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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1929

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THR KENTUCKY KERNEL "Have yon ever let another man kiss you?" "No, dear, just a few college boys." Mountain View Near Blue Ridge, N. and - SELL May Be Abolished Soon Hitch-Hikin- g $35 to Goldbergs 333 W. MAIN Lexington's Leading Clothiers (New Student Some Jokers in the New NEW YORK, N. Y Service) Hampshire legislature has proposed a license fee for hitch-hiker- s, amounting to 35.50 per person. Ac cording to newspaper reports, another measure was also proposed that would require them to display two headlights and a tail light when traveling at night. No cause for laughter is contained in the pending Pennsylvania bill, however. It follows the example of New Jersey in forbidding this most pleasant and diverting form of travel. "When it becomes a crime," complains The Dlckinsonlan, student newspaper of Dickinson College, "for intelligent, honest cola clean-cu- t, lege boy to ask a passing motorist for the means to get to his home and parents during a brief vacation period, then it is time to question the discretion of legislative bodies." Sign at the rear of a doctor's tomobile: 37654 ILL. au- BIN AILO COMING SUNDAY NOW PLAYING Seeman "THE HIT OF THE SHOW" PLAYERS in dialogue and songs A MUSICAL COMEDY In of stage life with A Musical Comedy JOE BROWN OLMSTEAD GERTRUDE GERTRUDE ASTOR DAPHNE POLLARD GEORGE O'BRIEN, 7 LOIS MORAN In "True Heaven" NOW PLAYING Fox Movietone Acts - News Conrad at the Organ The Seeman SUNDAY Players VILMA BANKY On the Stage in WALTER BYRON A MUSICAL PLAY LOUIS WOLHEIM SCREEN-MAR- ION in NIXON "The Awakening of Love" in "Silks and Saddles" with with SOUND and MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT RICHARD WALLING MARY NOLAN Fox Movietone Acts - News IT COSTS LESS To TRAVEL BY TRAIN The Safest, Most Economical, Most Reliable Way TWO-DALIMIT round trip trickets on sale daily (1 FARES for the round at ONE and trip between all points within a radius of 150 miles. round trip tickets on sale daily . LIMIT (1 FARES for the round at ONE and trip between all points within a radius of 150 miles. Y ONE-THIR- SIX-DA- ONE-HAL- .sijssssst- 0.00 - fl ,. WE RENT Tuck Cedars MANY PROBLEMS' TA D I? CTBI7CCI7n 11 Dl 0 1 RIjOOLI AT BLUE RIDGE hmir, Dc velopment of personality of Jesus. the grand old game of football for 0:30 , m. Platform hour. First six years and had never before made ourrour nays on understanding a touchdown. But In this game he Dy BUI Campbell selves, followed by Interest groups broke Into the scoring column with Athletes may come and athletes on men and women, personality debang. It was Kentucky's only 'may go, but where versatility Is ECOrc, but Baldy made It velopment, family, religious perplexI concerned can never be an there ities or the lntcrgratlon of self in Back In 1926 In the Centre game I other like "Baldy" Glib. As a gen-trr- al of that year, Glib had been prevent Students Are Concerned With relation to Ood. utility man. this Wildcat star ed from making his first score by n Relation Hctween Jesus 10:30 a. m. Interest groups on I need acknowledge no superior, for mattcr of inches. If his attempt had and Real Things race, Industry, international rela, i,.nj,v.u wnuruvui WOuld have been tions, Bible study. it bccn succcssfui it played well. 11:45 a. m. Workshop hour. or possibly the winning DAILY PROGRAM HAS thc Christened "Elmer" by his parents Corc BBut Fat was stllI unldm, to 12:45 r- m Lunch. Afternoon VARIETY OF EVENTS free for rest, recreation, Interviews, but soon receiving thc appellation u tloughty warrior. It happened "Baldy." Ollb began his athletic iUi of ... etc. ' . . WHO VftJ activity in nign scnooi ai wcwpori, 5:00 p. m. Appreciation hour, or JenklnSi famous for his forward Discussions to Involve Racial, Ky. His athletic career at the Uni- Industrial, International studio hour. Optional. hatl droppccl bnck to throw has been a varied but fas - .the , kIn t0 dther of the tw0 iversity 6:45 or 7:00 p. m. Step singing, Relations Problems cinating one. He has always been cnd Schuuc or Glib, with only a pageants, etc. man but, strange as f a three-spo- rt minutcs remaining in which to 7:30 p. m. Evening platform hour. ... c c i it may seem, he has never played i .Tim rnnn mri It was the opinion of the group, First evening, orientation on "Why the same position in the same sport spiralcd the oval back to Jenkins' which met at Knoxvlllc, Tenn., ln We Arc Here," and a general outDecember to plan the Y. M. C. A. line of the programs. Second evhc playei! ALPHA,tWl",s Blue Ridge conference for June 4, ening, Introduction of the series on I of sclmmage and aitcI the passer that the two main things that thc Jesus. Third through sixth evenand third Hkc a houn' dog after a hog Jowl. students on thc whole are concern8n thG I ings, series of studies on resources nm 00 the baSebaf" ed about are "understanding our- for growth and development, such WINN Nfc 1 fDAIUXT Jn hn1S m the meantime, Glib was Kentucky, he', VllVTlVsophomore year madiy over thJ, oal llne wlth selves" and an understanding of as books, hobbles, use as an end on the grid nrms extended skyward. But it was Jesus in relation to real things in time, etc., and on Sunday of leisure Performed the mornFraternity Bests Alpha Sltf- - team, forward on the basketball an ln valn. Jenkins, ever accurate, life. ing sermon to be on the place of The committee had letters from God in life, with relation to thc had been rushed too much and the by Count of 2;M5'UKU' ma Phi a number of associations and these growth of individual personality and Basketball , for Intra-murto the fullback bal1' . ,?stfad V"!,lng lnt,Bald two things were mentioned over and in larger and richer social relationJust Brazed i post by Coach Gamage the following . went down ln the books as another along with suggestions that we need ships. Seventh evening, race and Title Wednesday IMighl. (year. He was used as general utll- - Incomplete forward pass. more help on the racial situation, Industry. Eighth evening, internaAfter trailing 8 to 4 at the half, ity man on the hardwood outfit and Glib has given us a great lesson ln industrial problems and Internation- tional relations. Ninth evening, the Pi Kappa Alpha Indians staged with the appearance of another perseverance, playing three years In al relations. As we tried to frame closing ceremonial. a pow wow ln the second half and spring became guardian of the high school, three years In college, the theme of the conference, we We saw the approaches of all Alpha Sigma Phi, 23 to 15 stone sack for Coach Major and was and a part of the fourth before found ourselves using such phrases these evening meetings hanging to win the intramural basketball the pivot man of the fast finally making a touchdown. But, as "growth toward an understand- around two main points: Ways in of the University in play combination of Jeffries to Gilb oh, what a touchdown it was. ing of God," a "growing person- which thc fullest and finest growth the tournament finals Wednesday j to Cole. His potent war club earned to Gllb's ality," "discovery of rich and full of persons is being As an added feature and night. The Alpha Slgs fought a los- - for him second place in the ace for eventful career, we could cite the life," "persons in the process of be- ways in which this thwarted could growth ing fight from the opening of the batting honors of the season. coming," etc. There seemed to be be made possible. With this founincident of the Maryland-Kentuck- y Playing his final year in the Blue basketball game last year in An no question but personality devel- dation, we feel that there can be a final period and soon lost the six point lead donated by Williams with and White of Kentucky, Baldy call- napolis. Baldy had spent a major opment. We say that in three main very conscious and real holding toed signals on the football team and portion of the season in a choice lines running through the confera short field goal. gether of the entire program. SpeakHoffman was the big chief who was the most consistent ground-gain- er spot on the reserve bench. But ence. These are not new: An un- ers have not been definitely deon the squad. Next came the when Kentucky went East on a dis- derstanding of myself: an under cided upon, but several names for led the Pi Kaps to victory, scoring 15 points. Chief Hoffman made net season and Glib was pushed astrous trip, this sub became the standing of myself in relation to speakers and leaders have been sug- seven field goals and free down to the sub list, but he never hero. Maryland handed the Wild others; an understanding of myself gested such as: throw despite the efforts of the stopped ngnting. wnen the base cats a 35 to 7 setback, limiting the part of the life of the Uni Miss Anne Susholtz, from the edu Alpha Sig guards to smother him. ball season opens next month, Gilb, Kentuckians to one field but this verse, or God. In these three areas cational department of the national The Alpha Sigs attempted a de- the captain, is sure to be in the was made by Glib. For one whose we thought the approach might be Y. M. C. A.; Miss Eleanor Copen-haue- r, layed passing attack but it was tar- opening lineup some place. Maybe list of field goals was limited and on the blocks in our growth, things from the industrial departdy and the Indians went on the war he will occupy each of the nine whose scoring prowess was negll- - Hhat thwart us and ways of over-gibl- e, ment of the national Y. W. C. A.; path for a succession of crip shots positons for at least one inning as Miss Josephine Little and Miss Stella this was indeed an accomp- - ' coming these, a further proof of his versatility. near the end of the game. The daily program may look like Scarlock, from the national Y. W. lishment and worthy of such a hard It was a lucky day for old Ken fighter. C. A. headquarters. this: The score was tied during the greater part of the first half but in tucky last fall when she beat her iMiiiiMiC3iiiiiiiiiuicaiiJiiir ancient rival, Washington and Lee, iiiiuiiicaiiiiiiiiniic3iiiiiiiiiiiiE3iiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiniiiiciiiiiiiiir3iiiiiiiiiiic3if the second quarter a pretty field goal by Williams and free throws by a score of 6 to 0, but it was a by Wilson and Day put the Alpha Sigs into a four point lead. Williams increased the lead at the second Intra-mur- al half but the medicine man had rejuvenated th Indians during the intermission and at the beginning of the last quarter the score had been through an evolution which left it 13 to 10 for the Pi Kap Indians. Artists who perform behind the The last quarter was owned and little mark called the free throw operated by the braves from Rose line will be given an opportunity to and Maxwell streets. The lanky war- demonstrate their prowess in the "free throw" riors tommy-hawke- d a path to the annual intra-murgoal and paid homage with 12 points tournament which will begin next while the white men could only raise Wednesday, April 10, according to announcement by M. E. Potter, di 5. The line-up- s: sports. Pi Kaps Alpha Slgs rector of intra-murPos. All entry lists for the tournament Hoffman (15) ..F.... (3) Wieman must be handed to Coach Potter by Rose (2) F.... (4) Williams Tuesday, April 9. Each team will be (4) Heizer McLane (1) ....C Covington (1) ,G (1) Day composed of eight men who will average of (1) Wilson take 50 throws each. The Woodall G the highest six men will be Substitutions: Pi Kappa Alpha-Gib- son to determine the winning taken team. (4) ; Alpha Sigma Phi Epps Cups will be presented to the win (2). .Referee: Peak. ning team and to the individual high scorer. Intra-murPROPERTY IS LEASED BY tennis will begin JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, JR. within the next two weeks, Coach are Potter said. Fraternities NEW YORK CITY. John D. quested to begin lining up their Rockefeller Jr., has leased from tennis material. Columbia University three blocks of property for 87 years at a total of $261,000,000 for that period. Mr. Rockefeller intends this as a new ciosen home for the Metropolitan Opera. Tentative plans call for a 200 foot life plaza with the opera house on one side and structures for hotels, shops, In the field of health service The Harvard University Dental School the oldetc., on the other. est dental school connected with any Among other suggestions is a deuniversity in the United States offers vice for a balcony which would run thorough courses in all branches of dentistry. All modern equipalong the second stories of the busiment for practical work under superness buildings, making the shops on vision of men high in the profession. the second floor likewise desirable. Write Jor details and admission requireThis would be the first attempt at ments to Lcroy U. S. Miner, Dean the much discussed double-deckHARVARD UNIVERSITY streets. Incidentally, Mr. Otto H. DENTAL SCHOOL Kahn urges that the opera house be Boston, Mass. Lonfwood Ave. built with more inexpensive seats. Career Junior Prom ON THE GILB HAS EVENTFUL CAREER AT U. K. Wildcat Star Has Played in hickler tIny for Emcr Gnb( then Many Different Positions the star quarterback on the vlcto- Ions team. He had been playing Durinir Athletic FOR $2250 C. TAOE SEVEN PI KAPPA 'Th?vz br Sffi SSiasrss ??' w Sa" S'ed Free Throw Tournament Opens Wednesday Have you your work? F Fares From LEXINGTON, KY. One Way Fare To CINCINNATI WILLIAMSTOWN CORINTH SADIEVILLE GEORGETOWN NICHOLASVILLE WILMORE BURGIN DANVILLE JUNCTION CITY $3.15 1.59 1.20 90 44 42 62 98 1.25 $4.20 2.15 1.60 $4.75 2.40 1.80 1.35 .70 .65 .95 1.50 1.90 .2.15 2.45 2.70 .75 1.20 1.20 .60 .60 .85 1.35 1.70 MORELAND 1.62 250 McKINNEY VERSAILLES TYRONE LAWRENCEBURG S1IELBYVILLE JEFFERSONVILLE LOUISVILLE 1.79 2.40 .70 1.05 1.20 2.30 3.30 4.05 1.70 2.46 3.03 y Smartest Suit Limit" 1.90 87 "Six-Da- y Limit" 1.41 50 78 Round. Trip Round Trip "Two-Da- The Year's Smartest Season And the Season's Enjoy ' 1.35 2.55 3.70 4.55 To all other stations within 150 mile of Lexington, on same basis. low fare tickets, between stations and Also 200 miles apart, good for 6 months. ASK AGENTS FOR PARTICULARS CITY TICKET OFFICE 112 East Main Street Phone 49 SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM ICE $ CREAM Made with Blue Grass Cream Say, you poets who rhapsodize about the birds and the girls and the flowers of Spring;. why not compose a few verses about Thorpe's They're something to Spring Suits? LUNCH these days, with pie or berries? Maybe a delicious Sundae or Malted Milk during the afternoon? It's fine after a dance or when you have been "cheering" for the team. And for dinner, a round of DIXIE servings will please everyone, and at that party you'll surely want DIXIE. A Fabrics and fashion details chime in with the spirit of the season. 1 j I talk about! You can get it anywhere and it's always the best. R There's a DIXIE Dealer Near You 35 s. THORPE (Incorporated) & j ; j sons , THE MEN'S STORE OF LEXINGTON 4KMIHHHJt)IIIIMMMKUIIIIUMlK)Ui I ' j