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Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL at Oulgnol theater. wwtmtmtttttmmtmttttmtmtimmmmnmmttwttwtmffltmttmmttt:tt .Saturday, April fl Third showing of "Square Crooks" at Oulgnol theater. SuKy dance In the Men's gymnasium. Hours, 9 to 12. Wednesday, April 10 The U. K. Philharmonic orchestra broadcasting from 10 to 11 p. m. Thursday, April 11 Fourtli annual Woman's Banquet nt the Phoenix hotel at 6 o"clock. SOCIETY NOTES ttmr.m:mmmmmmimitmtmmtmttuammmmm:mummtttHtmm WHICH ny John Richard Morcland If I could make you Songs of love And cry them in the street Would you buy one, O passerby, And And It sweet? Cry my wares, And In the teasing throng De blind to all loves little Joys? Do deaf of sorrows song? CALENDAR Friday, April S Delta Sigma Pi luncheon at the Lafayette hotel at 12:30 o'clock. I could make you If Songs of grief Chi Omega Founder's Day banquet at 0:30 o'clock at the Phoenix And sell them In the mart Would you pause long enough to hear hotel. Junior Prom at the Men's gymnaAn echo in your heart? sium. Hours 9 to 1. Stroller productvon "Square Crooks" Or will you let me ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS STANDARD S Special Rental Rates to Students Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. Opp. Courthouse The Colony Book Shop Visitors Entertained Dr. and Mrs. McVey entertained the visitors to the Institute for Registrars on Tuesday afternoon with tea at Maxwell Place from 4 to 6. Professor Gillls and Mrs. Glllls, Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Reeves, and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ross were in the receiving line with Mrs. McVey. Other members of the faculty assisted in entertaining. BOOKS! FICTION and NON-FICTIO- N do not have it on our shelves, we can get it for you. "The College Book Store" If we MAIN OPPOSITE KENTUCKY Tea for Children Dr. and Mrs. McVey's Wednesday afternoon tea was devoted to the small children of the members of the faculty. Mrs. Harry B. Tilton and Miss Virginia McVey assisted Mrs. Mcthe young Vey in entertaining guests who were all under nine age. An Easter egg hunt years of was a feature of the entertainment. Several of the older children of the faculty members assisted Mrs. McVey. They were Miss Ruth Aver-it- t, Betty Boyd, Betty Bassett, Betty Dlmock, Marian Tinney, Jane Allen Wells, Mary Dantzler, Ann Jones, Katherlne Nollau. THEATER The Art of Deacon The collegians photographer records not just a man or woman but that most subtle spirit of your personality which is yours alone just a few seconds and there's your own sparking personality preserved to posterity by camera art. Alumni Club Dance The Lexington Alumni Club entertained with its annual dance Monday night at the Men's gymnasium. The music for the six was furnished by the Rhythm Kings orchestra. About a hundred guests were present. Collegian special this week six large art proofs and one in oil colors for twelve dollars offer expires April 19th. DEACON 165 MARKET Kappa Delta Ilanquct The members of the Kappa Delta social sorority entertained with a banquet Tuesday night at' the Phoenix hotel In honor of their initiates. The dinner table was tastefully decorated In spring flowers in crys tal bowls, which carried out the color scheme, green and white. "The Deck of Kappa Delta" was the theme of the Interesting program which was given. Miss Kathleen Fitch presided as toastmlstress. The Initiates were Miss Louisa Blckcl, Miss Mary Griffith, Miss Dor othy Jones, Miss Florence McLaughlin, Miss Anne Gareth, Miss Frances Holland, Miss Sybil Lacy, Miss Marlon Sands. The active members are Miss Elolsc Connor, Miss Phoebe Dlmock, Miss Virginia Eckard, Miss Kathleen Fitch, Miss Elizabeth Mamie Lyons, Miss Rebecca Patton, Miss Mary Louise Renaker, Miss Lydla Roberts, Miss Nell Spradlln, Miss Agnes Stlman, Miss Buena Mathls, Miss Margaret Tandy. The pledges are Misses Betty Crawford, Ruth Mays, Anne Shropshire, Anne Thomas Denton, Gladys Rice, Virginia Young. The guests were Mrs. T. A. Steb-bln- s, Mrs. J. T. Pride, Miss Lucille Farmer, Miss Sorls Smith. ENGAGEMENTS Roberts-Lam- b The engagement of Miss Neolia Roberts, of Lexington, to Mr. J. Chalmer Lamb, has been announced. Miss Roberts is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Roberts and was graduated from the University. She ST. (Formerly of Greenwich Village, New York City) "The rendezvous for the U. of K. girls" Coats Ensembles Dresses know what EXCEPTIONAL values Mangel's offers, but until you come and see for yourself, you sim-pl- y can't realize what is represented in this collection! There are coats, dresses, ensembles which you can proudly wear for the most important springtime occasions moderately priced. You PAGE THREE is ft member of the Kappa Delta sorority. Mr. Lamb Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lamb, of Franklin, Ky., and Is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University. The date for the wedding has been set for June. Williamsburg; Marie Louise McDowell, Plsgah; Evelyn CundlfT, Somerset; Jeanette Klmberlln, Tulsa, Okla.; Mrs. W. II. Hansen, associate member, of Lexington. The Alpha Gamma Epsllon fraternity wishes to announce the Initiation of Messrs. Stlrl Harper, of Ashland; Hooper Campbell. Greenville: Julian Alnxnnrinr. WhnnMnv Mr. and Mrs. Charles Judson! Joe Richardson, Lcltchfleld; Kcrmitt Smith announce the engagement of inompson, Ashland; R. J. Edwards, their daughter, Elizabeth Kcnnard, nsiuanu; j. t. Payton. Horse Cave; to Mr. Maurice Rothcnstcln, of Lon- Stewart McCray, North Middlctown; Charles Ingram, Fort Thomas; don and Far Oakrldge, Gloucestershire, England. Miss Smith was graduated in the class of 1928 from the College of Arts and Sciences. While in school she wa3 prominent In student activities, and was also a member of the Arts Students League In New York. She is a member of the Kappa Kappa Oamma, social so- -' i rorlty. Mr. Rothensteln was a member of j faculty of the College of Arts the and Sciences of the University last year, and has made many friends in Lexington. The date for the marriage has not been announced. Van Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Prewltt Van Meter, of Winchester, announce the engagement of their daughter, Elizabeth, to Mr. Sidney Pemberton Hutchinson, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa. WEDDINGS o Dickinson-Stevenso- o Miss Mildred Mimms Dickinson, and Mr. J. P. Stevenson, of Winchester, were married Saturday, March 16, at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Ira M. Bos-weand Dr. Boswell in Georgetown. The marriage ceremony was read by Dr. Boswell and the bride was given in marriage by her brother-in-laMr. Ashton Hammack, of Trenton. The bride, who is the daughter of Mrs. William J. Dickinson and the late Mr. Dickinson, of Trenton, was graduated from Girls' high school at Louisville, and later attended Oxford College at Oxford, Ohio. Mr. Stevenson, the second son of Judge John M. Stevnson and Mrs. was of Winchester, Stevenson, graduated from Georgetown Colstud-le- d lege with an A. B. degree and law at the University here. He is a member of Kappa Alpha social fraternity. 210 WEST MAIN ST. You Are Five Feet -- Four And Blond or Brunett- e- THE CLOTHES IN WOLF WILE'S FASHIONS n of Trenton, ENSEMBLES The smartest little outfits you ever saw! Sleeveless Crepe de Chine Frocks with new finger tip jackets in harmonizing or contrasting colors. There are The last word in college girls' clothes full length coat ensembles, too. ! At prices you can afford to pay 1 FRATERNITY ROW Messrs. S. Weddle and Bruce Miller, of Somerset, were week-en- d guests at the Sigma Chi fraternity house. Mr. Conrad Rose spent the holidays at his home In Evansville, Ind. Mr. Floppy Farquhar visited In Newcastle, Ind., over the week-enMr Sam Menefee spent the weekend in Birmingham. The Sigma Chi fraternity wishes to announce the pledging of Mr. Roscoe Dalton, of Montlcello, Ky. Mr. G. W. Gardner, of Springguest at the field, was a week-en- d fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho house. Miss Falrie Jenkinson spent the Easter holidays with Miss Mary J. Sharp, at Sharpsburg. Misses Virginia Baker, Jean Kennedy, and Kitty Martin spent the week-en- d with Miss Jean Coffman at her home in Owensboro. Miss Margaret and Miss Ann Garrett spent the Easter holidays with Miss Louisa Blckell, at Hunt-ingto- n, W. Va. Miss Marion Sands was at her home in Columbus for the holidays. Miss Frances Holland visited in Russellville over the week-en- d. Miss Agnes Stiman and Miss visBetty Crawford were week-en- d i itors in Covington. Miss Virginia Eckard spent Easter at her home in Peoria, 111. Miss Elinor Dowd, of Louisville, was a week-en- d visitor at the Kappa Delta sorority house. Miss Kathleen Fitch Is 111 at her home on Kentucky avenue, with scarlet fever. Miss Polly Warren Is recovering from a minor operation undergone during the holidays. Mr. Laurence Shropshire is improving from his illness at his home. ( Phi Beta, women's professional music and dramatic art fraternity, ' wishes to announce the pledging of Misses Gladys Bell, of Fulton; Margaret O'Connell, Emily Hardin, Mollle Mack Offutt, and Elizabeth Poole, of Lexington; Marie Croley, 6" Jin $29 50 COATS is our pet hobby to have an attractive assortment of lovely coats for the petite Miss. Of course they are sophisticated with and many are scarfs, bows and capes Handsome tweeds in brown, tan and gray. It ... $ 25 to 50 m M . Frocks Frocks are arriving every day! Especially lovely ones for small figures. Prints for sports and town wear . . . new party designs for the Spring formals. 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Edgeworth Extra High Grade Smoking Tobacco OF YOUTH SHOP WERE JUST MADE FOR YOU 9 ultra-smartne- ss Mangel's If Griffin Sublett, Owensboro; Stewart Noel, of Somerset; Ted Cassidy, of Blllington. Paducah; William Pres- .St. Louis; Henry Young, of Lexton. Lexington; Attorney Clyde ington, and R. B, Wallace, of May-- I L. Miller, Ashland, honorary mem- field. ber. Mr. John DeWar, of Chicago, at the Sigma Mr. Hughes Shields, of New York spent the week-en- d City, Is visiting at the Delta Tau Nu house. Delta house. Tho doctor answered the phone. Mr. Ben Carr King, of Louisville, at the Alpha Turning to his wife, he said "Quick, &pcnt the week-en- d get my satchel The man says ho Tau Omega house. The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity cannot live without me." wishes to announce the initiation of "Just a minute," said his wife, Messrs, .1. Barney McCormack, and who had picked up the extension. William Sclby, of Paducah; Delbert "That call is for Ethel." 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