, Ky. at the chapel hour to engineering stu- - Crum and McElvain are showing such William Shinnick ,a junior in the ' ing. The maxim that youth must sow dents was of unusual power and the marked ability as catchers. With College of Arts and Science, won the 'Ty dear Mr. President: "I understand attendance was even larger than on these changea made and the vacan-- , Patterson trophy m the twenty-sev-ththat you will be wild oats has worked untold mischief. eighty-thre- e years old on the twenty- - Equable living also bears large previous night. cIo8 mied wlth tUe material on hand,enth annual oratorical contest which was held last Monday night in the of this month and I write you wards. It Is enough to meet life's reThe first meeting of the campaign the team Is sure to be a winner Second honors were taken fills note to congratulate you on hav- - sponslblllties as they come." was open to men and women, as will McClellan who won most of the ch",e1' by Mr. C. P. Nicholson, a senior law - games he pitched last year, will prob be the one on Friday, night. On Wedstudent. Company E E acting as "cavalry." nesday afternoon Mr. Robins spoke in ably start the first game. Mr. Shinnick's subject was "Amer-- j will furnish its own steeds. Patterson Hall to women only. CADETS WILL STAGE tea and the Age of the Ideal." That Thursday night Mr. Robins will The battalion will form at the arof Mr. Nicholson was "The American speak on "Mastery and Power" to JURY IK GRIFFITH CASE mory promptly at 1:30 o'clock and all SHAM BATTLE FRIDAY Lynching Party." men only. This Is expected to be one cadets will be excused from class President Emeritus James K. Patof the most powerful addresses of the Tho Blue work for the afternoon. CANNOT MAKE DECISION terson offers a gold medal annually entire series and it Is hoped that no wUl march toward East Hkk to the winner of the Patterson So- Mt. Tabor Pike Will Be the"army man in the University will fail to man as far as the reservoir, by way of ciety oratorical contest, which is us- Sceen of "Bloody" hear him on Thursday night. the Mt. Tabor pike, and the Reds, who Majority Of the Members ually held on his birthday. Combat have supposedly retreated toward Nieh T71 A i: Mr. Shinnick is a man of many acAwaiuing HISTORY CLUB. olasville, will march out in search of He Damages complishments. was recently The University battalion of cadets them after receiving reinforcements. f elected of The Ken- will go through sham battle maneuvThe "cavalry" will be sent out the Tho History Club will meet Monday The jury hearing the case of J. L. tucky Kernel for next year. ers tomorrow afternoon, and lively Richmond pike to hold the enemy unevening at 7:30 In the Education Griffith against the Kentucky Traction The judges of the contest were Pro times may be expected on tho "bloody" Building. The session will be de- - & Terminal Company for $2r,000 dam- - fessor P. P. Boyd, Professor W. E. Hold, which will be located some til the Infantry can arrive. After the voted to reports from seniors on ages for the death of his son. Eldrldge Butt and wn,am H TowUHend. Tno whero ,n Fayotte County between the 8tru,B ,8 over the dead ttnd wounded ' Seven , Griffith, failed to agree on a verdict other contestant!, and their subjects Tate's Creek and Richmond pikes. ' wl" rotuni t0 the Uulver8tty 0,1 foot theses in Kentucky history. reports of five minutes each will be and was dismissed last Thursday were. M w Condltti "The Evolution The Blue Invading forces, to bo com- - JuHt a Uttl t0 lat t0 Bet BuppeP at morning. Young Griffith was killed last of Domocracy; DanIei GUckman. posed of Company A. will bo com. the regular boarding houses. There- .,., uy n .. . - iiih wuxi war, aim wuuer riper, uiuuuuu .... i;uiiuiii uuu .wunuiiuy, uihi, BUlt of the battle cannot be predicted moivujiui midiii ui u - October when a streflt car struck the uutuuiD til inn r with any degree of accuracy. was helping to carry wheiy.0m. IdeaiB tory aud Political Economy aro Dr, Patterson present- - the defending army will consist of pected to be present. B, C and D, with Company Companies ed the medal. p k (Continued on Page 2) - ,., d mes-sag- " fifty-acr- i ' e m j i ravur editor-in-chie- j , ex-'c- a ipmii e