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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

( THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE FIVE urc of earning a living. For 33 10- years he has thought that the pleasLee ure was mine. He was mistaken. 2. To my daughter, I leave $100,-00- 0. O- She will need it. The only ffnnri nlnro nf hiilnra Imr hiie!imr! ever did was to marry her, 3. To my valet, I leave the clothes that he has been stealing from me regularly for the past ten years. Also my fur coat that he wore last l winter while I was In Palm Beach. I 4. To my chauffeur, I leave my (BY MARTIN B. GLENN) d cars. He almost ruined them while I was living and I want him to have the satisfaction of finishing the Job. Comparatively few original Ideas tonight by such a colorful spectacle 5. To my partner, I leave the are ever invented by the student of court splendor that is expected suggestion that he take some other body of this institution. Instead of to cause Louis XIV to do a somer- clever man In with him at once if exerting initiative and originality by sault in his 1715 model "wooden he expects to do any business. "starting" things we arc content to overcoat." The entire student body passively await the time when we 'will pay homage and fealty to a The bell rang. Slowly he rose to can indorse and approve the Ideas pretty "Queen" who will be "crown his feet and shook his clinched fist that have been promulgated and de- - ; cd" ere the moon passeth. Just at the smiling blue sky. The sun velooed on other campuses. How who will officiate at the coronation shone brightly and the birds sang ever, the modern epoch of radio has not been made public, but it is blithely. For all the rest of the and television enables us to acquire definitely certain that loyal sub- world there was laughter, happiness first-han- d information of the events jects will emanate from the four and pleasure, but not for him. Th of the entire college world. Be- corners of her kingdom with the world lay as a broken toy at his fond hopes and expectations that feet. His thoughts cause of this revision of communiwere heavy cation it took Kentucky only about Her Highness will descend from her laden. All was dismal. There was a quarter of a century to learn that lofty throne and dip her royal socks no Justice. For the first time this in almost all large colleges and uni- in their coffee which is an ancient semester he had come to class preversities there Is an annual event Bulgarian custom. pared and the professor had "cut." which functions under the nomen of the "Junior Prom." Most of us can remember when a The following is an excerpt from HELD As a result of this bit of informathe will of a rich Jeweler which girl's dress cost a whole lot less and covered a whole lot more. tion that has trickled Into the Blue has recently been probated In New N. C. Grass State, the first Junior Prom York state: 1. To my son, I leave the pleas- I have been learning magic by of the University will be initiated correspondence. After the third lesson I turned my Chevrolet into University Delegates From a lamp-pos- t. Ten Southern States to Hall, Hotel and Main Building fflRREJU Will Be Wednesday Three ISnllot Hoxes Will He Open on Campus From !) lo I o'clock FOOD T Y. W. C. A. Election The University Y. W, C. A. will hold Its annual election Wednesday, April 10. Three boxe3 will be placed on the campus from 9 to 4 o'clock at McVey hall, the Administration and the Boyd hall office, results, according to the usual will be announced at the woman's annual banquet Thursday, 11. The nominating committee, which is composed of the members of the cabinet who are seniors, have pre- - sented cAnkteashionedOxfovd Let me live in the roadhouse by the side of the road and be a friend to the chorus girls. The foot neatness produced Antye'Fash by ioning will strike the right J) chord with you. No gap ping at the ankle, no slip- - (( ping at the heel . . . . Nuiin-Bus- h Dr. James Kendall Is Heard by Local Chemical Society p ISlSw MlStok Or. James Kendall, professor of Physical Chemistry of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, spoke to the American Chemical Society at 4 p. m., Tuesday, April 2, in the Organic Chemistry room of Kastle Hall. His subject was "The Abuse of Water." Professor Kendall is a native of Surrey, England. He came to the United States in 1913 and now makes his home in New York City. He received his B. S., M. A., and D. S. degrees from Edinburgh University, and also attended the Nobel Insti- Jtute, the Stockholm Technical In stitute and the University of Petro-gra- d. Since then he has been connected with Stanford University, University of California, Columthe bia University, and Washington Square College, a part of New York University. A dinner was given in Dr. Kendall's honor, and he went from here to Cincinnati. He will complete his tour at Charleston. W. Va. Graves, Cox & Co. The French Style No. 1518 following nominees: "Was the burning emptied?" "Quick as a flash!" theater soon iilllllllllClllllllltICIIIIIIIIIIIICinillllllCIC3IIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIICll STUDENTS CONFERENCE carry every cure for the Spring Fever AT BLUE RIDGE, Scotland's new national anthem "The Best Things in Life are Free." the ferent states report that they will have unusually large delegations. The conference is a definite part We of the year s program of every local student Y. M. C. A. There the administration of the retiring student officers closes with an account of its achievements. Then also the new administration of the elected officers begins with the training of the new SERVICE student leaders and the laying of definite plans for the coming year. Attend Meet Meeting Ave hundred of the MISS HOLLADAY'S CANDIES choicest students from colleges of CAMP IS LOCATED IN ten Southern states, getting personMOUNTAINOUS REGION ally acquainted with some of the SANDWICHES world's greatest thinkers and speakWill Get Acquainted ers and representative denominaStudents tional leaders, and together with With Some of World's this company working and playing Greatest Thinkers and thinking for ten days is an experience that will leave a lasting The Southern Students Confer- - Impression on the life of students PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED BY EXPERTS ence of the Y. M. C. A. will be held who attend. at Blue Rridge, North Carolina, , from June 14 to 24, with the Blue PROFESSOR WEBB TO LECTURE Ridge Association as hosts, accord- The monthly meeting of the Ing to a recent announcement from Society will be held In the the local Y. M. C. A. officers. To , Science building Thursday night, this conference will come represenApril 11, at 7:30 o'clock. Professor tatives of every type of college in "First Big Stop Downtown" the Region, including State colleges, ' Webb, head of the department of technical schools, medical, dental, physics, will speak on Kentucky law, theological, and other profesaiiniiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiitiicaimiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicsiiiiiiiiiuiraitiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiniiciT sional and denominational schools, Independent colleges and universities. The conference draws dele- -' gates from ten Southern states, in- eluding on the north Virginia and Kentucky, and on the west runs to the Mississippi river, but includes also Louisiana. Until 1911 the conferences were held in a number of places In or near the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. In 1912 the discriminating1 Blue Ridge Association opened its doors and was dedicatee1 to its career of service to the South, by the conferences of the college Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. Since that year this spot has become a sort of shrine for the students of the South. If present interest is an indication of the number of delegates who will be at Blue Ridge this summer, it is fair to predict that at least 100 schools and colleges will be repre ROY CARRUTHERS, President T. P. CAGWIN, Manager sented. Several colleges from dlf- - WILL BE NumvBush 7he President: Alice Spauldlng, Bernlco nvlanrl. iMrnlnw TTIIoaliof U U.K. se'ey. Christine Bl'akcmnn; trcasur-c- r: Elizabeth Cramer, Evelyn Cool- ey; finance chairman: Annette New-li- n, Uosana Ruttencutter, Eleanor Swearingen. The new cabinet, together with this year's cabinet, will hold a camp training conference at Camn Dan lei Boone, May 10, 11, and 12, with the Installation of new oillcers the following weclv g, The retiring ofllcers arc: dent, Margaret Oooch; vice presl-Th- e dent, Elsie Bureau; secretary, lyn Cooley; treasurer, Dora Mae Duncan, and finance chairman, Oar-Apr- il dner Whlttlnghlll. FOUNTAIN GREEN TREE (Lexington Drug Co. THE PHOENIX HOTEL Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, University fraternities and other folk at dances, dinners, luncheons. THE BEST DANCE MUSIC IN THE BLUEGRASS' By "Peg" Longon and His Orchestra Kt4 Mild, yes but there's no Scotch in the flavor Both were emancipators While Lincoln was freeing the slaves by war, McCormick by his invention of the reaper was freeing the farmers from needless toil. The telephone today is adding to man s freedom by saving time and effort on a scale unknown in earlier civilizations. Itself an expression of progress, the tele- phone offers increasing opportunities to men who look and plan ahead. Workers in the Bell System, whether in technical or business activities, are constantly developing the vision into the fact of better public service. BELL SYSTEM A nation -- wide system of ng telephones oft OUR PIONEERING WORK A well known golf pro recently returned from a vacation in Glasgow, his home town, relates a current golf magazine. "Well," he was asked, "how did the boys treat you back home?" " Verra reluctantly!" said he. Well might some smokers likewise reply if asked about their cigarette, we imagine. Mild, of course (most cigarettes are, today), but "verra reluctant" when it comes to delivering taste and body and character. JUST BEGUN" is a distinct "edge" to its smooth, mellow flavor 'which is just what the smoke appetite craves. Mild yes; just that mildness which everyone wants but something more, something The character that makes Chester fields par for cigarettes. They satisfy! plus-char- acter! Chesterfield MILD HAS Chesterfields were blended to supply just that "body" which so many "mild" cigarettes lack. For inadditionio that desirable blandness there enough for anybody ..and yet.. THEY SATISFY UGCJTT MYIM TOBACCO CO. I