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25 > Image 25 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

of higher learning in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. for a final decision, and the student will be notified This determination is made at the time of initial in writing as to the disposition of his application. enrollment and shall not be changed thereafter except This policy shall be applicable with exceptions as provided below. allowable for possible conflicts with state and federal A student under eighteen years of age is eligible to laws relating to residence such as the l`ederal Soldiers enroll as a resident of Kentucky if his parent or legal and Sailors Relief Act, guardian has established or has maintained residence in the Commonwealth immediately preceding his original enrollment. No student under ei hteen years _ - - _ - of age shall be considered to have gaingd residence Cluldehnesl fO7 Ad"""$ffO" Of the in the Commonwealth while a student unless or until Dgfnifigyi Of Rggidgnt Sfudgnj fgr his parent or guardian moves into the Commonwealth and acquires residence. lf a student under eighteen Fee A$$$$`mlt PlHpOS8S years of age istenrolled as a resident of the Common- (Approved October 77 1968) wealth and his parent or legal guardian thereafter m0"$ Out Of tll COmmOllWlllll lll $tUlYlt Wlll The following guidelines are adopted by the Council become 3 llOlll$lllll Ht lll beginning Of lll$ Xl on Public lrlighcr Education for the purpose of provid- FOllmt lf llle PlTlll$ lll\' lll:lYl Y$llC$ ing common definitions, interpretations and admini- lllc T$ldTlC Of tll P9Yl`ll WllO lll$ legal $lOl5' Of stration among the statesupported institutions of the $U1i>0rt Slltlll bc definition of resident student for fee assessment cvnsidrrrcd the T$ld Of the Student- purposes." l*`inal responsibility for the classification of I An adult student from out-of-state who seeks Ken- students as to residency and the assessment of appropri- I tucky residence status must assume the burden of ate enrollment fees is vested in the respective governing I proving conclusively that he is a resident of the boards of the institutions of higher education. Commonwealth with the present intention of making I his permanent home in this state. In- general, it lis General Statements assumed that the intent to remain indefinitely in I Kentucky is evidenced not only by what a person states A StUlYll1S