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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 30, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY (f which cniiRod many words to bo through Dr. Johnson's Igno- 'rnnco of etymology. In tho lecture, Dr. Croissant hurled several sharp criticisms at tho etymologists, whose Ignorance Is large h' responsible for the misspelling of nmny of our words. As on example ho cited tho spelling of- "sulfur," which is the English, historical and Lntln spelling of tho word. Through tho lg- nornnco of the etymologists It was considered to bo of Greek origin and ns n result It was Incorrectly spelled "Bulphur." Ho asserted that tho use of simplified spelling would save tho country $100,000,000 annually In tho cost of printing. KERNEL MINING INSTITUTE AD THOMAS SIGNS TO PLAY WITH LEXINGTON TO THESE LEXINGTON FIRM8 VERTISE IN THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Ad Thomas, star southpaw of tho Lexington Colt team last year, and formerly a valuable hurler on tho Of Simplified Dr. Croissant First Aid Contest To Be a Wildcat team, has again signed to play with Lexington. Thomas Joined Snellinrr Board Talks Feature of the o tho Colts last year about tho same In Chapel Meet time that James Park, Floyd "Hasty" Dr. DoWitt C. Croissant, of tho The Kentucky; Mining Institute Wright atul "Hlscult" Reed did, all of University of Kansas, addressed a which was secured after a close con- whom mado good in die fast comlargo number of students In chnpol test with Hazard will bo huld in Lex- pany. lost Friday morning, his subject bo- Lexington bids fair to have a winington May 12 and 13. Ing "Simplified Spelling." Dr. Crols- The meeting was held at Pineville ning team In tho Ohio Stato League 8nnt Is making a tour of tho various last year and the year before In this circuit this season, and Thomas Is excolleges and universities of tho coun- pected to bo one of tho mainstays of city. try delivering tills address under tho the club. Ad has enjoyed a successKentucky Is a great auspices of the Simplified Spelling ful winter at his homo in Liberty, State in the midst of the greatest Ky earning no little prominence in Hoard of Now York. With convincing gTATE ALUMNUS WITH region of the world and the logic and unanswerable arguments, PERSHING IN MEXICO Ininnrtnnnn politics. He is said to have mado Wo nnnl mining ( 'several speeches In the Interest of tho Dr. Croissant presented ills subject. By bringing try Is fast Increasing. Among those who wcro favorably Among tho soldiers who are at together those who are interested in Republican party which have earned impressed by Dr. Croissant's reason- - tempting to capture Villa and his bail mining from all over tho State, the In- him an enviable reputation in his ing, was President Barker, who made dit crow is Lieutenant T. S. Bowen, stitute does much to blot out narrow "homo town." a short address after the speaker had of Franklin, Ky who Is a former State mlndedncss and improve the methods ' concluded. He assured Professor L. student. Lieutenant Powcn is in tho of production and preparation of tho PRESIDENT BARKER TALKS AT L. Dantzler that ho would assist him Aero Corps and was ono of the avla-i- products MEMBERS' COUNCIL LUNCH. for the market. an effort to have simplified spelling tors who went with tho first body of First-aimeets have been a feature adopted by all University publications. General Pershing's troops. Ho is at of the spring meetings. Prizes amountPresident II. S. Barker, of State, Dr. Croissant showed that our pros-- j present at Columbus, N. M., recover-en- t ing to more than $u00 were distributed and President R. II. Crossilold, of method of spelling was not only Ing from minor Injuries received when at the first aid meet held last May at Transylvania, delivered tho principal contrary to all sensible rules, but that his aeroplane fell a week from last Plnevllle, the largest amount ever de- addresses of tho Educational Day proby the Members' Monday. It was also contrary to the Anglo-Sax- meet- gram arranged voted to prizes at any first-aion method. He said that there had Council of the Board of Commerce last Lieutenant Bowen and tho other air ing in the United States. been three great influences on our scouts have proven of great service The program which la being ar- Wednesday in the Board of Commerce spelling, each one' of which tended to to tho soldiers In the difficult and dan- - ranged will be announced in a short rooms. Professor D. V. Terrell, of the The first gorous work in which they are en time. The Phoenix Hotel will be head- University, presided. make it more senseless. great influence was the Norman Con- - gaged. Sinco the aero squad joined quarters. President Barker's speech was dequest, which brought a largo number tho advance column it has kept more An Important feature of the meet voted to the progress the University of .foreign words into the English lan-- ! than sixty-fiv- e miles in advanco of the ,vill be a first-aicontest staged in has made during the five years he lias guagc. The second Influence was the cavalry, The student enrollthe University stadium. Mining com- been president. panies from all over the State have ment has been increased from 721 to He ccssitated tho employment of Dutch KENTUCKIAN STAFF. entered teams and the mining stu- 1,439 during his administration. printers. Their inability to grasp the laid special emphasis on the College dents will have excellent opportuniEnglish sounds correctly led to a of Agriculture, which sent out its There will be an important meeting ties to see practical demonstrations. great many misspelled words which of the Kentuckian staff today (Thurs first graduates in 1808, and which will graduates this year, have thirty-fivhave been Incorporated into our lan- day) at 3:30. MILTED BRETHREN" with a total enrollment of 241!. guage. The third great influence was HERBERT GRAHAM, REORGANIZE LODGE dictionary, Dr. Samuel. Johnson's 1 BE HELD HERE IN MAY NUF CED School Books and Supplies. Tho University Book Store. Lunch Counters and Restaurants. W. F. Oldham. Metropolitan Restaurant. Martin & Stockwcll. Amusements. Orphoum. Colonial. Ada Mcado. Men's Clothing. - j Graddy-Ryan- g Soda n . d e Editor-in-Chie- THE TOGGERY SHOP GRADDY-RYA- CO. N INCORPORATED FURNISHINGS, CLOTHING. SHOES. HATS AND TAILORING PHONE 903 140 W. MAIN STREET Show Good Taste in Xmas Gifts Miss Holladay's &P Candy and Belle Meade Sweets are Unequaled LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY "Lexington's Bigger and Better Men's Store'' Now Showing Spring HarU Schaffner Marx Clothes for College Young Men Also complete line of Hats and Furnishings that are really individual Kaufman Clothing Co. Tho "Lodge of Jilted Brethren," a club proving that misery loves company, was reorganized at State University last week and Robert Mitchell Jr., was "Senior Grand Mogul," having been the hardest hit. a Four students having received "jilting" letters from their "one and only" within a week, banded themselves together and thus the club was founded. Since then it has become necessary to make rules for membership society, as the into this applicants have become so numerous. In order to become a member It is necessary to present a "Jilting" letter from the girl and also the name of 'the other fellow. These letters are read at every meeting and "That Old Girl of Mine" and "We Love the Ladies," are sung, after which reports from the Poultry and Old Maids' Committees are made. Plans are now on foot to organize a ladles' auxiliary to the lodge. The present officers of the lodge are: Senior Grand Mogul, Robert Mitchell, Jr. Bouncer, Clifford T. Dodson; Grand Junior 'Bouncer, S. H. Brown; Grand Scribe and Fi (n) ance (r), Lee Rector; Chairman of Poultry Committee, J. H. Coleman; Chairman of Tho Old Maids' Committee, ePtor RIcketts; Right Hand Bower, Elmer Robertson; Left Hand Bower, Vizo Chamberlain; of Hearts, Charley Schuber; Deuces, Rawlolgh Monroe and Tlieo. B. Bcack. n Light Stuff. An Arab stood on a weighing machine At tho end of a lingering day; A counterfeit penny ho dropped in tho SCHEDULE. Senior examinations, May General examinations, May Commencement, June 1. A detailed schedule will appear in later issue. EZRA L. GILLIS, Registrar. 22-2- . LUBY & ALEXANDER MAKE THEM BETTER HIGH CLASS TAILORING, MODERATE PRICES A Wonderful Range From $25,00 to $35. OO $45 AsHigh as As Low as $15 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist PHONES 2871-91- MAIN 3 Riord. & MILL THE PHOENIX HOTEL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS State University THE PATRONAGE OF Men and Women Special Attention Given Fraternity Banquets and Social Functions C. D. Calloway BASKET BALL & 146 WEST MAIN STREET Yale Co. Luby & Alexander. Cluott, Peabody Co. Hardesty's. Women's Clothing. Purcell's. Barber Shops. Eagle Barber Shop. George T. Martin. Fountain and Confectionery. McGurk Brothers. Calagis & Co. Phoenix Fruit Stand. Photographic Work. Franz Josef Spengler. Humphrey's Studio. Jewelers. Fred J. Helntz. Sporting Goods. Calloway & Co. Shoe Store. Special Shoo Co. S. Basaett & Sons. Drugstore. W. E. Stagg. Lexington Drug Co. Insurance. Joe M. Robinson. Hotel. Phoenix Hotel. Tailors. P. B. Robards. Railroads. Queen & Crescent. Printing. Welsh & Murray. Dentist. J. T. Slaton. Taxicabs. The Taxicab Company. SUPPLIES slot And silently stole ho & Graves-Co- Kaufman Clothing Co. j j AD- Co KODAKS